What To Do In The Causes Of Home Accidents In Child


A child can bump into an accident anywhere, anytime. More often, we think the child meets with an accident when they are playing in places they are not familiar with. However, it is not the case. Children under five are more likely to meet an accident at their own home. Yes, your home hides many dangerous things that injure the little one. General negligence of safety at home is the main cause of home accidents. Many accidents that occur in the home that can even turn a threat to the child’s life are avoidable. Recognizing the potential risks and taking some basic safety measures will reduce the risk of injuries in children.  However, it is impossible to ‘child-proof’ your home completely. Therefore, keeping your child under constant supervision is equally important to prevent home accidents.

What Causes Home Accidents In Child?

Some Facts About Home Accident In Child

Causes Of Home Accidents In Child And Preventive Measures

  1. Accidents Due To Fall
  2. Accidents In Kitchen
  3. Accidents That Cause Scalds And Burns

What Causes Home Accidents In Child?

Anything from medicines to cosmetics, from curling tongs to hair straighteners, from stairs to bathtubs, from the kitchen to living room, can potentially bring about home accidents in child. Some common household appliances also hold a possibility of accidents. These include sewing machines, chargers, electronic appliances like the kettle, irons, etc. All these, if handled carelessly, can potentially bring about serious accidents in children.

Some Facts About Home Accident In Child

  • The largest number of accidents happen in the living or dining room
  • More dangerous accidents are found to take place in the kitchen and on the stairs.
  • Around 65% of children who experience an accident in the kitchen are under the age of four years old.
  • Boys are more likely to meet home accidents than girls. 
  • Older children are more likely to get fracture during home accidents
  • Younger children more often come across burns and scalds as well as accidental poisoning.

Causes Of Home Accidents In Child And Preventive Measures

Find out some common causes of home accident in children and steps you can take to prevent it from happening:

1. Accidents Due To Fall

Majority of child falls involve falling over on the same level. However, more severe consequences happen when the child falls between two levels. The severity usually depends on the height difference.  The more the height difference more severe, the injury will be. However, the surface to which the child falls also determines the severity of falls.  The nastiest injuries happen either when the child falls from a great height or if the child lands on something hard or sharp. Fall from the staircase, terrace, and balcony can bring about severe injuries and death in children.

Ways To Prevent Accidents Due To Fall:

  • Never leave tripping hazards on the stairs.
  • Never let the child play in the terrace
  • The gap between the railing of the balcony should be closed by safety netting
  • Stairs should always be well lit
  • Don’t put anything near an open window to which the child can climb.

2. Accidents In Kitchen

Both children and grownups can bring about kitchen related accidents in children. Children may handle sharp objects like knives, cutters, etc. and cut themselves. Another potentially dangerous accident happens when the child reaches the hot dishes on stovetops. Glass cook wear are equally dangerous. From hot water in the kettle to hot oil in Kadai, most of the things in the kitchen can cause severe injuries in children

Ways To Prevent Accidents In Kitchen

  • Keep small children out of the kitchen whenever possible.
  • Always keep matches out of the reach of children
  • Keep the knives and sharp kitchen tools out of the reach of children
  • Never leave hot things unattended in the stove if the child is big enough to reach it
  • Keep an eye behind while cooking in the kitchen.
  • Keep glassware out of the reach of children.

3. Accidents That Cause Scalds And Burns

A child’s skin is extra sensitive than an adult’s. Therefore, the temperature that not causes much damage to adult skin can cause scalds and burns in children. Children can get scalds and burns from hot drinks, hot bathwater. They also get it from the fire in the kitchen, contacting hot surfaces like hot irons,  hot vessels and cookers, curling tongs and hair straighteners, cigarettes, cigarette lighter, and matches, other hot surfaces. Accidents that cause scalds and burns necessitate hospital treatment. The healing takes time (time depends on the severity of burns), and the periods of healing will be painful. It may even leave permanent scarring.

Ways To Prevent Accidents That Cause Scalds And Burns

  • Never hold a hot drink if the child is running around near you
  • Keep hot drinks out of reach of the child. Keep it away from the edges of tables and kitchen slabs
  • Always check the water temperature before letting the child get into the shower or tub. Do it with your elbow as the skin over there is more sensitive.
  • Always keep hot irons, curling tongs, etc. out of reach of children.


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