What the Safety Rules Chart when Playing Outdoor?


While you might want to stay home during the weekends, your child would want to spend their free time at the park with their friends. They might want to go to their friend’s home and often without the supervision of an adult, but before allowing anything; you must ensure that your child is mature enough to understand how to play safely in the park. The word ‘play’ and ‘safety’ do not go hand in hand. And they are quite ironic in general, therefore you require a safety rules chart. But to maintain the well-being of your child, listening to and abiding such rules while they would be playing is necessary. Playing without scars and bruises is not possible, but ensure that it does not go beyond that where they could get seriously injured. 

And, if you want your child to stay safe, maintaining some basic rules in the park and outside is vital. To avoid any kind of damage, whether physical or mental, their safety would be of utmost importance. 

Precaution is always better than being sorry later on. There might be some accidents that might be hard to dodge and could cause bruises. When least expecting it, any injury could turn a major one. Let your kid enjoy their playtime by teaching them the basic rules when playing outside. 

What do Safety Chart Rules Mean?

What do Safety Chart Rules Mean?

For protecting your child from playground hazards, always have them under adult supervision and precautions are vital. This is a positive way you would be able to protect your child. But being with them at all times by hampering your schedule would not be a practical thing to say. 

Thus, teaching them how to take care of themselves while playing outside would help them in growing confident on their own two feet. This goes a long way in securing their physical as well as emotional well-being. Here are some of the safety rules chart they should know about while playing outside for their protection and well being. 

General Rule for a Child

You must teach your child to inform you when they would be going to the playground. Having an adult would be the safest choice. Check the playground. See if there is cushioning near any play equipment to minimize harm. If you find any sharp object, throw it away or avoid letting your child play in the area. Avoid letting your child play on wet equipment. If the child is playing under the sun, sunscreen is a must, therefore, the evening would be a good time. Always check for any belonging that might be there before leaving the park. 

Safety Rules Chart for Others

Advice your child to not get into a fight with anyone, this might cause physical harm to them. If a child is playing on any equipment, they should stand in the line until their chance arrives. 

Keeping their bicycle and other riding equipment not on the playing ground as someone could stumble and injure them. Ask them to understand that if a stranger approaches them, they should immediately seek safety with if present their caregiver or some other parent with a child. 

Equipment Safety Rule

If you are playing with a ball, and it goes out of the playground, ask the help of an adult in retrieving it. Keep yourself away from areas where older kids play and do not go near any sharp object. If skipping, the shoelaces should be tied and do not wear scarves which might come in the way. These are some of the safety rules charts they should be aware of. 

Slide Safety

While climbing the ladder of the slide, hold the hand trail. Be very careful and being in a queue, one should always be careful. Do not push other kids and be careful and give everyone enough space. After your slide, you must teach your child to step right away so that someone else could use it and, in the process, they do not get hurt. Advise your child not to use the slide when it is too hot on a sunny afternoon. 

School Playground Safety

Playing under the supervision of the children is one of the most important safety rules chart your child should abide by. They should listen to the instruction given by the teacher and use the playing equipment carefully. Teach them to keep the water bottle away but within proximity. Never rush in and while leaving the playground, the children should form a line and safely go for their next class or home.  

From the merry-go-round to climbing apparatus, maintaining safety is vital so that your child does not injure themselves. While climbing any playing equipment ensure there is enough space. Applying sunscreen while playing is vital along with wearing the simplest and most comfortable clothes. Kids should always play on the equipment which has been appointed for their age and if under adult supervision, keeping an eye on them so that they do not get themselves injured.  

Safety is the priority of every parent. Hence, make sure you follow the safety rules chart for a child’s safety.


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