What Is The Prevention Of Accidents In Kids


Accidents are the main reason for critical injuries in kids. Some accidents may lead to permanent disability and even death. The majority of accidents in kids are from preventable causes. To understand what is the prevention of accidents in kids, one must know the causes. Find out the top causes of accidents in kids and ways to prevent it.

1. Playground Accident

Unlike the toddlers who are more prone to home accidents, elder kids are more often get injured in playgrounds or during doing sports. Here is an alarming fact.  About 45% of playground injuries can bring about severe consequences like fractures, dislocations, and concussions. Majority of injuries on public playgrounds are associated with climbing equipment. Anything like a wrong design, not well-maintained ground under the climbing instrument, child handling it carelessly, can bring about accidents. 

Ways To Prevent

  • Check whether the playground equipment is safe and well maintained.
  • Never let the kid stand on the swings and seesaws.
  • Never let the kid play in slides in a group. Make sure there is one kid in slide platform at a time
  • Teach them well the safety tips while laying in climbing instruments.

2. Road Accident

As children grow, they will not be indoor babies anymore. Eventually their world broadens out into local roads. This increases the rate of road accidents in children. Children having a home near the public road are exposed to hazards and risks. This is because there are more chances to run to the road carelessly while they are not watched.  They might also take their skateboard, cycle to the public road. If the child gets into the road without proper precautionary measures, or a fall from cycle or skateboard can also bring about severe injuries.

Ways To Prevent

  • Insist them to wear helmets every time they cycle, skateboard or rollerblades
  • Insist them to use Skateboards and roller blades on flat surfaces, that too, away from traffic
  •  Make the children wear knee and elbow pads, wrist gloves, and a crash helmet whenever they are using skateboards.
  • A helmet is a must wear gear while cycling.
  • Never let the children less than ten years to take the bike to a public road with traffic.
  • Make sure the child’s bike has a chain guard and a reflector tape
  • Always examine the tyres and brakes of child’s bike regularly

3. Drowning Accident

Drowning is the primary cause of death among children ages 1 to 4. However, teens and young adults are not far behind. Unlike the toddler’s drowning accident happens in house premises, the drowning of big children happens in natural water bodies like rivers, lakes, and sea. Wondering why the drowning accident rate is high among the children? Why because the rational thinking ability of the brain will not be fully developed until one reaches the mid-20s. Therefore, teens and young adults will overestimate their skills and underestimate the dangers of water. What they forget is the actions such as surfing, water skiing, or paddle boarding necessitates additional skills other than swimming.  Situational awareness is one among them. The impulsiveness in young people makes them overlook the dangers hide in water conditions such as riptides

Ways To Prevent

  • Make the child work on their swimming skills before getting into a large body of water.  They should learn to float and swim without getting tired for a significant time.
  • Insist the kids swim between the flags at surf beaches
  • The children should learn everything about what to do if caught in a rip current. They should have an idea of how currents affect river swimming. Also, they should understand and the effects of cold water on swimming ability.
  • Insist them to stay away from areas with big waves or strong undercurrents.
  • Never swim at the beach or lake or river if there is no lifeguard at duty. Also, always stay within sight of a lifeguard.
  • Never dive into an unfamiliar water body. Never overlook the possibilities of underwater hazards.

4. Electricity Accident

An electric shock happens when the child comes into contact with an electrical energy source. As our body is a good conductor of electricity, electric shocks may bring about severe consequences.  Among the children under 12 years, wall outlets, household appliances, and extension cords are the major basis of electric shock. While for grown-up children, flying kites, climbing trees near power lines, etc. can bring about dangerous electricity accidents.

Ways To Prevent

  • Water conducts electricity.  Therefore, never let them use electrical appliances in or near the bathtub, shower, or sink full of water.
  • Insist them not to climb power poles, towers, or trees near power lines. 
  • Be strict in keeping them kites and model planes away from power lines.
  • Insist them to get indoors during electrical storms.
  • Teach them never to touch fallen power lines.

When To Seek Medical Attention

Any type of accident in kids requires medical attention. Despite the presence or absence of signs of injury, we highly recommend taking the child to the doctor if they bump into an accident. This is because accidents like fall, even though cause no signs of injuries, you can’t overlook the chances of internal injury. Therefore, it’s important for parents to be aware of the physical signs that accompany injuries in children. Seek immediate medical attention if the child shows any of the following signs after an injury:

  • The child is not responding or is unconscious
  • The kid vomits or appears drowsy after an accident
  • If you doubt the chances of poisoning
  • If after an accident, the child experiences breathing difficulty
  • Once there is profuse bleeding from a cut
  • The child is in severe pain
  • If the child is bleeding from an ear


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