What is the importance of child safety?

What is the importance of child safety?
What is the importance of child safety?

The virtue of the young age and the evolving capacities can endanger all children. As they are innocent at that age that’s why they are more open to injury, violence, harm, and abuse. The adverse situation can create risks that will affect the children’s behavior towards society. The weight of the risk and the danger falls disproportionately on the children. Child protection is nothing but preventing the children from harm, abuse, and violence. It means protecting the children from real danger and risks of life. There is so much importance of child safety because it decreases the danger of harmful situations. It also protects children from social distress, emotional insecurity, and psychological turmoil.

Child protection ensures that no one is left behind from the light of social safety and security. If somehow anyone is left behind then they must have child protection with immediate effect. Child protection is a basic right for every child and sometimes the street children, orphans or the children of the sex workers need special care because they are more vulnerable in society than the others. Irrespective of caste, Creed, community, fortune or anything, every child must have the basic protection because it is their constitutional right.

What is the importance of child safety?
What is the importance of child safety?

When can we call a child-safe?

  • A child must be loved, cared and looked after. The bond between parents and the child must be healthy and strong. It will have a good impact on the safety of the child for the whole life. The child is safe when he or she can speak to their parents fluently, without any hesitation and fear.
  • A child is regarded to be safe when the basic needs like good food, good life, nourishment, basic education, a healthy environment are provided in childhood. If a child lacks these things then he or she might face obstacles at any point in life.
  • A child must not suffer from sexual, emotional or physical abuse.
  • They must have basic knowledge of self-defence to protect themself when the situation arises. The child must know where he or she will get the safety when the dangerous situation arrives.
  • The child must have faith in the system that they can provide safety in any kind of situation. And the system also needs to ensure that they get the faith of the child.

When can we call a child unsafe?

  • If the child is not loved or looked after or not taken care then he will suffer from mental sickness. Even the thought of being neglected can make the child feel unsafe.
  • A child falls victim to discrimination based on caste, Creed, nationality, gender, religion, language, intelligence, looks, etc. then also he or she can feel unsafe in the cruel world where fate is decided by these things.
  • Being abused physically or mentally, even witnessing abuse can harm the child’s safety.
  • Exploitation or cheating can also make the child think that he is unsafe.
  • Either being a victim of being or a witness, both can describe the child as unsafe.

What is child abuse?

There are so many ways by which a child can be abused. It doesn’t matter whether it is mental abuse or physically or sexually, a child suffers equally in every case. Deprivation, I’ll treatment or negligence towards a child can also be regarded as child abuse. In some cases, the child can’t even realize then he or she is being abused. For instance, a street child who begs for living off others or child labor who also does the same, they both are being abused but they don’t know it yet.

There is no such way to catch which child is being abused because they can’t say it by themselves. But there will be indications in him when he will get abused. You need to pick that indication.

The Importance Of Child Safety

A child is the future of tomorrow’s world. And the future must be safe and secured. When a child goes through such abuse or exploitation the most important thing which they need is to care and then safety. No one wants their child to suffer such a traumatic childhood.

Some crucial steps can prevent danger and makes sure that the child is safe. The steps are:

  • The doors must remain close when the child is alone at home. Any stranger is not allowed to enter the house when the parents are absent.
  • Every family must have an emergency contact list prepared in advance. In an emergency, the list will be essential for the children.
  • If anything happens in the house then the children must be aware of the escape route. And the family must have an escape plan in an emergency in advance.

From the very beginning, the child must be aware of the risks. The parents must take the responsibility of providing knowledge playfully. And in any kind of situation, the child must report to the parents as they are the closest and more about child safety at home.


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