What are the Baby Food Recipes 12-18 Months


Your baby turns a year old and you might be thinking to offer your bundle of joy, tasty delicacies. It is for sure, your life’s journey with the baby has so far been wonderful. It is now time to introduce your baby to a variety of good food. What are the best of baby food for 12-18 months old? Let’s shed some light.

Offer Variation

A year-old baby can for sure enjoy some variation in the food. This food can be the same food that the rest of the family is consuming. The food though will have minimal or no spices. A year-old baby has a few teeth in the front and can certainly chew a bit. Serving mashed food or at best cutting the food in small pieces is good for the baby.

Cow’s Milk

A portion of wonderful baby food for 12-18 months child is cow’s milk. The readily available food is the best source for the very essential calcium. However, it also provides the nourishment of proteins and vitamins.

Daily Intake

A 12-18 months baby normally eats 3 full meals and along with it, 2-3 healthy snacks on a daily basis. If a baby is not into consuming plain milk, additional flavors can be on add notwithstanding or the milk transformation to curd or yogurt for the baby’s consumption.

Finger Foods

What are finger foods? Rather this is a portion of baby food for 12-18 months old. The food essentially consists of small chunks of fruits, cheese, vegetables, eggs, and others. Babies by this age, can, however, tuck into food with their fingers. Nevertheless, encourage your baby to eat on his or her own. Try to eat together as a family.

Now let’s try to arrange as what might be a perfect daily food chart for a baby. These can be;

Breakfast Options

  • Toast strips with nut butter and fruit spread. However, whole-grain toast strips will be the best option to choose from.
  • Granola and sliced berries filled yogurt but unsweetened.
  • Oatmeal but with the toppings of finely diced cinnamon apples.
  • Light pancakes from the banana, egg, and whole wheat flour.

Lunch Options

  • Rice with curry. However, this curry can be from vegetables to egg or shred chicken.
  • Rice with lentils
  • A healthy combination of cheese, spinach, broccoli with maybe pita bread. However, the pita can be from whole grain.
  • Spaghetti with diced chicken and corn, etc.

Dinner Options

  • Steamed and soft-boiled green vegetables or even chicken
  • Debone Fish, bake fish fingers  and serve with quinoa or roasted carrots
  • Mash sweet potatoes, salmon, soft-cooked cauliflower, and more.

Snacks Options

  • Yogurt with a banana mash and with a topping of granola.
  • Steam or soft-cooked vegetables.
  • Muffins that are banana or any other fruits based. Even Yogurt muffins are available.
  • Nutritious and fresh ripe fruit
  • Cheese in shreds or cube form.

One thing you must keep in mind, these are just suggestions for your baby. These rather not be mistaken as replacements of doctor prescriptions. Ensure to follow medical instructions. Consult your doctor, nevertheless if your baby has allergic reactions to certain food types. 

If you are looking for recipes concerning baby food for 12-18 months in age, nevertheless you will come across entire family recipes. Healthy meals are fit for the whole family and rather not just the baby! A family recipe like Garlic Broccoli Pasta can be wonderful however limited time there is on hands or despite limited kitchen resources. Remember the meal your baby is having at 12-18 months is meant for the transition from a baby to a toddler.

Feel free to take help from the internet nevertheless and go on to make tasty delicacies like;

  • Oatmeal and blueberry muffins
  • Couscous in breakfast
  • Roasted tomatoes with mac and cheese
  • Chicken, spinach with pilaf
  • Carrots with honey glazing and more

Acceptance Early On

Feeding your baby will be less of a hurdle over time if the introduction to food part is complete. There shouldn’t be any division on the type of food early on in your baby’s life. The acceptance of every kind of food comes naturally with the baby.

The Final Word

Your little bundle of joy should get to try every food. So, they can nevertheless enjoy the food meant for family meals. In this way, simple and realistic meals can be cooked with a range of variety in a quick time. The tasty meals are meant for the whole family and however aren’t just baby-food for 12-18 months.


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