What is Kids Food Menu to Grow Well

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As a parent, you have to introduce your child to all the five food groups. These are essentials of kids food menu to grow. Healthy eating cannot be complete without the rich source of proteins and vitamins. All the proteins and nutrients help in the various body functionalities of your child. Your child’s growth and strength comes from the following sources;

  • Vegetables
  • Grains
  • Fruits
  • Dairy products
  • Meat and Protein

When all such make up your child’s daily food intake, there is growth, overall mental & body development.


You must keep an eye out on the type of food products your child is consuming. Help your child stay away from food and recipes that are high in salt, sugar and fat content and low in essential nutrients. Also, beverages that have nothing but caffeine and sugar must be totally left out for good. Junk food leads to the risks of child-obesity and even type-2 diabetes.

Eat Fruits and Vegetables

The elements which provide your child all the essential nutrients are present in most fruits and vegetables. Water, anti-oxidants, fiber, vitamins ensure your kid never suffers from harmful diseases even later in their life. Encourage your child to eat fruits and vegetables added food throughout the day. Your child’s taste palates too develop in a much better way of eating a number of different flavors, and textures.

Grains are Healthy

Does your child love to eat bread, pasta, and noodles? You can breathe a sigh of relief as whole-grain food items like this however surprising it sounds, offer all the energy for growth. Rice. Oats, barley, breakfast cereals too help with the same nutrition.

Dairy Foods but Low Fat

Dairy products like milk, yogurt, and cheese are all high in protein and calcium. These essential nutrients will help your child grow strong bones and teeth. Low fats dairy products are a must on the kids food menu to grow well. You can mix and match daily the available dairy products, from milk, bowls of yogurt, slices of cheese, and serve. If your child is above two years of age then cut down on the fatty dairy produces.

Meat and Protein

You simply can’t prepare a kids food menu to help grow your child unless you include meat and proteins. Lean meat, chicken, beans, eggs, lentils, nuts, and tofus, incidentally all have protein. Nevertheless, meat helps your child to develop muscles and grow. And if not just protein, the meat comes inclusive of various vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, iron, etc. Your child’s future brain development and overall learning curve depend on all such nutrients.

Pure Drinking Water

While only discussing food, we must not forget about the importance of water. Also, pure water is cheap and contains fluoride which helps in developing strong teeth for your children.

Relationship of Food and Growth

Nutrients are what always help your child achieve growth. Various, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, fatty-acids directly influence a child’s growth over time. A kids food menu to grow has to have food items like dairy products, eggs, soybean, chicken, leafy green vegetables, nuts/seeds, fruits, fish, carrots, whole grains, etc.

Best Care Possible

You have to play an active role in the well-being of your child. At every stage of their growth, guide them with valuable advice. However rigid it may feel, always ask them to disclose their eating habits especially if they are spending some part of the day in school. Healthy eating habits, regular health checkups, exercises, fun activities, games, and a good sleep routine, all comes handy for your kid’s wellbeing.


While you do require a balancing kids food menu to grow your child, genes also have a part to play. A good diet and active proper lifestyle surely help, nevertheless, height and growth also depend on family genes. Ask your nutritionist to prescribe a good diet chart along with a couple of supplements that can help your child to maintain a proper body balance.


There is certainly no involvement of magic that can make your kids grow at a faster rate. Proper planning on behalf of your parents regarding, food intake, healthy lifestyle; family genes all come into play. There are food items that must not be on the daily menu, and then there are nutrients that are absolute essentials. Proteins, minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, and the likes are all found in dairy products, meat, fruits, vegetables, and more.


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