A person with good fitness is a fit person that has ability to face with many problems and stress. which they have been from modern day life. fitness is to take up day-to-day challenges and win over them. Let exercise be your strength, your routine and passion to grow up with healthy fitness. In the end, its all about how you can walk, Run without getting tired so start doing fitness workouts that will strength power increase level of your body fitness and you can able to develop you strength and also stay fit. when you finish a great exercise workout you will fell great about yourself. In other words all we need to do is workout, exercising that can build up our fitness.


The five components of fitness.five components of fitness

CARDIORESPIRATORY ENDURANCE FITNESScardiorespiratory endurance fitness

  •  cardiorespiratory endurance fitness is the ability to Continue training to make our cardiorespiratory system strong.
  • The heart and lungs supply oxygen to the body during activity. The heart and lungs to deliver oxygen during the exercise in addition to the body’s.
  • The cardiorespiratory fitness is to reduction of the risk for chronic diseases. And improve the quality of life, and make you live a longer life.
  • Example to be fit is Running, Walking, Cycling, Exercise, Swimming, Dancing. 


muscular fitness

  • The Muscular strength fitness  t  increase of muscle strength that  can make us to stay stronger our fitness strength. 
  •  For example , if your focus is on health, you should be strong enough to lift a heavy box or stand easily up from a chair. 
  • In other word’s strengthening our muscle make us to build strong enough to do lifting any heavy things easy.
  • muscle strength makes our muscle to be fit, By doing the muscular strength exercise.


flexibility fitness

  • Flexibility is the point to move through a full range of the motion.
  • A Flexibility fitness is to bend, moving in full range of motion at our joint structure.
  • The Flexibility depends on many variables: age, gender, body composition, behavioral habits.
  • Example doing yoga like flexibility pose that will help to build suppleness not only in our spine but also in our shoulders and hamstring.


muscular endurance fitness

  • If we do muscles endurance our muscles get stronger day by day.
  • The muscular endurance fitness gives the range of motion at a single point over a given time.    
  •  muscular endurance. Example the longer you’re able to contract your abdominals and hold your body in a steady position.
  • To Improve Muscular Endurance. Use lighter weights and higher rep counts to increase endurance over time.


composition fitness

  • The body composition fitness is the ratio of maintaining the lean body mass to fat body mass. Is the percentage of bone, fat, muscle and water in the body. 
  • In the females body generally it have the higher percentage of body fat. Comparing to men’s.
  • A body composition is the important component of the fitness for the good health and for good wellness.
  • Body fat decreases to perform physical fitness activities. Set a realistic goal and maintain a wellness lifestyle to develop a healthy body composition.               


pedometer is a small type device which is worn on the waistband of our belt or pants or above our hip. It will count how many steps you take while you walk it. Pedometers bands help peoples to reach their fitness goals by connecting to mobile apps as well as in watch also so that users could view and track a variety of data. Not only can you see your step count, but you can also see whether the distance have covered the time you have set to,  burned calories.pedometer

Wearing a pedometer or fitness tracker is to recording our daily steps in a great motivating tool. You can wear a pedometer, every day, and record total steps you take. Or you can wear it just when you go out for a walking workout.

 For example the best choices for pedometers include those you wear on your wrist or waistband as well as apps you can use to track your step such.

  • The pedometer is a easy way of counting the running and walking steps.
  • pedometers is a type of watch in which we can find the number of counts or steps taken during the walking are running.
  • A pedometer is a motion of sensitive electrical circuits that switches on and off.
  • Most of pedometers today are electronic pedometer are active when the foot hits the ground.
  • An Pedometer can used in the phone also installing the pedometer app.


Fit means however receiving the fitness energy to meet all of our regular demand. Exercising is good for our mind, body and soul is going to receive to be fit. Being fit is going to receive us not only to live longer, but it can make us feel healthier, mentally and physically, strong as long as you live. People who are physically fit are also healthier. In order to maintain a relaxed state of mind, a person have to be physically active by doing fitness exercise.fit


  • Physical fit is something, which many people look for, and while a large number of them attribute it to hitting the gym every morning and evening.
  • Since those who understand about the physical fit are those who understand what it really means to take care of healthy body.
  • The Physical fit Exercising should be about rewarding the body with endorphins and strength, not about punishing your body for what you have eaten for.

Benefits to regular physical activity to stay fit are:

  • In addition to reduce heart attack risk.
  • And also maintain proper blood pressure.
  • Although it have a great effect on lowering the blood cholesterol level.
  • And keep you fit by managing the body weight.
  • Moreover to Lower the risk of the diseases like example diabetes and some type of cancer diseases.


The fecal immunochemical test (FIT) is a screening test for colon cancer. A fit test must be conducted every time it is a new model of tight fitting. Respiratory Protective Equipment(RPE). Fit test have an effective diagnostic  test it is used in both, Screening and also in the symptomatic assessment.fit test

  • Tight-fitting respirator during your normal workday, and also
  • Respirator to perform emergency response activities.

Way of wearing a fit test step by step process:

  1. First step you need to place the respirator over your nose and mouth with bottom straps.
  2. Second step pull the top straps over your head, placing the head cradle on the crown of your hand.
  3. Third step is hook the bottom straps together behind your neck.
  4. fourth step is to adjust strap tension to achieve a secure fit.




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