What Do Kids Love to Eat a Lot?


There is a wrong notion that kids love to eat only unhealthy junk food. Kids love to eat a lot of healthy and hence not so tasty food throughout the whole day so they do tantrum while eating regular meals. Whereas the fact is that kids like to eat a lot of healthy food too. What parents should do is to make the food tasty and attractively present healthy food. Also, kids do not like to eat food at a time. They want to eat when they want. So try to store healthy food that they can eat when they want to shorten the intake of junk food. Try to find out what your child love to eat and arrange their meal accordingly. Here are some tips that can help you to make your child’s diet a healthy one.

Healthy and Tasty Food Ideas for Kiddos

Make some food rules for your child

Healthy and Tasty Food Ideas for Kiddos


Kids like to eat colourful food.  But if you expect that your kids will eat all the green veggies without any tantrum that will be tough. So add something spicy and yummy things that will attract your child a little more. Add a full boiled egg or some pieces of chicken or some cheese with the green veggies and make your junior’s stomach full of food enriched with vitamins minerals and fibre and make your child capable to fight against obesity, heart diseases high blood pressure. 


Yoghurt is a rich source of nutrients. It enhances healthy bacteria, reduces the chances of osteoporosis and heart disease, and helps in digestion and weight management. Therefore add yoghurt in your kid’s diet but make it yummy by adding their favourite fruits or sugar. You can use it as snacks and also as a dessert.


Beans are loaded with protein and fibre.  It is cheap and easy to make. Add beans in your child’s recipe like noodles or pasta and make it yummy in look and nutritious for health. Beans alone with garlic and tomato sauce make the food super tasty. You can use it with potato, dal, or even with egg also fried beans with coconut chutney will make it delicious.


There are very few kids who do not like eggs. It is not only the kid’s favourite but also a rich source of protein, vitamins, and iron. And above all egg can be used with every recipe you make for your junior. Add an egg in your child’s meal and you have hardly to worry whether it will be finished or not. An egg or two will fulfil your child’s need for nutrition than any other food.


Fats not only harm but also have usefulness on kid’s health. It keeps cholesterol level healthy. The most interesting thing about avocado is its versatility. You can give your child avocado using it on smoothie or toast or in the salad. Therefore offer your kiddo a great first food with avocado.  Thus make a pathway for good fat into your child’s diet.


Milk is considered to be a complete food. It contains nutrients including vitamins minerals, proteins, healthy fats, and antioxidants. Keep one glassful of milk in your child’s diet regularly. Make custard, muesli, smoothie, milkshake, etc. Also, give milk mixed with sugar. Children will drink this complete food delightfully.


A child who does not like popcorn is rare. As a parent, you can use their weakness towards corn make various recipes with corn, and let your children feel that they are eating outside home. Also, you are giving your child essential B vitamins and multiple minerals as a form of corn.


Not all children like all fruits. But they like either one of the fruits. Try to find out your child’s favourite fruits and give him one of them alternately. Fruits are a source of essential vitamins and minerals which are helpful for your child’s growth.

Make some food rules for your child

Nowadays, it is a widespread problem for every parent to control the weight of the child. Easy availability of fast food makes children obese. Kids love to eat a lot of fast food while they go for any outing. So make some rules for your child and make it their habit.

  • Parents should control the food supply of the home. Do not allow outside fast food. Rather make healthy snacks at home for your junior.
  • Make exercise a daily routine
  • Do not follow ‘clean the plate’ rule. Instead, teach your child to stop while feeling that the stomach is full enough.
  • Do not repeat the same food. Rewrite the recipe every week.

Ending lines

If your kid loves to eat, do not blame him. Rather follow some guidelines to teach your child what is good for his health and what is not. And also keep in mind that monotony is boring for everyone. Kids love to eat a lot of monotonous food in their daily meals. So bring some variety in the food chain. Your child will eat healthy food.


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