What are the steps to take safety at home for my kids?


Being a parent is a stressful job, a job that requires you to be 24/7 involved in your child’s well-being and keep tabs on all things that can be a threat to them. Despite all the attention you might give towards your child’s safety, there are few instances you may become carefree and allow something bad to happen.  Home is one such place where many parents take their guard off, as it is the common thinking that the house is a haven for children. However, risk and danger do not work like that, your child can get hurt or be in some serious situation even inside the house. Here are a few tips that you need to follow for the dangers that may surround your child, inside your house. Some steps to take safety at home for kids

Safety At Home

You may think your house to be the safest place for your child but on the contrary, it is the most common place where your children hurt themselves. The key is to have good supervision and know about some hazards that can occur inside the walls of your home. 


Falls are a common cause of injury among toddlers. Here is what you need to do prevent your child from getting injured from a fall:

  • Pad the entire sharp corner that you have in your house, as it can be dangerous to fall on them. 
  • Make the use of barriers gates and lock doors to prevent children from entering dangerous places.
  • Avoid the use of bunk beds for toddlers.
  • Do not leave alone children on high chairs and other furniture. 

Burns And Scalds

Children aged 4-years-old are prone to burn injuries and scalds. Here are a few steps that you can do prevent it:

  • Keep hot things away from the edge of tables 
  • Use stove guard or you can turn away saucepan handles away from the edge.
  • Use curly electric cords that do not hang from sides of benches. 
  • To prevent scalding, you can install tampering valves that deliver 50° C hot water to your room. 
  • Fire guards for open fires and radiators are a good option
  • Install Earth leakage Circuit breaker in the fuse box of your house. 


Your house had many things that are poisonous and due to habit of toddlers to explore everywhere and put things in mouth, it is a threat that you should not turn your eyes from. Follow these measures to keep up with Safety at home and take care of poisonous products:

  • Keep all the cleaning material like laundry detergent in the locked cupboard after use. 
  • Buy a childproof medicine box to keep medicine.
  • Lock your garden equipment after you finished your work. 
  • Never make use of empty food containers to store poison. 
  • Check the garden for any poisonous plant growth.
  • It is always a good idea to save some emergency numbers such as the Poison Information Centre. 


Choking is the most common threat that can occur due to babies putting everything in their mouths. There are instances of children choking on things like coins, magnets and button batteries and even on food items such as coins, magnets, and button batteries. To prevent choking you need to take the following measures: 

  • Do not give bigger chunks of hard pieces of food to toddlers such as- carrots, or bone.
  • Make sure coins are not lying around in the house.
  • Avoid feeding toddler nuts or peanuts. 
  • Check toys, dummies and clothing of children are short to avoid instances of choking. 
  • Make sure toddlers sit in the right postures while eating. 


Drowning is another threat that you need to be should be aware of as a concerning parent. Your young ones are prone to drown even if the water is few centimeters. Here is what you can do: 

  • Keep a lid on buckets or keep them out of reach.
  • Make sure to empty water from things after the use.
  • Always empty the paddling pool after use
  • Fence your pool, and install a self-closing gate in it. 


Toys are fun and they are also an integral part of children’s development but you need to make sure they are not made improperly or inappropriate for your child’s age. There can be serious injuries that can happen due to toys that do not follow child safety standards. Make sure you always check toys before buying them for your children. To increase safety at home here is what a parent can do:

  • Check toys for sharp edges and loose parts. 
  • Check the surfaces of swings and climbing frames.
  • Store child toys at a low level so they do not have to climb to reach them. 
  • Make sure the toys you are buying are appropriate as per their age. 
  • Check their toys regularly, in case you found some of the toys no longer safe, get rid of them immediately. 
  • Avoid the use of baby walkers they can cause injuries, hence should not be used. 
  • Make sure your child does not swallow any toy or any broken part of the toy. know more.


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