What Are The Safety Rules For Kids?


Being a parent and worrying about your child is a natural and a full-time thing. Worrying about your youngster continuously, there are a few basic rules that you should establish. These would act as a guideline for your child when they would be inside the house or outside. Safety rules for kids help your child stay safe even when you cannot have them under constant adult supervision. 

Whether they would be in school or outside playing with friends, there are a few basic important rules and regulations you should implement for the well-being of your child. As a parent worrying about your child and thinking about staying with them at all times is a natural thing. But with your work schedule, it might not be an easy task. Also, you have to let your child venture out. There are places where they would meet people from outside. 

A child is constantly exploring and has a curious mind. Some would work cautiously while others would venture out seeking challenges. But as their parent and caregiver, you must help them develop, grow and learn to help them become independent and confident while simultaneously keeping them under supervision.  

As a family, you would be the first line of protection for your child. You create a safe and loving environment for your kid. Schools and the communities have a responsibility to protect your child as well. But it is what they are taught at home helps them with their basic safety skills. 

The earlier you would be able to start a conversation regarding how to protect them in your absence, it would help them ultimately. Being realistic and practical would be the only way you would be able to achieve the safety and well-being of your child. Here are some of the most important basic safety rules for kids that would lead to a good and healthy future for them. 

Contact Information

Road Safety

No Listening to Strangers

Not Sharing Personal Information

Where to go if they Get Lost

Your Body is Yours

Contact Information: 

This should be a priority when your child would be going out to school or any other place. By teaching your child about the basic contact information you would be prepping them up for an emergency as well. 

Kids should know their full name, the address and the nearby landmark along with the name of a family member and their phone number. Children tend to forget and therefore you should practice this as often as you could.  

Road Safety: 

Children are always vulnerable to accidents and other injuries. Do not let your youngster go near the road without any adult supervision. Reduce the risk by teaching your child to look first right and then left and then right again before crossing the road. They should not run on the road and whenever on the road, holding the hand of an adult is a must. Knowing the significance of the traffic light and wear a helmet when they would be travelling at the back of their family member on a bike or scooter. These safety rules for kids are a must that should not be ignored. 

No Listening to Strangers: 

No matter what, your child should know that they should never be led away by any stranger. They should know when and whom to call. Always tell them that if there is an emergency, you would always send their grandparent, aunty and the ones they know, never a stranger. Also, using a safety word would be a great idea. 

This would help in making your child understand that if your trust one says that particular safe word, then it would be safe for your child to travel with them. Only the ones you trust should know the safe word including your child. 

Not Sharing Personal Information: 

Kids often play on computers nowadays. And, therefore, online safety is of prime importance that you should discuss with your child from the very beginning. They should never shop without adult supervision, nor should they send any kind of information regarding address or phone number to anyone. This is one of the most important safety rules for kids.

Where to go if they Get Lost: 

Wandering and panicking about your child would increase your difficulties. Therefore, from the very beginning teach your child what to do if they get lost. 

Reinforce the safety rules for kids that they should never leave your side or your hand when going outside like the market or in a crowded place. Teach them that they should ask another parent with a child to help them find you. 

Your Body is Yours: 

Teaching your child about good touch and bad touch is a vital part of the safety rules for kids. This will help them in determining if someone behaves with them inappropriately. 

If anybody touches them other than you and their father, they should report it immediately to you with getting scared. Though you must teach them that there would be certain circumstances like the doctor chamber or the school nurse who would touch the place where they have been hurt. 

Your child should be aware of how to look after themselves outside. This would reduce your worry and your child would be able to stand on their own two feet. 


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