What Are The Fire Safety Tips In School To Take?


Fire safety is an important issue that we need to deal with. For starters, we should not only be concerned about fire safety in our house but also need to check if our Schools, colleges and other academic places follow all the fire safety standards.  In case if you are wondering if the issue is big or not, here are some stats by the National Fire Protection Association that might help you shed more light on the significance of the topic. According to the reports, the U.S fire department has reported on 4,980 structure fires on average in educational buildings. So, follow fire safety tips in school to take.

We must take fire safety practices into our daily life practices and build a safe environment for our children. Although there is a regular practice of fire, safety drills periodically in most of the school, we need to improve our fire prevention system, a fire safety drill alone is not enough. 

In case you are the school director, it becomes your responsibility to encourage and provide fire safety tips in school for your student. You can start with some basics such as educating your staff and student on how to react in the event of an emergency and making sure every student has their concept clear related to school fire safety. If you already have a good evacuation and solid fire prevention in place to review it from time to time is always a great idea. You need to check the established policies also while going through try see them with a new perspective. 

Need For Fire Safety Tips In School 

Fire safety in our schools and academic building is very important, the event of a fire is often very hazardous and threatening. 

Here is why you need extra care for school:

  • One of the obvious reasons is there are ten thousand of kids present at school. 
  • Item used in schools such as chairs, desks, and tables is made of wood that I a combustible material.
  • Schools do have some rooms that are more prone to fire accidents. Chemistry labs store many chemical and large quantities of flammable liquids. 
  • Canteen is also prone to fire accidents as there are LPG containers present in the canteen, there is always a risk of a fire starting from there. 

Fire Safety Tips For Schools 

The important thing that you need to be clear on while going through a list of Fire Safety tips in School is that not all schools are the same. You need to follow those plans and tips that you can implement for school. 

Possessing a solid fire safety strategy is important for school director and here are few tips for you:

Clear Access To Exits And Alarms

It is the easiest task that your staff and teachers can handle. You must make the way to fire exits, alarm stations and stairways in the mind of the student. During times of emergency, there should not be any hindrance present blocking a way to flee from the fire. 

Review And Update Your Fire Prevention Policies

No matter how good Fire Safety tips in School you have used there are always blind spots and loopholes present in a fire safety strategy. Remember fire safety is an on-going process that needs to update regularly. Teach your students about fire safety periodically to help them understand what they need to do in an emergency. You can take the help of the local fire department and invite them to your school to offer an educational program for your campus. 

Empower Your Students 

Without you work on getting full cooperation from your student no Fire Safety tips for School can help you. Make sure to appreciate their efforts whether they are small or big. Tell them they are doing great if they are following the rules, behaving properly, and helping their classmates.

Buddy System

Buddy system is very essential in case you have a student that requires special needs. Identify students that need special needs and set up a buddy system to support these children while doing fire safety drills. 

Make Familiarity A Requirement

Do not forget to test your staff, see if they are clear on school fire safety plans and systems. The early spotting of the problem can only happen if your staff and teacher are well aware of and fire safety plan. 

Safe Zone 

Designate a safe area outside the school where everyone can run to in case of fire. 

Make Use Of Online Resources

It is always challenging to teach little kids about fire safety and it can be frustrating. You can search for different ways online and learn some fun games and activities that can help you implement fire Safety tips in School swiftly. 

Evacuation Routes

Make use of maps to show the student clear routes to follow in an event of a fire. Make sure to post it in all classrooms. more.


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