What are the Favorite Kid Foods List


Everyone loves tasty foods. Especially kids will never have a portion of food which is not tasty according to them. But sometimes tasty foods are not healthy for them. It has been a struggle for every mother to feed them tasty yet healthy foods daily. Mothers tried a lot to make their kid’s favorite foods at home with some extra nutrition. And it is no less than a victory for a mother to grab their kid’s attention on homemade foods. And if you get successful then you will build a long and healthy life for your kid. What can be the biggest achievement for a mother than this? Here is some all-time favorite kid foods list that you can look for and cook for your kid. 


This food is very famous among the kids throughout the world. But the burger you get outside can be unhealthy for your child. So cook it inside with a lot of veggies and cheese to win your kid’s heart. It would be better if you use whole wheat burger buns for extra fibers. Use green leafy vegetables like cabbage and spinach. Use capsicums, carrots, and tomatoes as they are rich in vitamins. Don’t hesitate to use extra good cheese as the necessary omega 3 fatty acids will be helpful in their brain development.


Kids love cookies especially the ones that have chocolates. Throughout the ages, grandmas are famous among the kids because of their special cookies. Baked cookies are better than the fried ones. Make it with whole wheat or with multigrain. Use minced fruits and chocolate-chips. Use as much less sugar as you can. Also, remember that a lot of sweets can cause cavities. So give them fixed pieces for a particular day.

Finger Chips

Finger chips or French fries derived from France and made its footprints all over the world. These salty crispy potato fries are at the top of the favorite kid foods list. It is taken mainly as an evening snack or as a movie time snack. A little bit of tomato ketchup or cheesy dip will be a win-win combination with it. Cut the potatoes into slices and deep fry in olive oil and your crispy snack is ready.

Bread Jam

This is one of the easiest and loved breakfast meals for kids. They love it because it is easy and fast to eat. Use whole-wheat pieces of bread and the favorite jam of your kid. There is a lot of option available on the market; apple, mango, pineapple or mixed fruit, etc.  Serve it on their breakfast table or pack it on their Tiffin and there will be no leftover. 

Cheese Pizza

What we can say about pizzas! It is loved by everyone. But the pizzas outside are costly and unhealthy too. You can make many pizzas at home at the same price. Even if you don’t have a microwave you can pan fry the pizzas. If your kid does not eat veggies then you can hide them in your pizza. Shallow fry the chopped veggies on butter and hide it under the cheesy toppings. This is the best example of having healthy nutrients in a tasty way.


Pastries are one of the kid’s favorite dessert items. Not only kids but adults love these creamy desserts too. Pastries include a lot of healthy substances like milk, eggs, flours, sugar, and fruits. If you bake it at home with a balanced proportion then there is no harm to have a pastry per day. 

Ice Creams

One of the reasons that we all have cavities in our childhood is this; ice creams. Nobody can avoid this creamy yummy dessert. There are innumerable flavors of ice creams available in the market.  Chefs are trying and creating more and more new flavors each day. Among them, the widely acclaimed flavors are chocolate, butterscotch, vanilla, strawberry, and tutti-fruity. Ice creams also have a lot of milk fat and cream so give it to your child in a small portion with maintaining intervals of days.


This Chinese cuisine is famous in the favorite kid foods list all over the world. Noodle is a steamed food and requires very little oil. You can use a variety of veggies with it. You can mix meat, fish, prawn, or scrambled eggs with it. The sauces and spices like black pepper and red chilies also have their health benefits. But use them in very small quantities while making noodles for kids. 

Final Thoughts

Apart from these 8 yummy dishes kids also love to have sandwiches, cupcakes, cheese pasta, Maggie, and above all chocolates. Avoid cheap street foods and cook them at your home. Involve your kid in the process of cooking and enjoy your family time.


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