What Are The Child Safety Topics Need To Consider?


Being a parent is not an easy job as it comes with constant worries and anxiety for your child, especially if you are a toddler. The world is cruel and every day you hear how someone lost his or her child due to an accident or any other hazard. Did you know that your child is at risk at your protected home too?  There have been many cases across the world in which a child has lost his or her life inside his or her own house. Hence, you must keep an eye on your child at times. This may sound difficult as you may have many other things to do around the house. But you can still ensure your child’s safety by taking proper precautions. Here are some child safety topics that you need to consider for your child’s safety in and around your house.

Severe Injuries Due to a Fall

This is one of the child safety topics that you should keep in mind. Children love to climb stairs or run around the house or even try to reach the top of a balcony railing. When children are small and do not understand the dangers involved, they love such kind of adventure. However, this can lead to some injuries if the child falls. Many cases have been reported where a child has fallen off the balcony as he or she slipped through the railing. 

Children are small and can easily squeeze themselves into small spaces or gaps. So, make sure that you keep your balcony locked with you are busy with some work so that your child does not venture out alone. 

Stairs are another dangerous place for a child as the child may slip while trying to climb up or down. This can cause a severe head injury that could result in death or disability. So, if your child is small, then use a child safety gate. These gates have child safety locks and are very sturdy and hence, are quite useful to keep your child away from the stairs. 

You should also ensure that you always keep your floor dry and remove all toys or other things that may be scattered on the floor so that the child does not trip over it.

Risk of Burning or Starting a Fire

This is the most important part of the child safety topics. Burning fire, for kids, can be quite amusing as it gives out light and flickers. But small kids do not understand the dangers of playing with fire. Keep your child away from anything that can start a fire, especially a matchbox or a lighter. If you are using a candle, make sure that your child is not able to reach it. Also, ensure that the candle is not kept near curtains or any inflammable items. 

When you are not working in the kitchen, ensure that you have switched off your gas so that your child does not try to open the knob of your gas stove. Also, ensure that you unplug or switch off the switches of your power plug when not in use. You can also put a child safety cover on open power plugs so that the child does not put his or her finger into the socket and get electrocuted. 

As a precautionary measure and part of the child safety topics, always keep a fire extinguisher handy around your house. You can also install a fire alarm in your house as a safety precaution. 

Hazard of Choking

Choking is one of the biggest reasons that can cause accidental deaths, especially among children and also one of the child safety topics that you should not ignore. From swallowing small toy parts to choking on food, children can face these dangers. So, when your child is home with you, make sure that you do not buy any toy that has small parts. Even if you have such toys around your house, then do not leave your child unattended with it. 

Avoid giving things that your child will not be able to chew on. Children tend to swallow such food items that are hard to chew as they find it easier. Also, ensure that your child is not drinking or eating while lying down. If you have an infant, then keep the child’s head elevated for him or her to able to swallow milk.

Some children tend to avoid vomiting and swallow their vomit instead of taking it out. This can lead to choking. Hence, ensure that if your child feels like throwing, ask him or her to do so. 

Strangling a Common Hazard

Children love to play with curtains or drapes as they think they can become invisible behind these curtains. But playing with drapes or curtains can be dangerous for your child as it can lead to strangulation. Children like to wrap these things around their neck but do not know how to take them out. Hence, they end up tightening the cloth or wire around their neck leading to strangulation. 

To ensure that this does not happen to your child keep all the wires away from your child. Tie up your curtains when you want them closed. Also, make sure you are keeping an eye on your child while he or she is trying to play hide and seek. Many other child safety topics are important to keep your child safe at all times.


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