What is the child safety awareness that needs to take?


Is loving your children ever enough? As a parent it is your responsibility that you see every unseen harm that is coming towards your child, be it in or out of your home. Take child safety awareness that needs to know. Let’s do a fact check first, this is what a report from the Centre for Disease Control & Prevention Child Injury says:

  • The reports estimate 9.2 million children annually had a visit to the emergency department due to unintentional injuries. 
  • About 12,175 children ranging from age 0 to 19 years die each year in the United States due to some unintentional and often a preventable injury. 

There is no intention to terrify you, but it’s all about becoming more open to learning about child safety and how you can achieve it at home and outside.

Awareness Activities at Home

Promoting child safety in your Community

Awareness Activities at Home

For raising awareness for the child safety among your family member including your children do the following: 

  • You can make use of the printer to printout some safety tip sheets, fact sheets, infographics, checklists, and other resources. 
  • Placing print out inside your house is a creative and most interactive way to influence a positive attitude towards the child’s safety of other members of your house. 
  • Involve all the family members in activities like making a safety plan and encourage your family to prepare an emergency kit for your house. Keep the emergency kit in a place where they are visible all time. 

Promoting child safety in your Community

Here are some things that you can do to increase child Safety awareness among your social group or community:

Share Your Resources with other Parents 

Keeping our community’s safety is a task that requires more resources, not only it requires you but also other members such as other parents, caregivers, educators, and child care providers, and community member. Make sure all the mentioned people can get access to the tips and tools related to child safety easily. 

Make information on child safety-related accessible to other parents:

  • Use the places where you and your neighborhood hangout for raising awareness for child safety.
  • Few places where you can get such opportunities are- Community activities, schools, childcare centers, laundry rooms, apartment buildings, community recreation centers, churches, or wherever else parents are gathering in your neighborhood.

Create a Cleaner and Safer Neighborhood

You can initiate a Community Clan-Up Day for ensuring the clean and clutter-free outdoor surroundings in your neighborhood. A cleaner and safer environment not only makes surrounding clean but also helps to reduce the crime rate in your locality.

You can take a stand for increasing street lights in your neighborhood and on the community level, all you can do is to install motion-sensor lights and in backs or sides of your house to avoid potential intruders. Every parent wants their child to stay safe and be visible when they are outside at night, so increasing awareness among other community members is not a huge task. 

Get to Know Your Neighbors

When you are promoting child safety in your community, you need to get to know all the people in your neighborhood. Involving your neighbors living next to you is the best form of protection you can get. Learn about the people in your community and start to know them, for easy-going you can often start with your children’s parents. 

Child Safety tips to start with

Here are a few child safety tips that you need to follow to make your household safer for your children. You can share them among your group and community later but first try following them for yourself. 

Safety Starts At Home

The task of child safety awareness must start from your house first and then you can take it to your community. To do so, here are a few tips that you can learn and do for your house, more.

Household Safety

A house may seem to be a haven for nurturing your child but you can’t keep a blind eye towards lurking hazards that are present inside your own house. According to the Centre for Disease Control, children from ages 1 to 4 have high rates of poisoning due to household items. Here are a few tips to avoid such happening in your house:

  • Keep medicine, garden chemical, and other toxic art supplies away from children’s reach; you can keep them inside a high shelf. 
  • Keep medicines such as- contraceptives, vitamins, and minerals away or inside the childproof box. 
  • Do not use food containers to store toxic substances. 
  • Always keep in contact with Poison Control on your phone. 

Infant Safety

Reports shows, two-third of injury deaths among children less than one year are due to suffocation. To avoid such a situation, make sure to follow these rules for your house:

  • Remove blanket and toy from your baby cribs. 
  • Learn the use of a child’s car seat, and learn the proper way to use it. 
  • Install carbon monoxide and smoke alarm on every level of your home. 


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