What are the Cheap Kids Meals to Avoid


Children love to have all sorts of unhealthy foods that are denied to them by their parents. They would prefer cheap fast foods and street foods over homemade meals any day. But kids are actually not responsible for this. It is the adults who introduced these sorts of foods to them. So if you want to give your kid a healthy life ahead then the first thing you should do is to stop having cheap outside foods by yourself. Your kid is the replica of you. What you do your kids will copy that. So follow a healthy diet for your entire family. Make this your daily routine for life. For your help here are some cheap kids meals that you must ban immediately.


Studies and researches prove that soda has a direct link with type 2 diabetes, obesity, and aggressive behaviour in children. Over 60 grams of sugar is present in a 20-ounce soda bottle. It is four times more than what kids should take in a day.

Frozen Finger Foods

All the frozen ready to make chicken nuggets, hotdogs, fish, and mozzarella sticks contain a high amount of saturated fat, sodium, and preservatives. Some brands use low-quality meat, fish, and bread crumbs. The flash-fried nuggets make the fat and calorie count high for kids.


You should strictly avoid honey for kids below 2 years. It can be fatal for them as honey contains a toxic bacterium that causes a disease called botulism.  The bacterium is not harmful to adults. But a small kid’s immature immune system cannot cope with it.

Canned Soup

Canned soups and instant noodles are among the most harmful cheap kids meals that you should also avoid along with your kid. They contain an excessive amount of salt which confuses our biological system and makes us overeat. The high amount of sodium that we take with these foods makes our kidneys to overwork and make us heavier.

Snacks like Cheetos and Doritos

These two cheap kids meals are among the most addictive and unhealthy foods in the world. Their crackling sounds and melting tastes make them more appealing to the kids. These snacks are designed with so much cleverness; none of the flavours is high and they melt when your tongue touches them. These features of the chips give us the false sense that we are not eating much or we are not much full. Thus we can’t resist eating until the pack is finished.

Chewing Gums

Though we do not swallow them as foods yet they are dangerous for our health. The sugar alcohols and artificial sweeteners present in them cause bloating and other gastrointestinal distresses. The sugar alcohol causes the fermentation of bacteria in your small intestine. Chewing gums are indigestible so if your kid accidentally swallows it then it can cause stomach pain and other problems.

Apple Juice

The bottled or canned apple juice is also harmful to your kid. These cheap juice bottles do not always have real ingredients but artificial colours and sugars are used to make it tasty. They can only give you an excessive amount of sugar which is harmful even for adults. Make the fruit juice your kid wants at your home with a little effort. Do not remove the skin of the fruits as they have fibres and other essential nutrients.

Boxed Mac & Cheese

These canned cheap kids meals are devoid of any healthy nutrients and loaded with harmful substances like sodium. In Kraft’s mere 1 cup of Mac & cheese serving you can have 600 milligrams of sodium.This can create more addiction for this kind of salty, artificial foods in kids. 

Light Butter Substitutes

The butter substitutes available in markets are made up of palm oil or soybean oil. These oils are high in omega 6 fatty acids that contribute to chronic inflammations. Excessive intakes of these kinds of foods can lead to overweight and depression. Palm oil increases bad cholesterols because of the saturated fats it has. Use normal butter as it as omega 3 fatty acids which are necessary for your kid’s growth years. It is completely fine to use normal butter while cooking or you can use olive oil as it has healthier mono-saturated fats.

Chocolates and Coffee

Doctors consider caffeine as a drug now because it stimulates our nervous system. It affects both kids and adults and can cause sleeplessness, jitters and nervousness, faster heart rate, and difficulty in concentrating. Too many sweetened caffeinated drinks or chocolates can cause dental cavities for kids.

The Bottom Line

Spend some extra time while shopping on the ingredients written behind every packaged meal. A little research will tell you about their usefulness and flaws. Include more and more healthy meals in your kid’s diet and avoid health worries.


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