What are Healthy Meals for Kids?


It is a great concern for every parent to fill their baby’s little tummy with healthy nutrients. The naughty little ones will always challenge you in this job. They will never have their food willingly unless you find ways to charm them with your new food discoveries. The food should be colourful and smelled delicious to attract them. There should be a balanced diet of carbohydrates, protein, fat, and vitamins in the small portion of their food. This will give them all the necessary nutrients in one meal.  Moreover, you need to know the art of disguising vegetables into a finger-licking dish. All these seem to be very hard but a little research and practice will make you a perfect chef for your kid. Here are some ideas of healthy meals for kids that will surely help your quest.

Breakfast Goals

Lunch and Dinner Ideas

Evening Snacks Ideas

Breakfast Goals


You can start the day with cornflakes and milk. Corns are rich in carbohydrates and milk will provide calcium. Make sure it is soaked in milk properly unless it will be sharp for them to swallow it. You can add dry fruits like almonds, raisins, and dates to enhance its nutritious qualities. You can slice bananas or strawberries for decorations and add some honey instead of sugar for sweetness.


Toast two pieces of bread and apply some butter on it. Sauté some bell paper, tomato and onion slices with a little bit of salt and black pepper then slice a boiled egg and place them on the bread. Add some homemade ketchup or grated cheese. This homemade wholesome sandwich will surely win your kid’s heart.

Juices and Shakes

You can make fruit juices in your home with a juice maker. Avoid readymade juices as it contains a lot of sugar. Pick up your child’s favourite fruit and make a juice out of it. You can use Banana shakes or strawberry shakes alternatively so that they do not get bored with the same tastes.

Lunch and Dinner Ideas

Pea Rice and Poached Chicken with Vegetables and Herbs

Youcanreplacetheboringricewith pea rice or vegetable fried rice. Avoid using much oil and use butter instead. Chicken is an all-time favourite food for kids. You can poach the chicken with mushrooms, bell peppers, tomatoes, and broccoli. This poached chicken is juicy without any added fat. Garlic chicken and lemon pepper chicken are two other tasty options to fill your kid’s tummy.

Khichdi or Kedgeree

This is a crossdish born out of Indian and British cuisines. This is a wholesome meal as it contains rice, pulses, vegetables, important spices. You can also add fish or chicken or eggs to it to enhance the protein requirements.

Oven-baked Fish

Baking is mostly preferred now as it requires almost zero oil. You can make oven-baked almond fish sticks. You can use any fish you want. This unique recipe will surprise your kid and give a treat to his/her taste buds.

Evening Snacks Ideas

Children need to be fed frequently as they cannot eat much at a time. So the role of the evening snacks is equally important.


Kids love to have soups if it is made according to their tastes. Vegetable soups or homemade soupy noodles will be excellent.


We should not consider it as fast-food. Instead, it can be one of the healthy meals for kids if you make it at home. Pop the corn at home with some butter and salt in your rice cooker and enjoy your movie time with your kid.


This cake does not need any cream to be tasty. Make a mixture of 2 cups white flour, 2 cups sugar, one egg, 2 tablespoon vegetable oil, one tablespoon lime juiceand one tablespoon baking powder. Then heat a non-stick pan and gently pour the mixture using a round spoon or small cup one by one. The instant golden brown pancakes will fill your kid’s mouth with water. You can use honey or butter or chocolate syrup as your kid wants as toppings.

Dinner ideas for kids and adults.

The Bottom Line

These healthy meals for kids are extremely tasty too. Not only the child but the adults also will fall in love with these meals. Keep trying new healthy cooking alternatively. Also, involve your kid in your cooking. Make him/her guess the different flavours in your food. It will make them realize your hard work and the value of food. Thus they will get good food with good values.


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