Types Of Learning In Different Spheres -An Insight

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Every phase in life starts with learning.It is unstoppable and it takes place at any age. From our birth till death, it is an important segment to lead a purposeful and successful life. From saying hello to goodbye, everything we adopt,follow and seek needs learning. Nobody is an expert at finishing any job without learning and knowing it. It fosters our mind, calms our soul.There are different types of learning while growing from a child to an adult.

Before we analyze types of learning, a look over why it is important to learn-

  1. To avail proper knowledge.
  2. Grab new opportunities.
  3. Need it for professional growth.
  4. When talents change into skills.
  5. Gives confidence and awareness.
  6. Provides happiness to loved ones.
  7. Encourages headship qualities.
  8. To make things easier.
  9. Makes easy to accept different culture of people in the world.
  10. We are the best critic for ourselvesLearning styles

Let’s understand types of learning

Trial and error learning

Our day-to-day life gives us the opportunity of learning new things. Both men and women can be either a professional or a home-maker. With the start of the day from cooking to managing children, or going to office all is a part of learning. We go to the kitchen and plan for a routine to make something special. To cook the best, you either call your loved one or take help of google search. This shows your enthusiasm of learning. This type of learning I call it as Trial and Error where you discover a new dish and become a chef for a day. Isn’t it Amazing?

 Muscle Memory learning

Even a child learns walking with the help of walls and hence, stands straight one day on his/ her shoulders. Likewise, running and climbing becomes easy for any individual.These are our motor skills which help us to overcome the shortcomings of daily life. Our routine includes and thirsts for another type of learning.Muscle memory is one such kind  through which we learn to drive, dive, run,skate etc. 

Articulate type of learning

Undoubtedly,our ancestors speak of  survival of the fittest.Wandering from one place to another and discovering new strategies led them to survive.To communicate shouting, howling, drawing pictures, making symbols including the sign language was something they were learning. Symbols slowly became letters. Letters when converted into words formed a sentence. Sentences to paragraph building a story takes you to an imaginative world. This type of learning is articulate learning.

Abstract type of learning

Additionally to learning, abstract learning includes imagination which differs one from other.We learn to generalize which makes it easy to put it across in front of anybody.As a child, we first analyse the difference between animals and humans. Later, as we grow we use our learnt information in different aspects, for instance a child when learns something in english, applies in social science as well.

Perception learning

This can be the next level of learning which teaches us to analyse differences. Who is an adult or a child, who is the elder or the younger. A difference between car or a bus. In a better way to understand, how different is the siren of an ambulance to a police van? Perception learning helps us to discriminate and judge by seeing and hearing.

Step by Step learning

For recognition, it is necessary to follow some set of principles. To have an understanding of wholesome knowledge,step by step learning helps to achieve mastery in the same. Here, we learn different subjects taken as basic understanding. For example, studying science, math and english. The basic need to study these particular subjects is to recognize our calibre and interest to see where we fit into our future.

Learning through troubleshooting

Furthermore, in trouble everyone tries hard to fix any issue. I am of course talking about a very important type of learning which is called Troubleshooting indeed. All go crazy to finish the task and can be utilizable. Thus this type of learning will lead to improvement and give good results .

To give an example a receptionist fails to provide right information to the patient. He/she swaps the result which leads to chaotic situation. He/she takes the charge of fixing it by discussing it with the doctor and ultimately the patient gets the right result. Through this learning, problems can be rectified and one becomes responsible towards his/ her duty.

Perspective Learning

Primarily, human beings have unique emotions. We tend to react differently in different situations. How we perceive towards others is perspective learning. A relationship between a teacher-student, a doctor-patient, master-labour, employer-employee, colleague-colleague. Our attitude too makes a difference either with our counterparts or one working under us.

Learning through observation

Being a good observer too helps in learning fast through length and breadth. Detecting with reasoning gives you an insight and a better outlook together.Learning takes place  smoothly.On the other hand we are determined with conceptualizing as well.Learning through observation gives you first hand as well as concrete information.

 Learning based on ratings

Besides, the best way of learning can take place more progressively through feedback. A critical analysis helps to improve and find a more improved way of working. For example- a wife or a husband gets either a compliment or a criticism. He/she cooks consecutively for three days with three different tastes and variety. Husband/wife being a good critic, judges what is less and more in the dish. As a result the wife/husband tries improving on it.

Similarly an employee too works on the basis of ratings and needs improvement areas given to him/her. Though unpleasant, criticism changes the tendency of more errors to less if added more amicably.

Separate learning

One more type of learning which is unique as well as very accurate.Separate learning will always enhance the calibres of any individual . It gives light on many important areas for care. When we are alone, we make strategies according to our experiences which leads to better results. Our experiences become more applicable when used in future. Not only studying alone, using our right senses at right time helps to overcome any sudden unexpected incident. 

Better learning type-through music

All are happy to listen music and feel relaxed when combined with dance steps. Not all are fond of listening to music and dancing but it makes people wiggle and feel free for a while when played. This is one of the most-liked way of learning which can change the whole way of thinking and presenting. Our initial years of childhood too witness the same thing. I am sure there are schools and some teachers too who believe in teaching and learning any subject through singing which stays more longer in our minds.

Travelling as a type of learning

We meet different people when we travel. While travelling, we observe our environment. We watch people walking, selling and working. Get to see animals, trees, buildings and hoardings. All these adds to our knowledge. We learn importance of environment. We understand how everything is linked. For success, working in group facilitates growth.

Key to success-Learning

We also observe that the internet in India limits to some classes of people. Due to situations like Covid, every individual learns to use the internet. Everyday transaction of money and paying bills needed knowledge of mobile with the internet. Every vendor sitting on the road with less education also learnt to sell their goods without exchanging money and avoid touching things.

We observe, learning keeps on going and has endless types. It depends on the situations, what and how we learn. Even a teacher learns to make sure she/he puts the subject in the right picture for all students. We opt for different types of learning when we need a way to come out successfully.

From an animal to human, all depend on learning and to master in a specific subject or to help themselves in daily chores. Everyone has a different style and pace of learning. Let us motivate and get motivated to take this concept of learning with more changes and adding new advanced tools. Eventually, when one learns , other benefits and development takes place.

Closing opinion

Ultimately, learning can enhance and increase your credibility to your career and gives you all the happiness of life. At the same time , we should always have in mind that we are observed by our children and others. Our learning should be an inspiration to others and fruitful to society.


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