Top 8 Baby Travel Food List and the Recipes

Top 8 Travel food recipes for your baby
Top 8 Travel food recipes for your baby

Traveling with babies might be challenging. However, you have to be prepared to handle those challenges. One major challenge in traveling with babies is giving the right food to your baby. The stomach of your baby is very delicate. So, handling outside food will be tough for the baby. Parents do get confused while choosing the right baby food to carry during travel. You have to make your baby’s taste buds happy, and a stomach full, and moreover you are not compromising the nutrition intake of the baby. Here are some delicious and travel-friendly foods.

Top 8 Travel food recipes for your baby
Top 8 Baby Travel Food List and the Recipes

Travel Foods for Babies

Babies between the age group of 6 to 12 months go through the process of getting introduced to solid foods. So, you have to make a smart call about carrying the right food for your baby during your journey. 

Baby Food

When it comes to yummy, nutritious, and easy to make foods for your baby for traveling, baby food has to be at the top of the chart. You can give baby food only for infants over six months. You can find plenty of premixed baby food available in the market. It is a good travel-friendly food option. 


Without a doubt, one of the complete food for babies would be milk. It contains rich nutrients that are essential for babies and toddlers. If you are using a private vehicle while traveling, then you can breastfeed your baby. However, doing the same in public could be a problem. You can store breast milk with the help of a breast pump, or you can also use formula milk, which is a good option too. 

Fruit Purees

Fruit purees are also an awesome option to feed your baby while traveling. You can prepare fruit purees easily and on-the-go. You just need milk, fruit, a fork, and a bowl. 

  1. Mash the fruit into the bowl
  2. Add milk to the mashed fruit
  3. Mix the fruit and milk well
  4. Feed your baby

So, you can see how easy it is to make fruit purees. That is why it is also a great option for food for your baby while traveling. 

Travel Foods for Toddlers

Between the age group of 1 to 3, your toddler will be able to digest solid foods by now. However, you have to feed your child hygienic, well-cooked, and less-spicy dishes. You can carry these foods for your toddler while traveling. 


Yogurt is fantastic food for your baby. It contains essential nutrients like calcium. More importantly, children love the flavor of yogurt. Also, it is a very light food for your baby’s stomach. Use travel-friendly jars to pack the yogurt. Furthermore, do not forget to store the yogurt in a place with cold temperatures. 


You can also include cereals with O shape in your travel shopping list because for babies over a year. It can be a great travel food. You can slide it onto the fingers of your baby and let him or her enjoy this playful activity during the travel. Adding dry fruits can be a great option to improve its flavor. 


Eggs are very helpful in improving the immune system of your baby. It is also high in calories. Eggs also boost brain development. So, while traveling, serving boiled eggs can be a healthy and less messy food option for toddlers. 

Food chart details for your kids, know more.

Final Thoughts

You will feel special if you travel with your baby. But, you have to take special care while giving your baby the right food. Feeding your baby while traveling will not be a stress if you pack the right food. Have patience and put in efforts so that the journey with your baby becomes one to savor for a long time. 


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