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social media jobs


Social media jobs
Social media jobs

Undoubtedly, social Media Jobs are very important. Moreover, organization need man power in order to conduct various activities, operations or functions undertaken in a systematic manner for achieving the desired organisational goals.

Thus, companies, nonprofits and government agencies need talented, insightful, educated people so they undertake recruitment activities according to their needs and wants. Finally, after selecting the right candidate from the poll of application to the right job they pay well for their skills, work done by them and in order to attract and keep them.

Therefore, here are job titles and descriptions for social media positions.

  • Blogger
  • Project manager
  • Digital marketing manager
  • Social media manager
  • Brand ambassador
  • Copywriting
  • Inbound marketer
  • Social media copywriter


Moreover, blogger have became staples in many social media strategies and are often a brand’s social media centerpiece.

Who is blogger?

Obviously, a blogger is a person who writes a blog for an online journal or websites and shares a record regularly of his or her experience on the internet for other people to read about how the blogger spends days .

For instance :-

Fashion bloggers takes photos of their outfits or link to shopping sites and post on their blogs in social media .

Travel bloggers are those who share travel stories or experiences in the form of videos and pictures on their blogs in social media.

Blogger can be divided into two categories:

1. Professional bloggers

2. Non professional or Non corporate bloggers

Professional bloggers

Especially, professional bloggers are sponsored by a company or one of its brands and are maintained by one or more of the company’s employees. They disseminate marketing-controlled information and are effective platform for developing through leadership, fostering better relationship with stakeholders, maximizing search engine optimization with anecdotes and stories about brands, and providing an active forum for testing new ideas.

Non corporate bloggers:

Undoubtedly, those bloggers are independent and not associated with the marketing efforts of any particular company or brand.

For instance: Mommy bloggers, women who review children’s products and discuss family related topics on their personal blogs, use this non corporate blogging. The goal of mommy blogs is to share parenting tips and experiences and become part of a community. Therefore, because of the popularity of these and type of blogs, many blogger receive products and or money from companies in exchange for a review.

Project manager

Obviously, project manager plays a main character in social media job. Especially, his responsible for the planning, execution and completion of the specific project and the raising of the resources required for the project and co-ordinates the activities of the projects.

On the contrary, if it turns to be failure, project manager easily becomes the scapegoat.

Digital marketing manager

Especially, digital marketing manager is one who handles business marketing on internet on behalf of company through search engine optimization, keyboard analysis, and Google adwords.It is one of rewarding career under social media jobs.

Social media manager

In addition, the Social Media Manager coordinates business units to launch social media initiatives. Moreover, social media managers must set an objective, generate, edit, publish, and must share original photos, text, videos, and news.

Social media managers can be marketer, strategist, designer, copywriter, analyst, and having knowledge about social media. Thus, making the brand visible by showcasing products or content regarding the managed file.

Brand ambassador

Undoubtedly, brand ambassador is a person hired by a company to promote its brands. The main goal is to increase sales and brand awareness. However, brand ambassadors are the face of a company on campus. So, interested potential candidates may apply directly through the company or the marketing agency running the ambassador programs.

Inbound marketer

Undoubtedly, inbound marketer refers to person who’s work is to attracting customers and draws attention of visitors to your brands. Moreover, inbound marketer plays a very important role in online business. Therefore, their main goal is to generating leads and convert the leads to customers, increase marketing campaign to increase reach, drive and quality traffic.

Undoubtedly, inbound marketer saves companies money by less depending on outbound marketing such as Cold-emailing, and TV and radio advertising. Thus, inbound marketer highly prefer social media platforms and various blogging websites which is free to use.

Social media copywriter

Definitely, some companies recruit social media copywriter.Their main work is writing, editing, selecting appropriate images and videos for the topic where copywriter have written, publishing written post for various social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, responding to question and comments to followers on social media pages in a timely and accurate manner.

Especially, social media copywriter must interact with customers, promote our products and services on social network. Moreover, to be successful in this role, social media copywriter must have excellent web content writing skills and adequate knowledge or experience on advertising in multiple social media, adequate knowledge of SEO, keyword research and Google Analytics tools.



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