Social Media Apps Which Are Popular All Over The World

Social media apps
Social media application for users
Social media application for users

Social media apps is a web-based platform which helps us to share ideas, thoughts and information among the communities. It gives quick information of contents like Article, News, Images, Videos etc. A person can access social media through a Computer, Tablet, or Smart phone.

Social media apps is a good tool not only for chatting purpose but also for education, students can educate themselves on various topics using social media. Social media uplifted economy, it has touched the new heights with the introduction of social media. The new e-commerce is on the rise. People can buy and sell online. It has economy benefit and also helping youngsters to access new job opportunities as many business organization recruits their employees through social media platforms.

The following are best social media apps you need to know.

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. YouTube
  4. Twitter
  5. Pinterest
  6. WhatsApp
  7. Snapchat
  8. Google+



Facebook is a social networking website that allows users who sign up for free profiles to connect with friends, family members, work colleagues, or people they don’t know through online. It allows users to share pictures, videos, music, and articles as well as their own thoughts and opinion with many people’s they like at any time and at any place through mobile phone and laptop.




Instagram is one of the most popular social media app which helps to share a photo, video, story, and sharing information. It is a new method of sharing pictures through online. It is a great way of making and finding new friends. Nowadays reels and filters are the best features. It is very fast to upload pictures automatically and also share them on Facebook.



YouTube is a video sharing platform where users can watch, like, share, comment, and upload their own videos mainly it should be accessed through laptops, tabs, and mobile phones. It is free to use, you can also share in an entertaining way it can be in form of videos, music, comedy sketch, video animation. Thus, it tremendously helps Audience and helps to educate them about various information like food recipes, makeup skill, personal development skill. Moreover, business skills through YouTube channel.

It gives an opportunity to earn money through your videos by views anyone can upload videos. Users just require an internet connection. it is the best mode to earn money with less cost. Using affiliate links, sponsorship, merchandise, and selling digital products and offer services anyone can earn money through the internet.



Twitter is a brand name of social media service and website which is registered and users may post text that is limited to a certain number of characters, links, photos, status or stories, and video. Of course, it is a title or throne of small, tremulous sounds as a bird.

In addition, being on Twitter help to identify the brand name or product name so that it will be very easy to find out the brand name or producer name to the customer and help to increase customer satisfaction. Additionally, this Twitter helps your business to appeal to the target audience and It is free of charge to set up a Twitter account.


Pinterest social media application for users
Pinterest social media application for users

Undoubtedly, Pinterest is popular and unique social media. It is a website helps you find and organize pictures, new ideas, searching for inspiration in home decor, recipes, discover travel destinations, fashion ideas. Business organization can use Pinterest to advertise and promote their products and services to potential customers, and other interesting things. Pinterest will connect with your family and friends for free of cost.



WhatsApp is a popular social media app. It is known as communication app installed in smart phones and laptops. Through WhatsApp you can send text messages, pictures, videos, upload status and make calls. Additionally, it is free to download, sign up and to use. It also safe as also long as u don’t use to talk to stranger and easy to use as well.

Moreover, WhatsApp It is used for marketing and dealing in business by marketers as well. Thus, it is an independent entity.



Snapchat is a popular messaging app that allows users to send messages, exchange pictures and videos that get erased once they are opened. Undoubtedly, this feature has been adopted by both Facebook and Instagram. Through Snapchat chat you can add stories, a profile, and even some location sharing features. This one is particularly popular with youngsters who enjoy the prospect of sending pictures and short live video to their friends and family. Thus, Snapchat has a lot of terrific filters, people use those terrific filters to create a photo and video.


Google+ social media application for users
Google+ social media application for users

Obviously, Google+ is Google’s own social networking site. It brings popular social media features like posts, comments, photo sharing, video chat and many more. It started in 2011 and soon become top social media networking platforms in the world.

Moreover, It allows business to promote their brands, products or services among target audiences through business pages. So, it is integrated with other Google application, such as Gmail, Google Maps, and Google Calendar. So, it is titled as the second biggest social media networks. Currently, this social media apps has been shut down for users.





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