Social Media And Mental Health-Why It Is Relevant

social media mental health
Social media and mental health
Social media and mental health

Undoubtedly, every human being is a social animal. They need the companionship of others for leading prosperous life, and the strength of their connection has a huge impact on mental health and happiness. Moreover, socially connected to others can erase one’s stress, anxiety, and depression. Especially, it boosts self-esteem, provides comfort and joy, prevents loneliness, and build a strong positive relationship.

On the other hand, spending an excessive amount of social media platforms may pose a serious risk to mental health. Especially, it plays on emotional health like feeling sadness, frustration, or loneliness, self-harm, even suicidal thought.

However, let’s understand about the positive role and negative role of social media plays in mental health.

Positive aspects of social media play in mental health

Social media strengthens your mental health
Social media strengthens your mental health

Obviously, many people use the internet to have interact with people in which they create, share, and exchange information on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

The following are the three ways social media can benefit mental health.

  1. Offers emotional support during tough times.
  2. Social media has the ability to improve your mental illness.
  3. Strengthen existing relationships.

Offers emotional support during the tough time:

Without a doubt, the government implemented strict policies to maintain social distancing due to COVID-19, but it is not so easy to sit at home in isolation without meeting friends, family, and loved ones.

Moreover, social media is a huge blessing during a crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic, it played a very important role by helping the world to connect with their families and friends. However, it was possible for each of us to connect and share our emotions through social media networking sites.

Social media has the ability to improve your insanity:

Undoubtedly, spending one hour in a day on social media helps to reduce the level of anxiety, depression, loneliness, sleep problems, and FOMO(Fear of missing out). Thus, social media helps to improve our mental health by communicating with people’s in whole world by social media networking sites.

Strengthen existing relationship:

Of course, social media sites help to get to know someone if we respond through text. Hence, it provides an opportunity to strengthen relationships further by talking to someone regularly on social media.

On other hand, social media can also helpful at maintaining relationships for those who live far away from each other, for those with disabilities, such as senior citizens and people with physical handicaps which confine their move and travel outside the home.

Negative aspects of social media play in mental health

Social media seriously harm your mental health
Social media seriously harm your mental health

Most people constantly use social media in order to text, check status updates, or to upload pictures on social media sites, and for entertainment purposes too. As time passing by social media, it is creating a negative impact on people’s minds and health. It’s better to learn and make a practice to avoid much use of social media in your life.

The following are the three ways social media can affect our mental health.

  1. Depression and anxiety.
  2. Addiction.
  3. Physical problems.
  4. Negative body image.

Depression and anxiety:

Undoubtedly, depression and anxiety are emotional symptoms. Most people are facing this problem in today’s world. In the case of individuals who are diagnosed with depression and anxiety tends with low mood, difficulty in sleeping, waking early, difficulty in concentration, poor decisions, decreased energy, feeling pessimistic, anger, irritability, feeling sluggish, changes in appetite or weight, and sometimes thought of death or suicide attempts.

Thus, using high social networking sites brings absolutely unbearable depression and anxiety. Depression and anxiety can be minimized through committing to yoga activities, traveling, sports, and engaging in your hobbies, etc.


Especially, through social media, we can connect with family, friends, and other people, even though they stay thousands of miles apart from us. Moreover,social media has enriched our life by connecting and inspiring people.

On the other hand, too much use of social media brings a negative impact on users it will withdraw from family and friends and spend most of their time on social networking sites, lose interest in work, studies, and other activities which is very important for personal life. Too much use of social media is dangerous for the eyes and brain. Thus, too much use of social media is more dangerous than cigarettes, liquor, and drugs.

Physical problems

Moreover, spending too much time alone on social media has been shown to cause physical problems such as neck pain, lower back problems, eye strain, and headaches. Also, the way we sit around and communicate on social media can cause physical illnesses such as heart disease, lack of nutrition,  risk of stroke, and specific types of cancers. I challenge you to take a 15minute break and relax whenever you get strain in your body. This will help you to control the high usage of the internet and social media. So that you can overcome the negative impact on social media. You can save a lot of time that you are probably wasting browsing through social media.

Negative body image

Undoubtedly, we live in a world where people are highly focused on comparing their body size, shape or appearance, age, skin color, and clothing in mirrors, selfies, and body-snarking with unrealistic thoughts and ideas. This may lead to unhealthy behavior like mood disorders, disordered eating, relationship problems, body dysmorphic disorder, and self-harm tendencies. For most people, it isn’t simple as “I love my body” or “I don’t like my body” Because people are comparing their appearance or physical body to people in Facebook, Instagram images, or whatever platform they’re on, and often judge themselves to be worse off.

Tips to build a better body image

  1. Occupy your mind.
  2. Commit to the activities that make you feel good like dancing, singing, and cooking, etc
  3. Remind yourself that your true beauty and stop comparing yourself to others.
  4. Surround yourself with positive people.
  5. Avoid using social media much.
  6. Getting a massage, doing yoga and laughing, etc.


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