Social media addiction in newer generation

social media addiction

Social media addiction is increasing day by day because social media is a powerful tools and terrific platform. I advocate moderation, it is interesting that social media is actually making us antisocial. Right now millions of people around the world are sitting with their families and friends and buried into their phones addicted those social media apps.

Social media is actually designed to be addictive. Some of they best brains of our time are working very hard to insure you get hooked down to those platforms and you stay there. Studies show that social media releases dopamine the feel good chemical and specially more so when you know there is audience out there liking, commenting and sharing your post and then your brain is addicted to more of the stimulation in every single time and then your phone buzzes you will jump on it. For instance some people will jumping on the phone even if doesn’t buss Phantoms Vibration Syndrome as they called it. A lot of people’s reporting that they feel that there phone bussed when it actually didn’t.

This mild and severe social media addiction is fuelled by ‘FOMO’ (Fear of missing out)  we have convinced ourselves that it is necessary to always and immediately know what’s happening with other people around us. What is it makes us do? It’s makes comparing ourselves to others people all the time, It will kill our own happiness.

Tips to moderate Social media usage :-

  • Kill the notifications from your phone, u go to settings pick the app which you want to remove the notifications and remove it.
  • Don’t do empty mindless scrolling all the time. Choice specific social media time in a day, especially once in a fortnight or once in a week.
  • Keep your phone out of your sight when your doing important work, eating food, talking to family etc. Out of sight is out of mind.

What is social media? 

Social media are media for social interaction, using highly accessible and scalable publishing techniques.  it is primarily internet based application and tools to share information among people. Social media includes popular networking websites like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest and as well as booking sites like Reddit.

What is Addiction? 

Addiction refers to a intimidation to consume something or engage in a set of behaviours to the point that is hugely interferes with an individual’s life.

How social media becoming an addiction?

  • Social media sites are constantly being created.
  • Information can be located within seconds using web.

Social media sites are constantly being created

There are lot of social media sites which are constantly being created. Popular social media sites which have being constantly created they are Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, Wechat, Tumblr, TIK Tok, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest, Google+, and Telegram etc.

Information can be located within seconds using web

Social media connects individuals with other peoples and business to share information, ideas, and messages within a seconds using web. Companies also use social networks to build and improve brand recognition, cultivate products and services, and to answer Consumer’s questions and concerns. Thus social media helps to access any kind of information to majority of peoples, within a fraction of seconds.

Are you addicted to social media?

The following are the habits of highly addicted people

What is the first thing you do in morning?

Young woman waking up in bed at home and using mobile phone to use social media

As soon as we turn off our morning alarm, we sluggishly turn over and check our Facebook messages, whatsApp status or Instagram feed or some people will start watching videos on YouTube in bed. This type of addiction disrupts your body and mind in high level.

You take your phone to the bathroom?

Figure represents young woman using her phone in toilet room

In today generation people have become too much addictive on social media they take their smart phones to bathroom to use social media sites for video call, messaging, watching videos in YouTube etc. Using mobile phone in toilet is unhygienic, because of the bacteria in the toilet. Thus taking phone to bathroom must be avoided.

Do you keep socializing while working or during class? 

Figure represents socializing while working or during class

Social media addiction makes a person high socializing in work place or in class. After sending messages, photos and videos to their families and friends they don’t have time to concentrate and mood to work in organization or to study in class. This may affect in productivity of employees in organization and students may face lack of interest in studies.

Do u find log out is the hardest button to log out?

Social media addiction find hardest button to log out

Overuse of social media is triggering neurological changes in brain like drugs and it leads to an addiction. Nowadays logout is the hardest button to press to younger age and middle-aged people because people now prefer to socialise on internet more and more rather than face-to-face. Hence overuse of social media brings down productivity, increase stress, cause disturbance in sleep and depression syndrome.

Tips that can help you monitor your social media use, and ensure that you are being productive instead of wasting time :-

  • Track your time online and turn off your phone at certain times of the day.
  • Remember the telephone.
  • Go outside.
  • Limit your membership.
  • Remove the cell phone apps.
  • Spend time with family and friends.
  • Curb your fear of missing out.
  • Don’t bring phone or tablets to bed.




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