Self study or Self education is A learning curve for an essential growth

Self study

Well, studying is sometimes dull and sometimes engaging. Different phases of our life include separate ways of studying. A person as a student or a person working has different approaches. Studying takes place either in a group or individually. Hence, It is a need of every moment for everyone. Self-learning unlike other learning approaches, is unique and challenging. Different circumstances need different types of study. Self educating links to self-exploring. One of the best way of learning people are fond of practicing is self-study. It also depends on the capacity and learning aspects of every individual. Studying can be made more fun-filled, unique, and productive through self-study.

Self study or Self education is A learning curve for an essential growth
Self study, self directed, Self learning & Self education

What is Self learning?

Self-study is a type of study where an individual makes his/her effort to learn at his/her own pace and strategies. Hence, this takes place when one wants to practice it. Additionally, one comes to know that Self-learning,will help them.

Types of people who choose self-study

  • People who optimize Self-study
  • Adore Self-learning
  • Unavailability of a teacher or a guide
  • Need of the hour
  • Self-study- a part of learning

Benefits of Self-learning

There are different type of people who follow different set of rules to learn, find some mentioned here under which can be beneficial.

1. Time to explore

When one realizes that she/he does not have any other go, they start creating roads for knowing more than what they are unaware. We open doors for more things in detail. Enthusiasm to learn increases. Increased knowledge brings confidence.

2. Proficiency in the subject

Good research on a subject will help you to become more knowledgeable. You become a master of many topics. One starts to gain interest in more topics.

3. Cover additional information

Sometimes, we cannot attend the class, but Self-learning helps gather more information. We cover more of the areas which are left untold.

4. Understanding becomes easier through self-directed learning

When we study by ourselves, we read the matter more often. We get more time to understand and use it. Ultimately, it is easy to attempt questions related to that particular area.

5. You are the right decision-maker

Further, you are the right person to choose the topic to study. You select to learn what you desire. Through Self-learning, one can prioritize the subject of study according to their interest and demand.

6. Self-study promotes helping others

Learning always helps us to gain overall knowledge. Also, this helps to help others. Knowledge should be spread and used to develop ideas and to implement. When we share our knowledge, weak people join us in bringing new things into the air. Practicing helping is a gateway for benefits in the future. When ideas are shared, it gives birth to a change. Changes link to discovery.

7. Self-directed learning boosts for being psychologically smart

Self-study always gives you a proper understanding of people and surroundings. Above all, this provides a clear picture of people with different intentions and temperaments. Our environment helps us to focus on it. Life outside is a combination of digital life. How to interact and how to make decisions are made effortless. For instance- we sometimes become prey to companies that make false promises of giving whatever we want. It also helps any student read anybody’s mind to judge who is good or bad. We get an insight into anything comfortably.

8. History emerges clear during self-study

For a few, history has no value. Self-directed study gives way to understand history first. Understanding the present and planning a better future helps us offering good perception. It educates us of what has taken place in the past and how we improve hereafter. The present always stands on the pillar of the past and can go haywire if not studied the right way. self-directed learning minds always crave to know what might have happened in the past.

9. Opportunity to get marked

Relatively, Self-learning brings you honor if done religiously. Our experiences add to our success. Following the right ways and principles, we stand victorious. We can also motivate besides be an inspiration and influence others for self-directed learning.

10. Self-learning teaches to value time

We learn to value time. While we plan our schedule for a day, we learn to know the shortcomings and plan accordingly. Every part of the study requires the proper amount of time consumption. Self-learning helps us to differentiate between the time consumed and the time remaining. It will every time enforce making an organized schedule to avoid confusion. Eventually, the tendency of mixing and chaos during the study has no place.

11. Self-study helps in self-control

No doubt, Self-learning promotes patience. Indeed, this will help in controlling emotions at times. Working calmly enhances self-control as well. Also, this helps cooperation in the future during teamwork.

Self study or Self education is A learning curve for an essential growth
Self study, self directed, Self learning & Self education

Disadvantages of self-directed learning

Theories change and get upgraded, experiences always give a first-hand information. Let’s check few of them here.

1. Away from the group

Through self-directed study helps in many ways. It includes disadvantages too. Among them is getting addicted to staying alone and getting away from social gatherings. Moreover, we see successful team works in the future.

2. Mind distraction

There are chances of the mind getting diverted. Threat from outward environment is quite likely. Since digital life is open for games and free browsing, nowadays, there are chances anybody getting extra information for unwanted topics. Hence, molds them to lose interest in studying alone.

3. Changes in the environment lead to uncertainty

Changes can happen very fast, so undertaking self-study may not reach the goal which needs more speed. Unexpected changes in family and friends can push into chaos keeping things pending. Practically, many things get delayed and are left behind.

4. Self-study can lead to mislay

Self-study can lead to very unpredictable failures. Overconfidence in haphazardly completing the project can spoil everything. Many are indefinite with the study needs more passion and hard work. Even after planning, chances of missing something important can lead to failure.

5. No seriousness

Self-study involves less responsibility. Learning through his/ her pace will give way to stay in the comfort zone. There are chances of wrong decisions and leaves the work incomplete.

6. Assignments evolve errors

There are few instances when we need a guide or a mentor to help us. If we fail to approach a mentor, errors tend to happen more. Hence, your scoreboard will show more of the failings. We may undergo stress if not guided.

Self study or Self education is A learning curve for an essential growth
Self study, self directed, Self learning & Self education

How to practice self-study

Taking up self-study is as challenging as practicing it. There are few tips one can follow to succeed.

1. Collect enough information

Before studying, it is better to arrange enough material. By collecting, study becomes simple. Availability of study material will reduce the waste of time.

2. Make proper notes

History tells the story of memorizing through writing. Draft all the notes as much as possible that aids to remember things easily. The more you write more it stays in mind.

3. Self- study encourages planned schedule

Planning the day is an utmost need for self-directed study. From the time you wake up till you go to bed, it has to be perfect. Formulate when you are going to study, write, find material. Some breaks also should be fixed.

4. Endure articles that help for self-directed study

It is also necessary to study some articles related to self-directed study. There are several experienced people share about their success and failures. That also includes their plans and schedule. Also, this will help to continue practicing it successfully.

5. Reading-A foremost way for success

To follow successful self-directed study, one has to be very curious about reading. The more you read and explore, the more you complete your work with grace. That involves hard work and action at the right time.

6. Guidance-an important step

We try to plan and execute in the right way, but we still need a mentor or a teacher to help us. It is for sure we are weak at times on some roads that need guidance. A teacher’s advice will complete our work with perfection.

7. Follow healthy habits to overcome strain during self-study

Primarily, every work uses our mental and physical energy. One must keep yourself stress-free by doing exercises for mental balance. During self-study, our body needs physical work to rejuvenate our lost energy. Walk for few miles religiously. Hitting a gym can help us to balance study and staying healthy.

8. Keep hydrated

Water is an essential ingredient for our body. Many miss making it a regular habit of drinking in proper intervals. Water will always keep our digestion better and helps with concentration. The more we are healthy from within, the more success we can expect from our work.

9. Good diet

Always have a good diet. Besides, this will help in building enough energy. Avoid more junk food which is the reason to put on weight. Junk food will make you sleep and make you lazy. Diets rich in proteins and carbohydrates will help to have a good metabolism.

10. Group discussions

Have a group that will help in motivating each other sooner. Group discussion help in planning and guide in referring good study material and aids in self-study. Additionally, it also helps in knowing new launches at the book store.

11. Friends-An utmost need

Never forget to have friends to freshen your mind when you feel it is a stereotype. To keep the flow of interest for self-studying, it is also necessary to have good friends. Friends are always to cheer you up. Hence, having fun also adds to your coping with stress.

12. Browsing aids self-directed learning

We do have an advantageous digital world around us. Browsing helps in exploring new facts and conclusions. However, using it as one of the sources will keep you on the right track to cross-check your completed work. During this awful time of COVID, people depend more on self-study, which is also a successful approach.

13. Read experiences shared by others

Rely on the experiences shared by others on self-directed study. In addition, the motivational approach shared by many can help in taking the study more further with fewer errors. Written reports can guide you to write as well. It will also help with report writing using the best of your skills.

14. Fix time during self-directed study

The organized study should go together. Some learn at midnight and some in early mornings. Consequently, it is necessary to follow the schedule that will help in maintaining time. Ultimately, this will help in the future that has time limits.

15. Fun-based study

You are the boss to regulate the study the way you want. Instead of a regular learn, add some fun with colors, music, dance. Scribbling with pictures and doing some animation too will help in learning soon. As a child, we all learned many lessons through singing. Additionally, add on to your report to make it easier to remember. Symbols and shortcuts too can be used for effective learning.

Results of self-directed study

Anyone can master and lose. However, trying always give you a handful of ideas. Check-out with few important outcomes.

1. Self-directed study fosters Liberate

Self-directed study takes us to the level of being more self-reliant. We depend less and make our time-table. Eventually, enhances to judge ourselves where we stand when it comes to our knowledge and caliber. Not everybody is technically or academically sound, but self-directed study helps us see ourselves and rate accordingly.

2. Self-directed study caters in judging ourselves

We recognize our inbuilt talents. Sometimes we land up with different corners. We start a subject that includes the technical issue or language more. Moreover, there are chances that we switch to the topics we find more interesting rather than force to something we do not like. Interest changes into ambition, ambition changes into enjoyment. One starts enjoying what he /she is doing or wants to do.

3. Know your writing skills through self-directed learning

These days digitization has taken over pen-paper, self-directed learning enforces more in writing. There are advantages of writing through typing or by hand. Equally, typing can overlook your capabilities of becoming a good writer. Hence, your feelings are laid across, so your work gets more priority if it includes topics that interest all. Writing on paper will always help in building muscular strengths. Likewise, writing can become a message and inspiration.

4. Reading improves through self-directed learning

Some people read less. self-directed learning always supports reading. Accordingly, reading is something which cannot be put back by anything. If we want to be successful, reading goes hand in hand and without which everything is incomplete.

5. Enjoy studying through Self-directed learning

When we know there is no supervisor, we focus on study. For some, it is like studying with pleasure. Therefore, fun will always add to successful learning if not distracted.

6. self-directed learning teaches responsibility

self-directed learning works on being responsible. Since we notice we have a deadline to submit or write the exam at a given time. We also know that our elders are hoping we achieve something better. Thus, it becomes sole responsibility to showcase ourselves as a good student.

Self study or Self education is A learning curve for an essential growth
Self study, self directed, Self learning & Self education


self-directed learning indeed is a captivating way of studying. Though it has its drawback and advantages, it makes learning clear. Hence, this does not include supervision. Additionally, it gives concepts of drawing approaches and conclusions. It depends on every individual whether he/she takes it further or not. There are many who discontinue self-study. Reasons can be slow learner, not confident, not motivated, less interested, feel better with the mentor. To make it more effective, follow the footsteps of victorious people who have led their lives exploring every day.


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