Safety razors importance for humans to safety shave

safety razors

Safety razor

safety razor introduction:

Safety razor is a shaving implement with a protective device, which is placed between the blade and skin edge. The main purpose of these implement was to reduce the risk level while shaving. It reduces the needing of high level skill during shaving and it enhances the fear-free shaving.

This implement was invented by king C.Gillette. These feed stock were introduced at US in 1880, which are used with a shaving cream, shaving brush, shaving soap. There are many types of  razor such as;

1.Single edge safety razor

2. Double edge safety razor

3. Disposal razor

4. Cartridge razor

Names of investors to corresponding razors:

Jean-Jacques perret

⇒straight razor guard

King C. Gillette

⇒ double edge safety razor

Wilkinson Sword

⇒ cartridge razor

Societe Bic

Life span of safety razor blades:

We have to stop the using of an old strip of denim to maintain the cutting action. These blades are usually made up with a razor steel (stainless steel) which is a low chromium. It can be made extremely sharp. Washing and drying of the blades carefully after using can allow the extend of life span of these razor. Human skin’s salts may also tends to corrode the blades, which can be prevented by washing and drying.

Benefits of safety razor shave:

The sharp blade razor dispel against the skin, it cause less irrigation and drag. These razors stay strong in a single blade, while in the others  advertise  three to five razors in a single cartridge. In this implement only we can have only one blade against the skin at any of the time. If we shave with this live stock reduces ingrown hairs, shave bumps and irritations. But in a electric or cartridge razor this never be possible.

On every single day this razor can give a quality shave. If anyone have stubble (facial hairs) then they can use this everyday. If they are in need of removing stubble then it solved by razor. This shave gives us a smooth satisfaction hairless face. Safety razors cut the hair at the level of skin while shaving resulting in a smoother shave and less irritation.

Maintenance of safety razor:

Most of these blade are last around the five shaves. And it is better to change the razor blade before having a bad shave. Older razor blades can irritate the skin or there is a chances of breaking of the skin. For sensitive skin using of R1 and R2 razors is better, because these are perfect for those sensitive skin.

If you invest the money on a adjustable, durable safety razor then we can make or see the difference. At the time of shaving concentrating on the angle of the razor is very important. Because angle of the razor can provide a very good shave with a comfortable. 30 degree angle is good for perfect shave.

When you cut the skin urself while shaving it leads to bleed due to 2 reasons:

1.sharpness of the razor

2. Presence of a huge number of blood vessels near the surface of your face

Using of multiple blades may cause more irritation than in single blade as a blade pass over the skin. This mechanism may be affects the skin so it is better to use single blade while shaving.

Side effects of razors from the shaving:

1. Irritations and itching

2. Folliculitis (inflamed hair follicles)

3.Pseudo folliculitis (ingrown hairs)

4. Blisters or pimples (folliculitis)

5. Razor burn

6. Cuts the skin or nicks the skin

Side effects when the two persons use the same safety razor blade:

If a same razor blade used by the two people can spread the infections on the skin. Jock itch (fungal infection), folliculitis caused by Staph bacteria, warts caused by a virus. The Germ Files author name is Jason Tetro, he is the Germ Guy.

Jason recommended that sharing the razors between the couples can cause the transporting bacteria from one person to another person. And he also told that not only in couples. Even if you use the same razor on a different parts of your body can cause the skin damage.

Conclusion for safety razors:

If you shave with  above mentioned razor blade can reduces the skin irritation level than in cartridge or electric razors. You can have only one blade against your skin at any of the time in the shaving. And it gives a close and smooth shave. In cartridge razors there is a inferior quality steel. But in these razors there is a medical grade carbon or stainless steel. If you are having the sensitive skin then you can use the 3-blade razor, which is the better option.  And it taking only the outermost dead layer of the top skin, reduce the rash and razor burn. You can use the safety razor without fear than the cartridge or electric razors.



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