Safety for all of us should take care off



Safety is the condition of being protected from a danger. It is an important thing to live happily with a less fear. So many people never concentrate about their safety. From morning wakeup to sleeping at night it is very important to take some precautions to being safe.


In these Covid-19 we should take care ourselves. We should wear face masks. clean-up our hands, stay in home. And we must disinfect  the commonly touched surfaces and objects. Physical distancing can never prevent this covid-19 transmission.

One thing that we can’t cross our mind while cooking is food borne illnes cause from bacteria [E. Coli, Diarrhea]. It should be prevent by a preparing of proper food. Before going to cook it is very important to make sure that washing bith hands with sanitizer. And then prepare a food. As we all know that, Health is wealth. So that everyone should be never  forget the thing that giving an importance to being safe.

Some safe precautions for farmers:

Farmers are the backbone of India.He was the real hero in the past, he is the real hero in present. And in future also he should be the same as now. So that he must wear safety glasses. These wears protects the eyes from UV rays. Full face shields are also available for their eye protection. Not only for them even we can also use when we go out.

Most of the farmers don’t know about these safety instruments, which are going to protect them to being safe. According to me giving an education about safety instruments and precautions for being safe going to help them very much. Farmers grow many crops but many of farmers fails to store them properly, never chopping the crop properly. So they have to know about safety precautions before going to chopping the crops.

Safety rules for workers:

Environment safety around the workers can allow workers to feel comfortable in their work places. so that we must reduce the obstructions and increase the productivity. When workers lower the injury may helps in reduce  the costs of injury, increase the productivity and quality. The most thing is being safety is good for business. When the workers adopted this moral in their life which may helps to them in future.

When we are coming to construction works, which are the hazardous land based job. Here workers expose themselves to various risks. They involve them in many activities like constructions of roads, building the houses, workplaces repairs and mantain infrastructures.

In this job the workers may face the hazardous conditions and tasks such as working with height, dusts, noise etc. So that before going to hazardous tasks they need safety and precautions. Only because in these jobs workers or individuals may die while performing work related tasks in this job.

Safety measures for children at home:

As we all know Today’s children are tomorrow’s citizens. The knowledge of their own safety is an important part of children’s social and emotional development. Children able to explore and experience the world around them only when they  feel safe.

We should teach them telephone number, should teach them to walk on footpath. At home there are many safety rules for childrens:

•keep always door closed.

•take medicine kit away from them.

•try to keep floor dry at all the times while childrens walking on the floor.

•Keep pins, knife, scissors, safety pins far away from childrens.

Safety measures for children at school:

In schools the safety is more important for childrens. Where students should be safe from harassment, bullying, violence etc. Safety schools may provide a protection to students from violence, harassment, bullying, exposure to weapons, use and sale of illegal substances etc.

If the school provides a wide-ranged safety can promote the student’s academic performance. If the student feel unsafe about school attention and concentration about studies can automatically decreases so from that will lead to lower grades.

A safe school have the strength to improve the mental and physical health of the students. It build a courage in students and positively related to behavioral outcomes as well as academic outcomes.

Affects of ragging on children:

And Ragging is not safety for children in the minor ages. If one child start ragging on another child and his or her friend also will start to rag on someone. If that child get start abused and his or her mental health will get worse day by day and it is not safety for his or her health. It may lead to depression means it may lead to take  decisions like suicide.

So if one child is starting to rag on another child means we should not support them. We should make them to understand that ragging is not good. In school the teachers should take care and take safety of everyone and look after them

Women safety:

In India but not only in India but in many states and countries rape is just a word for the people. The girl is only suffering who got raped from the men, the word is nightmare for him. So for safety for women’s, girls, and children’s the government should take strict rules for rape. Like whoever made rape they should not live in this world. They should punish by hanging. So no other men will come front for such things.

safety is not just a word it decreases our stress level also, it decreases the money and time on any injuries, danger, risks etc.. So we should not fail to being safe in all the times.


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