Road Safety For Kids – Rules Your Kids Should Know


Parents must monitor their children at the house throughout the day. Try to stop doing unsafe things from your children. But mainly for outdoor places. It is very important to make good behavior for safety purposes. Know the few rules about road safety for kids, and things did not do on the roads. 

Importance Of Road Safety for Kids?

Awareness On Road Safety For The Children

Rules On Road Safety For Kids

  • At Walking Use Only Sidewalks 
  • Get Out From a Car
  • Don’t Run on the Road
  • Road Safety Signs Knowing
  • Look two sides when Cross the Road 
  • Safety Tips In Bus
  • Only Road Crossing At Zebra Crossings
  • Don’t Leave Alone Children In Car
  • Safety Measures At Surrounding

Importance Of Road Safety for Kids?

You must guide your kids about road safety, and it will be a very important thing for kids for their safety in physical and grow independently. Don’t give the demonstrations and isolate lectures for them, but it is the continuous and subtly at times on the road safety for kids.

Awareness On Road Safety For The Children:

Nowadays, Road accidents are the main reason for many injuries and also deaths around the world. Some reports say nearly 17 person deaths take place due to road accidents per hour in India. The majority of road accidents take place by human errors by drivers and pedestrians also. Some reckless driving on roads is the main reason for the accidents and not following the basic traffic rules too. In some cases, kids also get victims of unfortunate road accidents. So it is necessary to teach you little one some basic road safety for kids in childhood itself. 

Make some awareness to kids on road safety at the house. Parents want to teach their children about the safety rules on roads to follow. Some of the safety rules for children to follow on the roads and skills for the secure and safe move on roads are mention below:

Rules On Road Safety For Kids:

At Walking Use Only Sidewalks 

Explain your children to don’t walk on roads and walk only on the footpaths. So keep your kids away from the busy roads and teach them about footpath, and it is the place to walk for walkers on empty roads also.

Get Out From a Car

In some cases, accidents take place when the kids get out of the car. Due to the height and they won’t see the coming vehicle and open the door on that side quickly. Teach them to get down from the car on the footpath side only and not on the traffic side. 

Don’t Run on the Roads

Generally, kids are not aware of safe parks or playgrounds and other open areas like roads, streets, and the risk of accidents in it. So kids should get warn by parents at the time there are running on roads or crossing the roads also. Running on the road is the most dangerous one because they may fall on moving vehicles and get an injury from it. Some other heavy incidents also take place from it. So guide the road safety for kids with some live examples when going on the road.

Road Safety Signs Knowing

Road safety for Kids. It is necessary to know the basic traffic signals and signs to your children. You are going out and your kid also with you, then it is the best time to teach about the road signals and signboards on roads. About the traffic signal lights like red to stop, yellow light for, and green light to move. In that way, educate your kids about safety signs on roads for safety reasons.

Look two sides when Cross the Road 

Some kid’s road crossing makes any unpredictable movements, reckless of kid and apprehensive adult may cause any accidents. 

The main thing is kids not to allow on the road without the supervision of adults until they grow up and cross their own. Teach your kid to stop at the crossing and check the two sides of the roads. If no vehicles are coming, then only want to cross it carefully.

Safety Tips In Bus

It is difficult to monitor your kids on a school bus. So guide them some bus safety measures and warn them to be careful are mention below: 

  • Kids do not move on the moving bus, and there are chances of fall down at the sudden brakes or at some other situations too. 
  • Children should not stand near the door of the school bus because some accident chances are there when the bus stops suddenly.

Only Road Crossing At Zebra Crossings

Kids and also adults should not cross the roads at all the places. Zebra crossings and the Intersections are places to cross the roads for pedestrians. The main thing with kids will cross the road at all the places when it is empty, or vehicles are far from them. Many accidents take place due to walkers fail to estimate the speed of vehicles and cross the road blindly. So the intersections and zebra crossings are the safe ones to cross the road. In some places, there is no zebra crossing, then want to see on both sides and cross the road.

Don’t Leave Alone Children In Car

Don’t leave your children alone in the car. In some cases, kids accidentally start a car and so don’t leave the key in the car. Some accidents may take place, such as overheat in the car make suffocation to them and suffer from heatstroke also. They may lock the car also sometimes when they are alone in the car.

Safety Measures At Surrounding

Important road safety for kids is aware of familiar places such as Parking areas of buildings, apartment, garages, and driveways, are the areas where kids spend more time. 


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