Queen Tamil Web Series 5 Reasons To Watch.


Queen is a 2019 MX player web series that is said to be based on former Tamil Nadu CM J Jayalalithaa. However, the makers of the web series have denied any such assumptions. But the whole setting of the web series has an uncanny resemblance to Late J Jayalalithaa’s life.

The story revolves around Shakti Sheshadri and her journey from cinema to politics and all her life achievements. If you wish to know about the influential life of Late Tamil Nadu CM J Jayalalithaa this political drama is a must-watch for you. The plot and excellent performances from the artists won’t let you down for sure.

Five Reasons To Watch ‘Queen’ Tamil Web Series.

1) Plot inspired by real story:

The ‘Queen’ web series is an adaptation of a novel of the same name by Anita Sivakumran.

The book is about a young girl Kalai Arasi, who hails from a poor family. Her mother forces her to quit academics, which is something that she is really good at. She forces her to take up acting to support her family financially. The girl, later on, becomes one of the finest actors in the Tamil cinema industry. She also goes on to become an exceptional politician who not only rules land but also the hearts of the people.

People of Tamil Nadu called her Amma out of affection.

Writer Reshma Ghatala adopts this novel to make the ‘Queen’ Tamil web series.

Kalai Arasi’s character is given the name of Shakti Shesadri. Her character develops from a studious brilliant child to a Kollywood superstar and then a stern politician who has a strong say in the political dynamics of Tamil Nadu.

The writers made it very clear that the web series is just a work of fiction. It has nothing to do with the life of late Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalithaa. But the plot of the web series makes it very evident that the web series inspired by her real life. Jayalalithaa had a successful film career in the Tamil film industry before she ventured into politics.

2) Excellent Acting:

Anikha Surendran, Anjana Jayaprakash and Ramya Krishnan essay the role of Shakti Shesadri at three different phases and ages of her life.

Anikha Surendran plays 10-year-old Shakti. Her life has come to an abrupt end and her dream of becoming a doctor is shattered as her mother drags her out of school and makes her act in Kollywood. Anjana Jayaprakash portrays 17 years old Shakti. She achieves stardom and fame at a very young age but longs for love and stability in her personal life. Ramya Krishnan plays Shakti who is now ruling the politics of Tamil Nadu while still facing a lot in her personal life. All three actresses help in bringing the character of Shakti Shesadri live on screen. The looks also will remind you of late Jayalalithaa. Kudos to the creative team on that.

Other supporting actors include Sonia Agarwal as Shakti’s mother Ranganayaki. Indrajith Sukumaran as GMR, Shakti’s love interest. Full marks to them as well for their brilliant acting performances. The acting department of the web series will surely not let you down.


3) Exquisite Direction:

Gautam Vasudev Menon and Prasath Murugesan have co-directed this web series.

Often a time when two directors with two different viewpoints work together the difference becomes evident in their work. But this is not the case with the Queen Tamil web series. The two directors blend their work to create a masterpiece. The main character in the web series goes through massive character development. The directors rightly manage to make that the transition is smooth.

Gautam Menon is known for his perfection. He is a national film award-winning director. He won an award for his Tamil feature film Vaaranam Aayiram in 2008 and Thanga Meengal in 2013. Prasath Murugesan is known for his work in films like Kidaari. The two directors together did an excellent job in directing the Queen web series.

4) Dialogues:

The dialogues of the Queen Tamil web series are sharp and crisp that makes a point in very few words.

Dialogues like

“Convent me padhi likhi angrezi bone walk ladki ka yahan kya kaam”

“Isse zyada adiyal aur sirphiri aurat maine aaj take nahi dekhi”

“Usse Rajneeti ke baare me pata hi kya hai”

mark their entry in the first 15 seconds of the trailer itself. This nicely depicts that Shakti’s entry into politics is not going to be an easy walk. It also showcases how the male-dominated political work thinks about female politicians.

Some powerful dialogues by the lead include

“Please! Mai aapse apni future aur apni life ki bheekh maangti Hu”,

– this dialogue narrates how Shakti was left heartbroken when she had to leave her studies and enter the entertainment industry.

“Mai bhi alag alag heroes ke saath kaam kar sakti hun”

– Shakti delivers this dialogue to smash the patriarchy and gender discrimination. Shakti takes a stand for herself when her love interest and her co-star GMR tries to justify how it is wrong for a woman to work with multiple heroes but the same thing is right when a make does it.

“Maa banne ke liye bacche paida karna zaroori nahi hai” – it sums up how Shakti Shesadri went on to become Amma of millions of people.

To experience more of the powerful dialogues do watch the Queen Tamil web series.

5) Life lessons:

The life lessons that J Jayalalitha’s life gives is nicely put through in this amazing web series. How a girl hailing from a poor family through her grit and determination becomes one of the most famous actresses of the Tamil film industry. She later takes on the political field and excels in it as well. It signifies that it doesn’t matter how you start what matters is how you finish.

It also shows tells the viewers that success fame and money does not guarantee happiness in one’s life. Though Shakti Shesadri achieved everything from name, fame to money, and respect she still had a void in her life. She longed for emotional and mental stability. She kept looking for love and support from her near and dear ones.


J Jayalalithaa’s niece and nephew who are legal heirs to her property charged the filmmakers with a lawsuit. The family objected that the makers did not take permission to showcase Jayalalithaa’s personal life. “The makers are free to show her political life but they must take permission from the family before showing her personal life”, they said.

Public Review:

-Yeah I have watched this series quite many times and should say that I was quite obsessed with it too. The quotes and the way he shows her struggles etc were nice.  I would give ten marks out of ten for this series.

-I remember there comes an idiom “A coin has two sides” which is a replica of the queen web series. Every good happening will have a controversy which may lead people to intrude into the movie and judge about real and real characters portrayed. Here I’m giving review only for the series and not for the characters mentioned.

Tamil Web Series For An Over The Top Watching Experience.


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