Netflix Web Series That Are A Must Watch

Netflix web Series

Netflix is one of the most-watched online streaming sites in the world. It provides thousands of web series and shows across genres like action, drama, romance, crime thriller, comedy, and Rom-Com. This allows Netflix viewers to choose from a variety of content that the streaming site provides, but sometimes it can also lead to confusion among Netflix viewers as to what to watch or which web series is the best. Well, worry not because we have prepared a list of best web series across all genres that are available on Netflix to help our readers choose from.

Below is a list of the top 6 Netflix web series perfect for binge-watching:

1) Firefly Lane:

Netflix web series

Firefly Lane is a Netflix web series that explores a three-decades-long friendship between two girls. This Netflix web series is an adaption of a novel of the same name.

Cast: Katherine Heigl(Tully Hart), Sarah Chalke(Kate Mularkey), and Ben Lawson(Johnny Ryan)
No of episodes: 10
No of seasons:1

Firefly Lane is a recent Netflix web series released in February 2021. The web series is about two girls’ best friends Tully Hart that is played by our beloved Katherine Heigl and Kate Mularkey played by another gorgeous actress Sarah Chalke. Tully and Kate have been best friends for more than three decades but something caused their lifelong friendship to break apart. What caused these two sisters like best friends to break their friendship? This is by far the largest plot twist of this enchanting Netflix web series. Give it a try to find your answers because of no more spoilers.

2) Invisible City: 

Netflix web series

Invisible City is a Portuguese fantasy drama. The story revolves around Eric, who ends up in a fantasy world and realizes his supernatural powers.


Released: 2021
Cast: Marco Pigossi(Eric) Alessandra Negrini(Ines/Cuca) Fabio Lago(Ibere/ Curupira)

No of episodes: 7

No of seasons: 1


Invisible City is a fantasy web series that premiered on Netflix in Feb 2021. This Netflix web series will take you on a ride in a fantasy world where Eric, an environmental police officer tries to establish a connection between his wife’s death and a rare dead pink river dolphin. In the process, Eric discovers a world inhabited by mythical entities usually unnoticed by humans. Jump into this popular Netflix web series and feel the magic and fantasy.

3) Bridgerton:

Netflix web series

Bridgerton is a Netflix original web series that revolves around the Bridgerton family in England.

Released: 2020
cast: This Netflix web series has a huge cast with many lead characters, therefore we can’t mention every name. Please watch the series to know more.
No of episodes: 8
No of seasons: 1

The new Netflix series Bridgerton follows the well-to-do Bridgerton family — a widow and her eight, alphabetically named children — as they navigate Regency-era English society. And guess what? Regency era English society is full of gossip and secrets. There’s a fake relationship, a surprise pregnancy, a dramatic deathbed vow, an affair with an opera singer, an actual duel, and a sassy narrator voiced by Dame Julie Andrews. This particular Netflix web series will not disappoint you at any stage. Give it a try.

4) Crash landing on You:

Netflix web series

Crashlanding on you is a South Korean web series available on Netflix. The story traces the life of the two leads and how their love grows over time.

Released: 2020
Cast: Hyun bin (as Ri Jeong hyuk), Son ye-jin (as Yoon Se ri), Kim soo Hyun (cameo)
No of episodes: 16
No of seasons: 1

This Netflix web series is set up in North Korea where Ri Jeong Hyuk played by Hyun bin works as a military man. His life takes a 360 degree turn when he encounters Yoon Se ri played by Son ye-jin. Yoon Se ri is a South Korean businesswoman. She sets on a paragliding adventure but a storm halted her and that’s how she crosses the borders of South Korea and ends up on a tree in the outpost region of North Korea which is where Captain Ri Jeong Hyuk discovers her. He sets on a secret mission to send back Yoon se RI to South Korea. During the course, they fall in love with each other.

5) Money Heist:

Netflix web series

Money Heist is a Spanish heist Netflix web series that traces the planning and execution of the two biggest heists in world history.

Released: 2017
Cast: Alvaro More (as the professor), Itziar Ituno as (inspector of National Police Corps), and Ursula Corbero (as a runaway robber)
No of episodes: 31
No of seasons: 2
This Netflix web series is a crime thriller where the professor, played by Alvaro Morte plans to execute two of the biggest heist in world history, one on the Royal Mint of Spain and the other on the Bank of Spain. The professor hires eight such people who are ex-criminals and have nothing to lose to help him carry the biggest money heist of history. How do the professor and his fellow execute the money heist? Give this Netflix web series a shot.

6) Stranger Things:

Netflix web series

Stranger Things is a delight for people who love horror thrillers. The story follows around the lives of a few children and their paranormal encounters.

Released: 2016-2019
Cast: Milley Bobby Brown (as Jane Hopper), David Harbor (as Jim Hopper), and Winona Ryder (as Joyce Byers)
No of episodes: 25
No of seasons: 3
Stranger Things is set in 1983 in Indiana. It is one of the best web series of its genre. The story revolves around a young boy named Will Byers and his group of friends. One strange day Will Byers goes missing from near a secret government laboratory. As his friends, family and police officials search for him they get drawn into an extraordinary world involving top-secret government experiments and one strange girl. This American science fiction mystery drama is a must-watch.


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