NBC Sports: Why Is Channel Shutting Down Suddenly?

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"End of the broadcasting channel"

The network has recently announced that it will no longer continue and stop its service operations by the year-end of 2021. Formerly being operated as a service of nbc channel, NBC Sports has confirmed in the memo that all the broadcasting sports media rights will be transferred to USA Network. It broadcasts a very diverse range of sports events which includes the National Hockey League (NHL), IndyCar Series, NASCAR, Premier League soccer, the National Football League (NFL), French Open, the Tour de France Thoroughbred racing, the Olympic Games, professional golf, Notre Dame Fighting Irish college football league, and Soccer’s English Premier League among other live sports. The NBCSN news was verified by a prominent source/person close with the project to CNBC.

This is indeed shocking news for the whole sports broadcasting network. During the period of Covid 19 (pandemic), people indulged in watching movies/ videos more in the streaming service providers such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus Hotstar, and ESPN+, etc. You can stream NBCSN on both iOS & Android devices; the live stream is available. Visit the iPhone’s App Store or Android’s Google Play store to download this FREE app.

Lee Berke, on the other hand, in an interview told that “The fact that sports broadcasting rights returning to the USA isn’t a new concept as with the viewership more than the nbc channel itself suggests that they aren’t getting profit.” So Berke suggested that it’s a good decision by the authority to hand over the broadcasting rights.

About The NBC Sports Network

“Live Morning Show Hosted By Rebecca Lowe”

The Networks offer their service through satellite, telecommunications service providers, and nbc channel cable networks. This medium allows one to access and watch all the live events coverage broadcasted by the network itself live stream applications available for IOS and select Android devices, nbc sports channel, and the website NBCSports.com/Live.

How much is the cost of providing these services? When we think about it, this question will definitely arise. Don’t think too much about it as it’s a ‘YES’; their services are for free with nbc sports channel programming its an added value for your regular cable or Direct To Home services, satellite and telecommunications Television subscription with the participating TV service providers.

The second question that arises in mind is that they are providing their services in the United States only or available internationally as well? So, it goes this way due to the broadcasting regulations hold up by the US. The network is allowed to showcase the sports content only within the territories of the United States. The users outside the location don’t have to be sad as they can still access a limited set of content without videos on the NBCSports.com Official Website.
The most notable phase came a few years later when the NBCSN aired the grasping the viewer’s attention sports known as Basketball. In the year 1984, nbc channel seized the contract with National Basketball Association that did wonders for the network. The nbc channel started its journey by presenting itself as an active arm for national distribution for the famous Madison Square Garden games Network. At that time, they did air sports content on their own channel but not to that extend.

Why Shut Down The NBC Sports?

“Cable Television Channels Losing The Audience.”

Due to the covid 19 pandemic, everyone has suffered a lot. Whether it’s an individual or be it a small company or a multi-billionaire multi-national organization. But we cannot ignore the fact some organizations have also benefitted from it. For example, a sporting goods organization called Big 5 Sporting Goods has become a star in the huge surge in Stock Market rates. This difference has brought tremendous change in the companies ideology and eventually has boosted up their confidence.

Since last year we saw that our country United States had been affected by the pandemic in huge ways. On the other hand, Asian country India has also faced a lot, where crores of citizens have died. This has made organizations think about the unpredictable future.

Universal originally thought that providing nbc channel as a cable broadcasting sports network would definitely justify the high subsidiary fees that will be charged. The pay-television distributors provide a popular range of sports content and will become a great competition for Disney’s ESPN. CNBC is the origin corporation that owns both networks, including NBC Universal. As the person who opened up enclosed this condition upfront. As the source should maintain the anonymity of the individual as it isn’t allowed in the organization to comment on official matters. The group’s thinking was that if they pause all the performing operations. Then that will attract more viewers and increase the reach for their sports content.

The group announced on March 21 that it would renew its contract with the pioneer partners of CNBC, the IndyCar Series. The group also decided in 2021 that it will screen seven main races. After that, the next sports event that has been registered in the sport’s history is the Carcade of Sports.

USA Network: The New Face

It is American-based cable television, and the NBCUniversal Television network operates it. It is known as one of the very initials of national sports television channels. Once a lesser-known television channel, the USA has unwaveringly expanded prevalence due to its authentic and unique programming behavior. In the current state, the network has expanded its territory to around 86 million homes. On the other hand, NBCSN has a reach of approximately 80 million homes.

Despite having so many cable sports channels, no one seriously ever affected or threatened ESPN. The media industry has moved towards streaming video services rapidly and has made linear sports networks.

Last year CBS reported in October that it would consolidate its better assets in selected networks while NBC Universal switched off several networks. The legendary media companies are giving themselves chances by keep boosting the revenue subscription fees. While, on the other hand, side by side shutting down the underperforming channels. The emergence of USA Network Comcast played a key role as it owned the network. Then took over Universal and renamed as NBC Sports Network at that time.

” National Hockey League Footage”

The games like the NHL playoff games, Premier League’s much-delighted content, and a selection of famous NASCAR races will eventually get transfer to USA Network. As the NBCSN will close up soon at the year-end of 2021. The National Hockey fans were making a conquest that nbc channel is a huge loss. If they transition the deal to other networks, the TRP ratings get higher when nbc was broadcasting the NHL Season Live. The aim was just wasn’t to get the trp’s high. But also to deal with the audience’s hate eventually, it seems like. A Rugby Pass highlighting the English Premiership, and a Pro Motorcross Pass highlighting the famous AMA Motorcross Championship. 

Switching from NBC Sports to Peacock Application

“Introducing The Peacock App”

When we talk about broadcasting rights. Then in 2011, Stamford, a connect to the cut-based television network, took over the NHL rights. The nbc channel network took over the rights for a period of 10 years or a decade, which priced them around Two Billion dollars. The authorization of agreement was throughout the phase for the current season, i.e., the 2020-21 Season. But due to the covid, it has not been able to complete the whole season on one go.

The official announcement was made by the chairman of the NBCSN group Pete Bevacqua, the channel’s closedown in an enclosed memorandum to the organization staff. It’s not easy to switch all the employees and staff associated with the broadcasting network and find an alternate solution. Despite this, the internal sources claim that it has found the solution to the problem. By shifting the wage worker staff to the USA Network.

NBCSN has already emphasized moving some of the famous and those popular games to maintain the viewer-based content relationship and trust. The NBCSN has added few live events to NBC sports’s streaming service. Popularly known as the Peacock Application ( a sports games and live sports events streaming service application). This application is available for iPhone users on their App Store and for Android users in the Google Play Store. Release date April 21st, 2020, last year during the spread of the pandemic. After hearing the announcement Lee Berke, Who is a veteran who been in the industry for a long time as a sports media advisor? He told in the public portal that ‘it’s a back to the future moment’ for the USA Networks. As USA Network was airing the sports content for the longest of time.

The Shrinking Pay-Tv Bundle

“Outdoor Broadcast and Interviews”

NBCSN, with many broadcasting rights of sports programs, live sports events, and world championships, have a package right of 4.5 billion dollars estimated with the NASCAR. The package rights will last for the next 4 years. Till 2024, it will be operated under the contract. Not just that, there is also a coming up renewal selection option which is around worth one billion dollars roughly for the European Soccer Premier League.

It will be interesting to see whether they bid for the broadcasting rights offer or lose it. The competitors of NBCSN, like fox sports, and CBS will also be keeping a close eye on the deal. They would also be eagerly waiting for premier league deal expansion upfront. The deal will definitely open up doors for all the other broadcasting NBC Sports networks as well to provide the best in class entertainment to its distributed cable Television viewers. USA Network again gaining all the support-Trust of the authorities and the broadcasters it will be beneficial and helpful to grow their reach.

Berke said that “The distribution certainly is helpful, but this move is reflective of a couple of things. The pay-TV bundle is shrinking drastically. The subscriber base is shrinking immensely. So, it justifies fewer networks to be on the air that can afford to take and go by risk. The other part of it is the growth of the streaming platform services. With the generation majorly depending upon the wifi or the internet. It is about time for the broadcasting television channels to pack their bags. As the up-gradation in the technology is taking place. It’s becoming more and more challenging for organizations to catch hold firmly.


The nbc channel as a broadcasting unit has seen many highs and lows since its inception in the media broadcasting industry. From making diversified and variable decisions in order to lead their way with the best foot forward. Some decisions succeeded and brought laurels for the sports network, and some didn’t. To shut down the main sports broadcasting channel, sharing it with USA Network and with peacock streaming service. The newly introduced streaming service by nbc channel, how will it benefit in the future? It will be interesting to see.

After so many attempts made by the cable sports channels despite it, the networks weren’t able to ever affected or threatened ESPN. The media industry has moved towards streaming video services rapidly and has made linear sports networks.

We would definitely like to know what your views are about Lee Berke’s statement. Do you agree or disagree? Don’t forget to comment below. Stay tuned for more updates from the field of sports.


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