Motrin For Children: Safety Profile And Dosage Chart


Motrin is the medicine brand useful to treat the pains and fever in kids over the counter. This medicine has the drug name ibuprofen, and that belong to the NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) category. This drug acts to disrupts by prostaglandins for the body’s production, which is the main reason for inflammation and pain at the injury time. Motrin contains the separate children’s version for kids. In this article, we explain about Motrin for children safe or not, dosage suggests by a doctor in a chart and more details about it.

Motrin Drug Different Variants

Motrin For Children Is Safe Or Not

Dosage Is safe For Which Age Kids To Start?

The Manufactures Dosage Chart For Babies

The Manufactures Dosage Chart For Children

Motrin (Ibuprofen) Should Not Give To

Motrin In Kids Side Effects

Overdose Symptoms Of Motrin In Kids

Motrin Drug Different Variants:

This brand of Motrin of drug ibuprofen is getting in the two different variants for the kids.

  • Baby’s Motrin: This brand gives this variant for babies at the age of old from 6 to 23 months. It is made only in the form of an oral suspension also.
  • Motrin For Children: It is made for the kid at the age of 2 years to 11 years. This variant is available both in the liquid form of syrup and also in the chewing tablet.

The manufacture gives the dosage details on the variant cover, and it depends on the kid’s weight and height.

Motrin For Children Is Safe Or Not:

Usage of Motrin is a safe medicine for children. When it consumes it in the right dosage to them.

The review of the safety and the clinical of the medicines shows that a short period of fewer than seven days and the ibuprofen usage contains the best tolerability and safety in the kid patients. But take the doctor’s suggestion when you give the Motrin for children.

From the USFDA (US Food and Drug Administration), the effectiveness and the safety of Motrin have not made for six months below is suspend. Motrin should not give this drug to babies who are below the age of 6 months and consult the doctor.

Dosage Is safe For Which Age Kids To Start?

For the babies of below six months, this drug is not established, it is better to take your doctor’s suggestions before taking Motrin for children and baby. The manufactures tell to consult a doctor about the usage of medicine and the dosage of it for the kids below the age of two years. 

By The Manufactures, Dosage Chart For Babies:

     WEIGHT                      AGE                     DOSE
       NA                    Below 6 months       Take doctor suggestion 
    12-17lb (5.4-7.7kg)      6-11 months                 1.25ml
    18-23lb (8.1-10.4kg)     12-23 months                1.875ml

By The Manufactures, Dosage Chart For Children:

Oral suspension 100mg/5ml

     WEIGHT                       AGE                      DOSE
 Under 24lb (11kg)            Below 2 years         Take doctor suggestion
 24-35lb (11-15.9kg)           2-3 years                    5ml
 36-47lb (16-21.9kg)           4-5 years                    7.5ml
 48-59lb (22-26.9kg)           6-8 years                    10ml
 60-71lb (27-31.9kg)           9-10 years                   12.5ml
 72-95lb (32-43.9kg)           11 years                     15ml

Chewable tablets 100mg/ chewable tablet

     WEIGHT                        AGE                    DOSE (CHEWABLE TABLETS)
  Under 24lb (11kg)           Below 2 years            Take doctor suggestion
  24-35lb (11-15.9kg)           2-3 years                   1
  36-47lb (16-21.9 kg)          4-5 years                   1 ½

Note: The above dosage chart gave by the manufacture only, in case your doctor suggests another dosage, and you follow his dosage. 

Motrin (Ibuprofen) Should Not Give To:

This drug suits for some children to use it:

  • By using it have some allergy reaction by Motrin for children.
  • Don’t use it for children having problems like inflammatory bowel syndrome, heart problems, liver, asthma, kidney problems, and some other health problems also. 

Motrin In Kids Side Effects:

generally, Motrin for children is tolerated well, But it has some side effects by using it:

1. In a few kids, Who has aspirin allergy and ibuprofen also give reaction by using it like as:

  • Blisters
  • Asthma
  • Skin redden
  • Hives
  • Rash
  • Face swelling
  • Shock

In case you notice the above mention symptoms in your kids and immediately stop the usage of it and consult the doctor for medication.

2. Ibuprofen may cause bleeding in the stomach in some kis:

  • It is on steroid or anticoagulant drugs
  • If you have previously any stomach problems like bleeding or ulcers
  • If you are using other drugs with NSAIDs such as naproxen, ibuprofen, aspirin
  •  Motrin for children using for a long period

3. A heavy sore throat, along with vomiting, high fever, nausea, and headache, will get in a few kids, mainly for the kids below three years age, when taking this drug for many days.

So, better to take doctor’s suggestion always, when using this medicine for your little ones, and follow the right dosage prescribes by your doctor. 

Overdose Symptoms Of Motrin In Kids:

Motrin overdose will get some effects on kids. Some Symptoms of overdosage, such as:

  • Chest pain
  • Apnea
  • Vomiting 
  • Swelling in legs
  • Symptoms of dyspeptic
  • Abdominal pain
  • Renal failure
  • Nausea
  • Generalized seizures
  • Level of depression consciousness
  • Slurred speech
  • Trouble breathing

When the first time Motrin is using, At the time, read the suggestions carefully and give a dosage of drugs exactly without more dose to your children. In case you notice any side effects, immediately consult the doctor and take medication to your kids.


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