Life-Saving School Bus Safety Rules Every Kid Must Know


Many of the children all over the world will start and finish the day by travelling on the school bus. These school buses are in the bright yellow colour, with the high back seats, giant mirrors, and large flashing lights. Keep many of cars far away from the buildings of school daily. So the school bus is safe to transport for the children to go to school. Using the school bus to travel to school is safer compare to ten times than the walking and also 13 times safe than the travel in vehicles such as car or bikes.

School buses are the safe transport way to go to school, but if you are not careful, then the mishaps and injuries will take place with it. It is the parent’s duty to teach some basic school bus safety rules to your children. In this article, we say some of the important school bus safety rules for your children of all the ages can follow it. And some tips for children to take when going in the school bus for a safe and secure ride for them.

Rules For Entering On The School Bus Safety Rules

Behaviour Of Kids Inside The School Bus

Rules For Kids Coming Out The School Bus

Rules For Entering On The School Bus Safety Rules:

Here are some school bus safety rules for children from entering the bus at the bus stop

  1. You children must go to the bus stop by walk but should not run on the road. In case you find that kids are running when going to the bus stop, then tell him in a smooth manner after he gets back from school until they understand.
  2. Children should reach the bus stop before 5 minutes to the right schedule time. And keep the kids to stay far away from the traffic streets.
  3. Keep all the things need for the children in their back bag. So they won’t drop the things in the middle of the way. In case of your kid is too little one. Then you go to the bus stop with them and wait for the bus arrives.
  4. Be the good pedestrian and child should walk on the footpaths only. In case there is no footpath on the road and then keep your kids away from that street. Your kids want to walk in those streets and tell them to walk straight, a face that traffic and walk at the road edge too close to the side.
  5. Teach your kid’s school bus safety rules and to maintain the queue to enter the bus and wait until the bus stops and open the doors. Hold the handle while entering the bus and sit in the seat without fall down.
  6. Children should not speak with any strangers at the bus stops or on the roads. And do not go in the stranger car. Tell the kids to inform about any person try to talk with him or try to take him.
  7. Teach your kids strictly they should not do any alleys, roaming on the roads or disturbing the private things in case of the bus came some late to the stop. And they must wait at the same place until the bus arrives. 
  8. At the time for waiting for the bus, he must see the traffic signals and cross the road when vehicles stop. Kids must see all the sides of the road and then want to cross the road.

Behaviour Of Kids Inside The School Bus:

Here are some school bus safety rules for your children, such as

  1. Children should enter the bus and go straightly to the seat and sit. They want to sit and face toward the forward throughout the ride in the bus.
  2. Tell your kids to keep quiet inside the school bus. Noise will make a disturbance to the bus driver. At railway crossing also children want to maintain silence without making any noise.
  3. In case children want to talk with the bus driver, wait for the bus stops. 
  4. Drinking (only water) and eating any food items should avoid on the buses. These school bus safety rules make the bus clean and avoid food allergy in the school bus. 
  5. Tell your children not to keep there hands, arms or head outside the window.
  6. They must take all the belonging when they stop approaching. Keep all things on the lap or under the seat.
  7. Not to throw any things such as bottles, wrappers, or papers from the bus window at the time bus is in moving condition.

Rules For Kids Coming Out The School Bus:

  1. Tell your kid to wait till the bus stops before coming from the bus seat. They should not stand near the bus door at coming out of the bus. Hold the handle carefully and get down from the bus slowly.
  2. At the time, getting out from the school bus and should be careful the drawstrings, clothing or bag straps, will catch by the bus door and handles also. 
  3. Tell them to not push or pull inside the bus when coming out of the school bus.
  4. In case your kids forget anything on the bus, then take the driver help to take it from the school bus.

Teach your children to get out in the right place. In case your children cannot get out of the bus and say to the bus driver about it. 


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