Is Bottled Water Safe For Kids Than Tap Water?

Bottled Water Safe For Kids

Do you regularly buy the package of water bottle for your kid at the time they cry for thirsty? At the restaurants, you will order the water bottle for your little one to drink instead of tap water? Are you will feel that the water bottle is more healthy and safe for your kids. In case you feel bottled water for kids is safe and then think about it once again. To know more details on the bottled water for little ones, read this article, and you only decide about it.

What Is The Bottled Water?

Different Types of The Bottled Water

Bottled Water For Kids Are Safe?

Bottled Water For Children Side Effects

Some Solutions

What Is The Bottled Water?

Distilled water or package water or bottled water, etc., are sold in the package of the plastic bottles only. It will or will not carbonate. To make the bottled water needs the more process, such as deionization, distillation, reverse osmosis process, and some more process are there. Bottled water is the booming business in the present days, with many millions of people drinking bottled water every day all over the world. 

Different Types of The Bottled Water:

There are three types of bottled water. They are mention below, such as:

Package of Drinking Water

Generally, the water bottles are made from the water sources such as public taps, rivers, bores or lakhs. And that water purifies with the help of the UV rays. And some inorganic gases, bacteria, ions, that is harmful, and some other harmful impurities will remove from water. After the completion of the process, then the flavour of distinct is adding to the water bottles.

Mineral Water

May you think that safe to drink the mineral water for your little ones? Mineral water contains more amounts of the dissolved minerals, and this water is taken from the underground spring water or from the groundwater. Mineral water is good for babies in case of level of minerals (like fluoride and sodium) at a low level.

Distilled Water

It is the water in the purest form, and this water does not have any gases or minerals in it. It will not be useful for drinking purpose and use for the industrial outfit.

Bottled Water For Kids Are Safe?

Generally, water bottles are producing by many companies, some of them such as Kinley, Kingfisher, Himalayan Water, and Bisleri. The process where the water takes and its purification way and constituent things also different for them, meaning there are more differences in making between them. Few of the important measures to make safe bottled water for kids such as:

  • Many water bottle companies will add the fluoride into the water. The low amount of fluoride is best for your kid’s gums and teeth also. In case taking more amount of fluoride is the more harmful for the kids and it may cause the ‘enamel fluorosis’ that will be visible on the teeth of your kids the white spots when they grow up. 
  • Some of the brands will select the ion exchange or reverse osmosis as the purification method. This process is used in more places around the country which contain the arsenic in water. These process will remove the arsenic which does not remove through the boiling process. 
  • Some studies say the more amount of the sodium content in the water will increase the blood pressure. So the low amount of bottled water for kids is the best one as the alternative.

Bottled Water For Children Side Effects:

Bottled water for kids will have some side effects on them. And that may affect directly or indirectly. Here are some side effects of bottled water for kids, such as:

Carbon footprint:

Generally, lorries and trucks will transport the water bottles from one area to the other area. Transportation will add to carbon footprints and then increase the pollution level.

Health Hazards:

Plastics are known as a carcinogen. It will lead to getting cancer and also gets infertility.

Tooth Decay:

In case you are regularly purchasing the bottled water for kids, and then you want to spend on the tooth decay also. Some studies say that drinking more amount of bottled water may lead to cavities to children and miss the fluoride for a tooth. And the tap water has the more amount of fluoride required for the protection of teeth.

Plastic Waste:

Plastic is a waste of non-biodegradables that all of them know about it. So teach your children about plastic wastes and danger with the plastic for the environment.

Some Solutions:

We all know the harmful things of the bottled water for kids, not for the children and also for the environmental conditions. So better to keep your kids safe all day. So what to do for the safety of your children. Some of the alternate ways instead of water bottles. Here are the alternative methods you can do it easily for the kid’s safety purpose, such as:

Refrigerators With The Inbuilt Filters:

Refrigerator with the inbuilt filters will be providing the cool water, and it is a more popular one. It does not only give the cool water and also germ-free water to drink it. And you can make ice also with those filters.

Installation Of Water Purifier:

If the children do not like the taste of the tap water, then try to install the water purifier in your house. It is economical than comparing to purchasing the bottled water for kids and also prevents diseases like water-borne. You may use the tap filter, and better to take the water treatment filter in the house.

So, better to use the water to be safe for kids and prevent your little ones from health problems getting from those water.


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