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Romance is in the air with these amazing Indian web series. We know we know that Valentine’s week is already gone, but do we need a reason for romance. If you agree with us and are looking to spend some quality time with your special someone why not do it over a binge-watch date. We are here with a list of romantic Indian web series that will blow your mind and keep you entertained within the safety of your house. Do give these web series a try along with your valentine for life or even if you are single. Let’s get started.

Swoon-worthy Indian web series for you and your one and only:

1) Broken But Beautiful:

A journey of two broken hearts and their rediscovery of love. ‘Broken but Beautiful’ defines that your heart deserves a second chance too.

Indian web series broke but beautiful
Cast: Vikrant Massey(Veer), Harleen Sethi(Sameera).
Released: 2018
No of episodes: 21 (divided into two seasons)
Where to watch: ALTBalaji, Zee5


This beautiful romantic Indian web series revolves around two individuals Veer(played by Vikrant Massey) and Sameera (played by Harleen Sethi). Both the leads have their hearts shattered into pieces when Veer loses his wife in a road accident and Sameera gets her heart crushed by her ex-boyfriend, both of them refusing to move on. How will they manage to reconstruct their broken hearts and find love yet again? Do give this web series a try to find the answer.

2) Baarish:

A story of two opposite personalities finding love through an arranged marriage.

Cast: Asha Negi(Gauravi), Sharman Joshi(Anuj)
Released: 2019
No if episodes: 40 (divided into two seasons)
Where to watch: ALTBalaji, Zee5


This particular web series is everything basic but still manages to justify the magic called Love. The plot of the series is based on the popular romantic quote ‘Opposites attract’. Anuj Mehta(played by Sharman Joshi) is a Gujarati business tycoon who runs a diamond company while Gauravi Karmarkar is a middle-class Marathi girl who works as an employee to Anuj Mehta. Their romantic story unfolds when both their families fix them together for an arranged marriage. Here’s when Gauravi and Anuj embark on their romantic journey. A little spoiler, the web series offers a few steamy lip-locks scenes.

3) It happened In Calcutta:

Set in the city of Joy Calcutta, ‘It happened in Calcutta’ is a cliche love story of a bad boy falling for a nerdy girl.

It happened in Calcutta
Cast: Karan Kundra(Ronobir Chatterjee), Naghma Rizwan(Kusum)
Released: 2020
No of episodes: 10
Where to watch: ALTBalaji, Zee5


It happened in Calcutta is a period Indian web series set in the 1960s and ’70s. It explores campus romance between the two leads Ronobir Chatterjee (played by Karan Kundra) and Kusum (Played by Naghma Rizwan). Ranbir Chatterjee is the ultimate bad boy on the campus while Kusum is a nerdy girl who happens to be the only girl in the MBBS section. The story of a bad boy and a nerdy girl falling in love with each other in the City of Joy Calcutta is worth exploring. Give it a shot.

4) The Little Things:

This is a story of a live-in couple Kavya and Dhruv and ‘The Little Things’ they do for each other in their romantic relationship.

Indian web series
Cast: Mithila Palkar(Kavya Kulkarni) Dhruv Sehgal(Dhruv Vats)
Released: 2016-Present
No of episodes: 21(divided into three seasons)
Where to watch: season one on YouTube, season two and three on Netflix


The Little Things is a web series that does justice to its title as the story of the series revolves around the little and regular things in a day to day life of a couple. Dhruv and Kavya are a couple who are in a live-in relationship. They face hardships and love together. The constant bickering, romance, arguments, disagreements, and understanding are perfectly portrayed throughout the series. This Indian web series is a must-watch.

5) Never Kiss Your Best Friend:

Kissing your best friend, a blunder, or the beginning of a new chapter? Watch the web series to find out more.

Never kiss your best friend
Cast: Nakul Mehta(Sumer Singh Dhillon), Anya Singh(Tanie Bear)
Released: 2020
No of episodes: 10
Where to watch: Zee5


Never Kiss Your Best friend is an easy-breezy college romance story which makes this web series a perfect pick to watch with your partner. The Indian web series is an adaption of the novel of the same name. The web series is set up on friendship, separation, and everything in between. Tanie (played by Anya Singh) and Sumer (played by Nakul Mehta) portray the role of two best friends who happen to kiss each other followed by a five-year separation. To find out what happens in between their friendship and separation or do they make it to the end? Do watch this amazing Indian romantic web series to find out.

6) Bandish Bandits:

An amalgamation of classical and pop music. This web series is a treat for music lovers.

Bandish Bandits
Cast: Ritwik Bhowmik(Radhe Rathod), Shreya Chaudhary(Tamanna Sharma) Nawazuddin Shah.
Released: 2020
No of episodes: 10
Where to watch:( Amazon Prime


BandishBandits is a musical Indian web series available on Amazon Prime. The story of the web series revolves around Radhe, a classical singer who wants to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather when it comes to singing. On the other hand, Tamanna is a sensational pop star from Mumbai who aspires to be India’s first international pop star. However, her latest music single was badly trolled, and her company is looking into terminating her contract. This, Tamanna sets on a journey to jodhpur to find inspiration. That’s where these two people from different backgrounds but common interests meet.



These Indian web series will surely make you feel the magic of love and romance. Do watch it and drown yourself in the magical world of romance.

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