How to travel safely during covid and preventive measures?

how to safely travel during covid


If you can remember, we actually heard the name corona virus years ago in our schools, next to the name rhinovirus and both of these viruses were under the heading called viruses that causes cold. When you look at the strains of the corona virus, these strains of corona virus ranges from causing a simple common cold to dangerous covid-19. The strains that cause common cold are 229e as well as human corona virus OC 43. In 2003, a new strain of corona virus was discovered called SARS corona virus or SARS corona 1 and this is responsible for causing a syndrome called severe acute respiratory syndrome, which is abbreviated as SARS in short. Travelling is the basic need for each and everyone. But amidst of this pandemic, how to safely travel during covid is the common question that arises. Let’s explore!

Effect of Covid on our health

The SARS-2 has the ability to cause a lot more damage than just causing a simple cold. Within just in a matter of time this virus has spread to the multiple countries around the world. The World Health Organisation, on March 11 declared Covid-19 as a pandemic. This brought the entire world in global lockdown. When you look at the corona virus, it actually infects the respiratory tract predominantly.

This causes problem with the functioning of your lungs. Then even worse than that is, is the infection actually gets into the tissue if the lung tissue. Then this is going to lead to pneumonia. This is the problem with this new strain of corona virus. A covid affected person can lose weight and also life, if it goes to a critical extent. As well all know, America stands with the highest number of the corona positive cases and also the more number of deaths due to corona.

Symptoms of covid 19

If you feel any uneasiness in the body externally or internally, do not forget to consult a medical officer or a doctor. The covid shows some of the symptoms that are common in most of the people. The below is the survey conducted on the 138 patients of the hospital in Wuhan.

In the beginning stage, the patient will not experience a complete signs suddenly. The process of the covid symptoms begins gradually with the common cold along with the less sore throat. The patient will not experience the tiredness at this stage. Gradually as the time rolls, the persons starts feeling his throat infection becoming severe. At this stage the body temperature plays around 36.5 degree Celsius. Along with this, other symptoms like vomiting, diarrhoea, nausea etc. may start to appear at this point of time.

Then the throat pain increases to become more severe. The joint pain and the body ache tarts. The body temperature now falls under 37 degree Celsius. This leads to the development of the fever. The most common symptoms that are observed among the most of the patients are dry cough, running nose, joint pain and so on. Few patients may be subjected to the breathing difficulty, which can be more serious. Other symptoms continue to increase and the body temperature also increases..

safe travel in covid-19How to travel safely during covid?

We all need to be very cautious while traveling anywhere during this pandemic. One must avoid getting into the crowded places such as functions, meetings that involves the large number. Wearing the masks that seem to be safe from the entry of the minute foreign bodies is a must.N95 is the better mask to wear as it prohibits the entry of the minute particles.

Always having a sanitizer with us is must when we move around. Sanitizer helps our hands get disinfected from the foreign particles or the bacteria that are dangerous to our health. But, the sanitizers must be used in a limits number of times. During travel, it is better to choose hotels that are safe and has some preventive measures like sanitation of the rooms and the premises. Visiting the shopping malls must be decreased, as the chances of the crowd gathering are greater and also the risk of spreading virus.

It is good to avoid the unnecessary travel and use the public transport that is crowdie. Never touch your facial parts with the bear hand that is not washed or sanitized. This is because; the virus can enter into our body through every, nose and mouth. As much as possible, avoid the consumption of the food from road side and also hotels.

It’s good to have the parcels and consume it at your home or room. Always keep the medicines that are required for the primary treatment of the cold and fewer. This helps to reduce the body temperature and control the fatigue.


Hence it is very vital to be very cautious while travelling to the distant places. Once the corona virus is infected, it causes the severe problems on the body functioning at its high level. You must avoid as much as unnecessary travel, especially to other countries. Taking all this preventive measures and safeguarding ourselves we can travel safely during covid-19, because prevention is better than cure.





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