How to Make My Kid Love His Food


Surely, it is a huge challenge for parents like you to prepare the food that kids love. Healthy eating habits are a necessity for your child. Your child will enjoy food with the same levels of interest as other activities. Children’s taste buds accept various new tastes just when they are also learning to talk, walk, or run around the house.

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It is better if you can introduce your child to good habits of eating before they are two years old. This will ensure your kid will not show signs of picky eating. The age groups of 12-18 months old children are thus very important. Just encourage and prepare the mix and match food that kids love.

Take Your Time 

However, do not expect your little child to love a new preparation right away. This involves the training of taste buds and much of your patience as a parent. Researches show, babies readily love a particular food after eating it for close to 10 times. Do not give up as a parent after the initial display of dislikes for a particular food by your child.

Eat Everything

Make it a point when preparing food that kids love and that is to include as many variations as possible. Inclusion of a large number of recipes, fruits, and vegetables however diverse can very well lead to less refusal from your child.

Keep Changing

As pointed out earlier, mix and match all your preparations. For instance, prepare a healthy dish with supplements of zucchini, potato, and avocado puree. Your kid will simply love to try it out. More varieties nevertheless make babies or kids explore more textures and tastes of food recipes.

Enjoy Meals

As parents maintain a happy table however busy a day is, to enjoy all your recipes and preparations. Eat together as a family and encourage communication and interaction with your child. Involvement is necessary to create interest. Also, make less interference and instructions to your child on his or her eating habits.

There’s No Time

There is absolutely no valid reason however improbable it may seem to indulge in any food at any time of the day. You can for sure encourage your child to eat carrots or hummus in breakfast or soup during lunch. At the end of the day, it is not the time of intake of any particular food but the benefits from it which counts.

A child will be a Child

When indulging into food that kids love, do not expect your child to go by table manners. A child automatically smears and squishes food, discovering textures and familiarizes himself or herself with the food. Your child will and must get messy while eating with his or her hands and mouth.

Complete Meal

Try to serve a fruit or a vegetable with every meal and snack to your child. The daily intake makes any vegetable or fruit much acceptable to your child. Also, eating fruits and vegetables throughout the day eliminates any particular eating time.

Veggies Always First

Just before you serve the main meal to your child, make a veggie course. A small snack of vegetables an hour before a meal is quite good for the health. Also, if your child skips vegetables in the main meal, the earlier course will suffice instead.

Taste Matters

Remember while preparing the food that kids love, it has to have good taste. Your child wants to taste the food that he or she enjoys. Great tasting food even in smaller amounts is wonderful for your child to know and explore.

Meal for All

Always prepare the same meal for the whole household. There must not be any division in food between adults or kids. The food that kids love is also the same food that adults consume. Tasty snacks or full meals, your preparation must be for the whole family.

Idol for Your Child

You are the role model for your child. Your reservations on any particular food will have an impact on your child too. Stay away from commenting negatively on any food item or disclosing your worries on gaining weight. Your child is a beginner and must enjoy every food fresh and without inhibitions.


Food that kids love isn’t at all difficult to make. Encourage your child at every step to enjoy food more. Let him or she indulges in a likable dish with both hands and mouth. The more the involvement and enjoyment the better are the chances of food going down well.


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