How to Make My Child Learn Best Examples


The learning graph of a child is truly a unique journey. It is fun to witness for parents. If you are parenting a child, you would be curious about it. Today’s learning systems are advanced, simple, and progressive. It is not similar to the ones practised during our parents’ era. Learning is so much fun if the child learn best examples. The modern child researchers come from leading universities. The leading are Harvard and Cambridge. They have conducted extensive research on child psychology. Their measurement tools are very natural. Their research results have a common finding. Children learn best with examples.

Child Learn Best Examples with Adequate Education Care Settings

It has been observed that the formative years of the child are important. It should be supplemented with the right educational structure. Montessori schools have a very important role to play. They influence the child’s learning curve. There are different aspects associated with learning by example. The practice where the child learns best examples is good. Your child will have a psychological tendency. He will tend to follow examples. It can be set by you and your surroundings. Let us study some of them in detail:

The Child Learns Best Examples Through

Daily Practices
Behavioral Patterns
Lifestyle Habits
Social Conditioning
Peer Pressure
Final Thoughts

Daily Practices

The daily habits of parents have a very strong influence on the children. Their minds are strongly programmed and designed to follow their parental behaviour. Thus, any good or bad habit would be picked up by them. Let us begin our discussion with reading habits. You and your partner have a reading habit. 

Your children would pick up the habit very quickly. Research says that toddlers observe their parental behaviour very closely irrespective of the activities. In the same way, you should have good lifestyle habits like going to bed early. You should be waking up early, having food at the right time and following nutritional discipline. 

Your child will follow suit! Parents with sporting interests generally end up making sports frenzy kids. They will be more eager to indulge in outdoor physical activities. Sedentary lifestyle centric parents will have lazy kids. They have little value for discipline and focus.

Behavioural Patterns

This is a very important part. Partners should respect each other. They should have mutual empathy. They should encourage each other. The same rule follows for children. A child learns best examples from parents. The child will always follow parental behaviour. Empathetic parents have empathetic kids. 

Kind parents have kind children. Aggressive parents have quarrelsome children. Good parenting behaviour leads to well-mannered kids. Avoid setting bad examples in front of children. Respect is another very important area of parenting. Respectful partners have respectful children. They have time, money and people.

Children are uniquely designed by God. They pick up things very quickly. They learn with good and bad examples. Today, the world is changing. Parents have to adjust to the changes. It is very important to have a good idea of child learning.

Lifestyle Habits

Some parents are spendthrift. Some parents are controlled. Likewise, these parents will have similar children. It is important to understand how it works. You spend a large sum on shopping. Your child will observe it. He will assume it is natural to spend high. His expectations would be set alike. 

Remember the child learns best with examples. Some parents have a good value system. They encourage their children to spend less. This creates healthy lifestyle habits. Such good habits make children responsible citizens. They grow up to help sustain large economies.

Social Conditioning

This is yet another very important point. Imagine how much we were influenced by society. Spiderman, Batman, Superman, and He-man were our heroes. Let the kids have real-life heroes. The mother and the father can be heroes. Relatives and neighbours with strong values can be heroes. It is good when the child learns the best examples in society.

Peer Pressure

We all have friends. We all had friends. Children will make friends in school and locality. The mixing pattern of children is very important. They need to mix with all. Silent kids should befriend loud ones. The confident kids should be friends with shy ones. This intermingling helps in balancing inner character.

Always encourage children to participate in group activities. It helps them in realizing teamwork and self-belief. Children will shape tomorrow’s society! It is important to take care of them now.

Final Thoughts

child learn best examples from society as well. Let us build a healthy society for them to learn. Let us create a very congenial learning environment. Things will change with our effort. With great learning, we will have great minds. The great minds will script wonderful stories for humans. A child’s learning curve is a long story. Every child deserves a happy ending!


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