How to grow social media in order to build a platforms

How to grow Social media
Social media managing your reputation

 How to Grow Social Media in order build a Platforms 

Social media means connecting one to one.  we can share and earn knowledge, information from customers through social networks.

They are many ways to grow a Social network:

How to improve the customer fallowers:

If we going to upload the related content day by day with consistency in order to increase the social media platforms.

ie, In YouTube, Google Plus, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc..the followers will increase more in order to grow the social network.

Example on social media contest:

  • Comment session– Participants will comment to a query or reply back to questions.
  • Caption contest – Either the best caption or the one with the most likes wins
  • Questioning contest – Ask the customer to answer a trivia question
  • Photo contest – Either the best photo or the one with the most likes wins to the social network.

Video upload :

A great place to start is by promoting content on social media. For this, you need content that is compatible, & the interest of the followers.

For example, if you’re going to upload any short video, that video has more audience views. So try to upload longer videos consistently, with customer satisfaction. So customers will like to view the post frequently, In that media platform will grow.

Nowadays, many people are searching the jobs through online websites.

So try to post job vacancies in a related website you can get more followers and they request you to upload more vacancies. so by doing this also we can grow our platform.

Understand the customer needs :

Before uploading any content to the platform, first, understand the needs of the audience.

That helps you to interact easily with them on a more intimate level. Once you understand the customer needs you can give everything that they want that brings to your website grow to see what your business all about.

For example, Nowadays cooking channels are trending on youtube because many people don’t know how to cook, so cooking channels are highlighting.

Many people are learning cooking from youtube and also trying new recipes as well. So start to upload the good recipe as of customer satisfaction in order to get more view and like. So that particular platform will grow.

Make use of the keyword:   

If you’re optimizing any of your social media accounts by using any keywords, use the keywords that your audience is looking up in Google. use those keywords in your post in order to make the fallowers to search easier. Because not every people are literate many people are not fluent in English as well. so to make easier to the customer use popular words in the post and also use the hastag often in media platform. that brings more people into your account and website. That makes more customers follow our website in order to increase our platforms.

Analyzing the customer problem :

If someone has a problem reach out and help them soon. If they have any complaint from someone on your website tackle it and try to convince and resolve the complaint inefficient manner. So that customer will satisfy. Seek and ask them what kind of post your expecting from us and try to upload that kind of related post. So customers will like to view your website frequently.

Concentrate on each website :   

Treat each social network account as an individual one. Share the content individually that often brings more customers.

Upload the trending technology on the website. In many IT fields people are learning every day new technology. In order to grow the carrier and for reaching a higher post.

so upload the trending technology to the website for the growth of the platform.

Communication with each audience :

Engage with everyone and connect to the people who post it on your website page.

Read the post frequently that they uploaded on your website and convey the message back. and share the experience of their post and tell what needs you want to upload next. that helps to keep your website in a good manner.

Improvement of the organization :

Social media growth is the increase in the number of followers/connections, likes, and followers for a business or service provider.

It helps to bring about an increase in brand reach, brand visibility, and brand awareness for the organization. Social currency is of higher worth. Companies like Facebook, Instagram are based on it.

I will highly recommend you to search “Stefy” on google. and get the best services online. that helps the customer to follow the platform.

How to grow the small business platform:

  • Keep the eye on your competitors
  • Developing trust in the customer
  • Establishing the brand authority
  • Increase the quality needs
  • Drive traffic

Visual Performance :

Visual is high performance on social media. that include colorful images and graphics with each post.

They have high priority for content with a relevant image, then content without an image. Be sure while uploading your video, upload directly to your platform, rather than posting a link to an outside website.

Tips for the successful social media contest:

  • Promote it everywhere
  • Fallow the platform rules
  • Should not mention the prizes to an unrelated brand.
  • Be proactive and listening to and responding to your online community
  • Give proper reason to fallow up your age

Question and answer format :

In order to grow the platform provide a question and answer format session on your website.

To provide a question, which relates to the customer. So it works to convey answers back from the customer and give suggestions to the answer. and seek the question from the customer in an appropriate way.

convey the answer with the customer satisfied, and also request the client to share and connect to the customer frequently, to produce valuable content to the customer in order to grow the platform.

Follow relevant accounts, show interest, share the post frequently, be active and engage.

How to grow Social media
Social media marketing by using different social media


Now you should have a better understanding of, how social media can be beneficial to your business work. Just remember not all types of content or strategies, mentioned will work for your company.

Test each one, learn from your findings, and continue to make improvements of the social media platforms.


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