How to Give Baby Food by Age


A child is everything for a mother. She does everything possible to make her baby happy. Equally, she always thinks about her baby’s food. Food is a paramount thing for the growth and development of a baby. Not only that but also it helps to keep them healthy. Maintaining a healthy and good diet chart is very essential for every baby. When a mother sees that her baby is growing faster, it becomes a matter of joy for her. Your baby needs the right food for growth and development. So, only breast milk may not be adequate for a baby. 

So keep some healthy food in your baby’s diet chart. It will be better to consult a professional child specialist. A nutritionist can also help you to prepare the diet chart properly. It is beneficial for their growth and development. As a responsible mom, you should ponder about giving your child the baby food by age. So, let’s discuss that in this article.

Nutrition Required for Baby

The weight of every baby is different. So, give them calories as per their weight. For example, doctors are advising parents to give 90 to 120 calories to their 10 months old baby. They also advise if the baby is male, give him 793 calories, and if the baby is female give her 717 calories. Your baby needs vegetables, fruits, whole grains. These foods are full of calcium, iron, and protein. So, these all are essential baby food by age for your baby. These are helpful for their mental and physical growth.

What types of food you should give your baby

When your baby is at a certain age, he or she needs more protein, calcium, iron, and many other things, which will help your baby to grow faster. It helps them to stay healthy also. Let’s see what kind of foods they need as per age;

  • Protein or meat
  • Dairy products 
  • Cereal
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits

So these are some types of foods that you should give your baby for better growth and development.

Ideal Diet Plan of a Baby

Here is a diet plan of a baby that you can incorporate. It helps moms to have a proper schedule and planning for the food of their babies. What you need is proper food planning of which baby food by age you will give to your baby. You can follow this. It will boost the growth of your baby faster. Not only that but also it helps them to increase their immunity power and fight against many types of illnesses. So have a look this diet plan;

Babies can’t eat so much food at a time. So, give them food 8 to 10 times a day. Divide it in a schedule and give them different kinds of food. At the beginning of the day, when they woke up give them breast milk or formula feed. Milk contains vitamins d. It helps to strengthen their bone. 

What to Baby Food to Give to Your Baby

At breakfast time give them oats, no spicy vegetable soup, boiled egg, etc. Give these on an alternative day. After some time give them smashed potato, mashed banana, mashed papaya, etc. At lunchtime, you may give them many kinds of stew, puree, boiled chicken, etc. 

In the evening, give them breast milk or formula again. At the end of the day, it’s dinner time. You give them smashed rice, kidney beans with rice, curd rice, pigeon pea, etc. Try to give them all the food on an alternative day. You should give them also fruit juices.

Babies try to walk and crawl after a certain time. So, more calories are burnt for their activities. They need more protein, iron, calcium, etc. So they need all types of vegetables, fruits, and many other types of healthy food in their diet. They want to taste different kinds of foods. You need to help them to discover different kinds of food. They will not only enjoy the food but also it will provide them with more vitamins and many other beneficial things. 

Final Thoughts

These tips are helpful for parents to keep their babies healthy. It will help you to make your baby stronger by boosting your baby’s immunity power. By following this plan, your baby will get all kinds of protein, vitamins, calcium, iron, and many more. Your baby will also have stronger bones. These food items are very healthy. So, without any doubt, you give can them to your baby. It is a perfect diet plan that will solve your doubt as to what baby food by age you need to give to your baby. Therefore, you can follow this. However, it is highly recommended that you should consult with your nutritionist or pediatrist before making any changes to your baby’s diet plan.


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