How long to quarantine after travel and the precautions to be taken

how long to quarantine after travel

What is quarantine?

Quarantine is for those who are sick or who have tested positive for covid-19. But the main question is “how long to be in quarantine after traveling?” Let’s figure it out. You should quarantine for about 14 days if you are exposed to covid19. This is a major difference that we all need to take care of while quoting the difference or juxtaposing. This means you were in close contact means you were closer than 6 feet or about 3 arm lengths from someone who has COVID-19 for 15 minutes or longer.

Quarantine keeps you in a closed disconnected environment away so you don’t contaminate someone else without them knowing it. During Quarantine, if you have traveled somewhere before then check for symptoms of covid-19 every day. This may include checking your body temperature or identifying if you are tired or sick. If you get sick or have symptoms of covid-19 during quarantine, call a doctor. You should get tested.

symptoms of covid

Symptoms of COVID-19

The symptoms of covid-19 are fever, cough, respiration problems, muscle aches, and pains, decreased sense of smell and taste, sore throat, and so on. It is better to stay away from crowds or mass places. The symptoms are observed from the 3-4 days of point of contact or an infected person.

Precautions to be taken

Stay at home and keep your distance from other people as much you can. You should not go to work, school, outdoor activities, religious activities, or family gatherings until your 14-day quarantine after travel is over. Have your food delivered or ask someone to go to the store for you to get groceries and supplies. If you want to leave your home for necessary items like groceries or to seek medical care, you need to be a bit more cautious.

Always use the mask and maintain a certain distance from others. Reduce visitors to an extent to your home. Clean surfaces that are often touched like phones, doorknobs, light switches, bathrooms, and remotes, and so on. A public health worker can request you to get a test if you are in quarantine.

Keep yourself on track with the WHO website, the coronavirus tracker, and updates about the Covid-19, see where you can find the best preventive measures, etc., if you are not sure, explore less crowded places. Natural places, less crowded towns, and cities. A visit to a National Park would be such an example. Check if there are enough medical infrastructures in place in the region you are traveling to. Book your trip only if it has cancellation options.

Quarantine after travel

You should wait five to six days to get tested after your last exposure. This will allow enough of the virus to increase in your body so that the test can detect it. Remember, even if you test negative, you must finish your 14 days quarantine; it can take up to 14 days for you to get covid-19 after your exposure.

You can end your quarantine after travel for the period of 14 days if you don’t get sick or show any symptoms of covid-19. Visit to learn more about Quarantine. By coming together looking for the bigger picture, we can reduce the outspread of covid-19.

You may want to look for the best value and not necessarily the cheapest prices. After the crisis in the past, many hotels offered a great price-quality ratio and offers for tourists to get them traveling again. But be careful while booking, especially with anonymous operators. Watch for cheaters. If you choose a well-known brand such as hotels, booking providers, or airlines, the chances for them to go bankrupt are lower. Also, remember to get the appropriate travel health insurance.

travel after covidTravel after covid-19

Initially, make the wish list of the places that you desire to travel to according to the budget. Then you have to go through few blogs, websites, or YouTube videos about the destination that you have planned. Thoroughly go through the terms and the conditions that need to be fulfilled even there is access for the public to travel. So that, after the payment process, no issues arises.

Keep on going through the websites of the respective country’s government and also the WHO. So that, if there are any changes in the rules and regulations, you will be updated. It is always better to choose where you can spend time in most of the pen spaces. But the thing is that the destination you choose must be less crowded.

Before booking into a hotel or a room, always take care to notice the medical infrastructure facility. This helps as a backup measure during the pandemic. This helps you in cutting down the cancellation fee.

While planning for the destinations, prefer the location that is near by you. This helps in skipping you from the covid test and all the related procedures of the quarantine. Plan for interstate or inter-country travel as much as possible. This helps in reducing down the infection rate and also the probability of getting infected. It’s better to go through the means of private transport to the destination location that you plan and choose to spend your holiday or weekend.


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