How girl reading is most important to a girl in this generation

girl reading

Girl reading is a gift to every females who read, opportunity to stay secured.HOW GIRL READING IS MOST IMPORTANT IN THIS GENERATION

•Girl reading refers to a female younger who is receiving education which is essential for the proper social and economic development of the country.

•Women are the first teacher to her child and stimulate them to let in a proper way and guide them.

•Girl reading is very important in this era, because every girl wishes to be an independent life and stay happy.

•Every girl doesn’t get an opportunity to be educated; if so she gets, she is the most powerful leader than others.


•For a girl education is a powerful tool in her life and need not to be dependent on her  parents and others.

•A girl will be a role model in many people’s life with her  knowledge and being bold and courageous.   Reason for that is girls should be educated at least till the age of 15.

•A girl is no more lesser than a boy. She has the capacity and competitive nature how to deal with a particular aspect or situation.

•In olden years, there was a practice in culture as “Girl should not receive education, should not go out of house and female infanticide” and so many restrictions was being adapted.

•In this 21st century everything such practices has been  decreasing and all girls accessing education is dramatically increasing.


A girl has the ability to run the family,  so at least  to a minimum level girl should be educated.

•There are many women who have proved  that they are number 1 in the world more than boys namely: Kalpana Chawla, Sarojini Naidu, Mother Teresa and so on.

•Girl reading is a precious gift that she received in her  life and we cannot make a developed nation without girl reading.

•Girl and boy are like 2 aspects  of coin.   Both can’t survive without each other and equal opportunity should be given to both of them either  in education, life, job……

•By one girl’s reading the remaining would inspire the one.   By girl’s reading  they are working in all types of departments namely pilot, electrical, mechanical, Medical and so on.

•In  this modern era, girls are not less than the boys,  girls are one step forward of boys in education,  behavior.


•It helps to reduce the gender gap between the boys and the girls.

•To showcase the talent of girls in  reading stream

•To prove girls are a  step forward than others

•By girl reading, they can achieve their goal and objective in their life

•By receiving education, it makes them a complete person.


○Boys reading  was high in the Olden period,   boys were the one who controls their family by receiving education.  Also act as a head in the family.  But now it has been completely changed.   Girls are also equal to boys in reading, competition and controlling of family.

○Boys get  faster opportunities in reading, while girls lack due to restrictions.

○As days goes on, girls are not only equal to boys.  They are also one step forward than boys.

○Girl reading is important to her because she thinks  in all ways to make her  life smoother.

○ Every boy gets an opportunity for education.  Nearly 75% of boys misuse those opportunities and spoil their life by wrongdoing and also abdicate of their family.

○How every boy gets an opportunity in reading; if a girl also receives the same, India will be in a stage of developed country.

○Girl reading is like a property owned by her.  No one can destroy or steal.   This shows what reading actually means.

○Example:  ‘A’ person can sell her luxury things but ‘A’  can’t sell her knowledge because of her education she can survive anywhere not necessary with the use of luxury things.

○Here there is no need for an example with a boy, because he can stay without reading and money too. But  girls need some security in her life so girl reading is very essential.

How girl reading is utilized than boy reading


▪︎  Economic development:

1.If  every girl starts reading they  could survive in a global competitive world and it  really helps not only their life but also leads  to economic development.

2. If one girl is reading she will teach to 100 people,  that 100   people will teach to 500, that 500  will teach  to 1000.  By this every person gets  knowledge and they will get an ability to work, so that unemployment decreases.

▪︎Increase respect and good name in society:

Girl reading  is very necessary in this modern era.  If she  utilizes this reading opportunity in a proper manner, she will earn good respect in society and every person will look at her  and have a good opinion too.

▪︎ Inspiration:

Girl reading is a main step in every girl’s life.   She will be a good, respectable and knowledgeable person. She will be a good role model to many peoples  and others will start following her principles and  learn from her.

▪︎Better maintenance:

1. Girl can also lead her family and be able to work harder for them.   She can have better maintenance in all sectors.

2. Nowadays because of girls reading every woman is available in all  the departments, whether it might be in company, pilot, Aerospace, electrical, mechanical and so on.




Girls can  survive without any other aid.   Reason for this is only reading  or education.  She  can be independent and enjoy her life.

Example- If a girl’s husband treats her badly and leaves her, till now she was dependent on her husband. But when she has reading/ education, she can survive without others support and be independent. This is why girl reading is very much important. 

▪︎Better position:

Girl reading is required for females to have a better life and lead in top position.  You may ask how?   If  a girl is reading,  she gets  knowledge and skill.  So that she can do any type of work, due to this her position also stays on top.

▪︎ Reduces illiteracy:

If one girl is reading she will try to share some information with a few people.  hence that few will get a bit information and interest so they also start reading.  By this there is a chance of  deduction in  illiteracy.

▪︎ Accomplishment of goals:

A girl can reach her goal only when she gets an education.  Then  she gets satisfied with life and continues our happiness.




▪︎High chances of misuse:

Not all girls will utilise this  opportunity of girl reading. Some girls will say in the name of reading and do wrong works. Hence there are high chances of misuse can be noticed.

▪︎ Incurred expense:

In the Modern era, to receive girl reading they should pay to a minimum level of an amount and could continue their studies.   There are some government related schools and colleges where such  organizations  can help people who are interested in reading.

▪︎No security:

In this society girls alone are not able to get a safe life.   Girl reading leads to fear   unsafe from society by abusing her physically, mentally and tortured.

▪︎ Family problems:

If a girl is  reading, she faces problems not only in society even her family gets disturbed by facing family issues.  She put a step back and education stopped due to family pressure.


● Girl reading is her first and necessary wish to fulfil 

●She feels  safe from all the difficulties and stay as secured

●Smooth  life and no tension of future

● If a girl is reading she can be independent in nature

●Where girl reading is done then there will be automatic economic development can be seen

●Some of the social problems can be erased such as unemployment, illiteracy and poverty.


There are some schemes regarding girl reading  namely: 

1. Beti Bachao Beti padhao

2.  Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana

3.  Balika Samriddhi Yojana

4.  CBSE Udaan scheme

5. National scheme of incentive to girls for secondary education.

1. Beti Bachao Beti padhao- 

It is a central government scheme for girl children. The objective of this scheme is to save the girl child from social problems. Preventing gender biased selective abortions, giving education to a girl child, protection to a girl.

2. Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana-

 It is a special government-backed savings scheme that features a girl child as a primary account holder while the parent is a joint holder after account.

3.Balika Samriddhi Yojana-

It is a scholarship scheme designed to provide financial support to young girls and their mothers who are below the poverty line.

4.CBSE Udaan scheme- 

 These schemes help for  virtual contact online on weekends for girl students of class 11 and 12.  Mentoring opportunities for meritorious  girl students.

5.National scheme of incentive to girl for secondary education- 

 It is primarily for the benefit of girls belonging to backward classes of India.


    Reading classic books makes people smart and strengthens their ability. It helps to improve vocabulary and provide more inspiration and enhance cultural knowledge. 

The books names are:

○The Diary of a Young Girl

○ Little Women

○ Pride and Prejudice 

○The Hunger Games

○The Lord of the kings

○ To kill a Monsters Bird 

○Jane Eyre

○ The Catcher in the rye

○ The outsider


●Girl reading is a valuable decision for parents in their children’s life. So girls also should be given equal opportunities in reading like boys. 

●A knowledgeable woman can educate her entire family and whole country. India is a developing country , and soon India will become a developed country. 

● This is possible only when all girls get an opportunity in education and erase social problems. Girls or women are not lesser to anyone.  Many women proved that they are number one in all the activities. 

●Finally I wish to say “Encourage every girl and make a beautiful world,  to see later”. This means “ Today’s hard work is tomorrow’s progress”.



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