How girl reading book is efficient and usages

girl reading

How girl reading book is efficient and usages 

Introduction of a girl reading book

▪︎Girl Reading book makes a girl to give her best performances and also helps to increases in vocabulary hence aid to know good communication skills.

▪︎If a Girl read a book, she gets more knowledge and information as a result of obtaining in books magazines, newspapers, and other sources

▪︎It is a multifaceted process involving word recognition, comprehension, fluency, and motivation.

Meaning of girl reading a book

•Reading” is the process of looking at a series of written symbols and getting meaning from them.

•When we read, we use our eyes to receive written symbols (letters, punctuation marks, and spaces) and we use our brain to convert them into words, sentences, and paragraphs that communicate something to us.

•Reading can be silent (in our head) or else can be aloud (so that other people can hear).

Some of the Features of a girl reading book

  • Able to know more interesting facts:
    Reading some new stories makes it interesting heavily. The reader makes one feel more comfortable, happy, and able to know still more new information.

  • Grammar check:
    By reading lots and lots, he/she might be able to find and change grammatical mistakes, ways of communicating, vocabulary usage, and so on.

  • Creates bad feeling:
    When the Reader reads alone,  he/she gets moody due to boring books and hence it creates a bad feeling.

  • Deduction of depression:
    When he/she faces any issues from an external environment, some people will have a habit of being alone and few will have a practice of reading books so that the stress and depression get reduced.

Some of the characteristics of a girl reading a book

  • New ideas:
    By reading unknown things or facts in books, readers get innovative ideas of particular concepts that also increase their interest.

  • Takes time:
    By reading a book it takes time to understand the meaning of each and every sentence, hence it takes a lot of time to read.

  • Understanding of other cultures:
    By reading different books, readers will get an idea of different cultures, practices, and tastes. Hence reading a book plays a very prominent role.

Some of the Benefits of girl reading book

●Reduces stress :
Studying books can relax the body by lowering heart rate and erasing the tension in muscles. It can reduce stress up to a level and stays free and calm.

●Helps to build a better vocabulary:
Reading books makes perfect in Grammar, pronunciation, and better vocabulary usage. It helps to build a good standard of English.

●Stimulate imagination:
It helps us practice imagination by letting the words describe a certain image while The Reader manipulates the pictures in his mind.
When we read about unknown places, our mind itself creates imaginative images in our hands rather than simply saving images from small screens in memory.

Some of the advantages of a girl reading a book

●Lights up new ideas:
Reading encourages us to think, sometimes; we even start dreaming based on content to be read, in addition, reading gives a new perspective, that The Reader may not even have thought of itself, by reading we get new ideas and inspiration.

●Improve focus and concentration:
While we read, we concentrate on the thoughts of the story or whatever is the content of the book. We usually read longer than we do other tasks, unlike other activities we do not run parallel thoughts in our heads while reading. the longer we read the more we will be concentrated.

●Increase language skills:
By studying lots and lots, readers will get a complete knowledge of concepts and improve language skills.

●Reading Makes you smarter:
Books are a real treasure trove of data and your knowledge and are much cheaper than courses and education. We become more intelligent by reading books that are more interesting and appealing.

Some of the drawbacks of girl reading book

  • Reading sometimes feels lonely:
    Reading books always for a long time makes us feel lonely whereas many would love to play games other than reading books which feels lonely to the book readers.

  • They can become outdated and need to be updated:
    Only by book knowledge, they are unable to get updated news, which leads to outdated information. Reading a book does not get the total knowledge of the book.

  • Feels boring:
    Maximum one hour, a girl can sit with a book by reading and which makes bored by reading book

Some of the disadvantages of the girl reading a book

  • The body becomes sick from sitting down and not moving:
    Sitting in the same place for a long period of time makes brain damage and feels tired and leads to sickness.
  • Wastage of time:
    Spending a lot of time reading books leads to wastage of time where other activities can also be done instead of spending time on a book.

Some of the limitations of girl reading book

  • People call you nerd:
    Reading books will make readers bored, lonely, sick where people call them nerds.

  • Weaken your eyesight:
    Reading books bring out the negative impact on eyesight which makes retina weakness

  • Make you unhealthy:
    Reading a book for a maximum time causes sickness, eye irritation, tiredness, and so on.

Steps involved in reading a book

●Pick any book:
You need to choose any book that where you are very interested to read.

●Look author name for a particular topic of the book:
After picking a book, you need to recognize what the book actually says and see the author of the book.

Process of reading book

●Open the book and start viewing the contents:
Once you after watching the topic of the book and the author, you need to see the contents and title of the book which helps you in many ways.

●View Inbox:
Inbox contains all the aspects covered in the book so that it helps to open the particular topic with page numbers.

●Start studying:
Once when you feel, you are very happy with the selected book; you can start studying and enjoying it.

The main purpose of  girl reading books

○Pleasure and enjoyment
○Increased emotional intelligence
○Reduce depression greater
○Understanding of other culture

Some of the good books to read  for teenage girls

● Perks of Being a wallflower
●The sisterhood of the Traveling pants series
●I am not your perfect Mexican daughter
●It’s kind of a funny story
●They both die at the end

Anime of  girl reading  book

•Anime is a hand-drawn and computer animation that originated from Japan. Anime is a Japanese style of cartoon.
•It is a term for a style of Japanese comic book and cartoon animation.

How animes can be useful for girl reading book

○Helps to learn about unexpected things
○Can learn about Japanese culture
○Japanese food
○Life lessons
○Also learning about hard work, patience and teamwork
○Can know about the ugly side of human nature
○How to have fun.

Best anime of 2021 Reading book 

●Death Note
●FullMetal Alchemist
●Attack on Titan
●Dragon Ball Z
●Cowboy bebop
●My hero academia Narula

Some of the best classic books for teenagers

▪︎The Diary of a Young Girl
▪︎Little Women
▪︎Pride and Prejudice
▪︎To kill a mockingbird
▪︎Jane Eyre
▪︎The Hunger Games
▪︎The giver
▪︎Time Machine.

Books that every girl should read at least once

  • The awakening by Kate Chopin
  • No One belongs here more than you by Miranda July
  • bell jar by Sylvia Plath
  • I know why the caged bird sings by Maya Angelou
  • Bad feminist by Raxone gay
  • A woman is no man by Etaf Run
  •  moment of life empowering women changes the world by Melinda Gates.

Best books in 2021 for girl reading

•Detransition, baby by Torrey
•White feminism
•Nora by Kuala O’Connor
•Aftershocks by Nadia Owusu.
•Let me tell you what I mean by Joan Didion
•Milk fed by melissa brides

Conclusion of a girl reading a book

●Reading books helps in gaining knowledge and feels relaxed for some readers. Few feel lonely and bored by reading books for a maximum period of time.

●Sitting in one place gains all world knowledge but we cannot gain instant news or updated news.

Summary of girl reading book

●Reading books is a source of entertainment as reading stories, novels, comics, poems, and so on.

●It is a good habit where we don’t have necessary company but for maximum times feels depressed and lonely.

●It helps in making good vocabulary, improves in learning good communication skills and enables in speaking English fluently and also helps in learning the usage of articles and pronouns and so on.


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