How Can I Give Good Meals for My Kids?


Parents like you have a tough time when it comes to meals for kids. Kids are highly unpredictable for parents with their unique food choices at an early age. However hard you try, your kid may not be getting enough nutrients. A perfect balance of vegetables, milk, and wholesome food is necessary. As a parent you may try the following for a healthy eating habit;

An Eating Schedule

Your child surely loves to eat with a gap of a couple of hours.  The food, therefore, can consist of three full meals, a couple of snacks, and plenty of fluid intakes. Take into account all such diet elements, your kid will enjoy his or her food more than ever before. Planning also helps while traveling. Keep essentials like yogurt, water, and other healthy food items handy. You will never have to rely on fast foods in this manner.

Bring Variations

Your child will simply love it if you can introduce some variations in everyday meals. Nevertheless, just bring in balance into everyday meals for kids, be it lunch or dinner. A proper dinner need not, however, be fancy but has to have balance. This means the addition of food items like; bread, pasta, rice, alongside good meat and protein source.

Family Dinners

Enjoying food together as a family is however essential. Do not cook or prepare meals separately for your child and for your family. Just make one wholesome meal for the whole family. Your child will show interest in picking food in accordance with the choice from that meal. Children will eat anything that their parents eat.


 Encourage your child to eat, discover, and know more about food by choosing to remain quiet on their food choices. You must not try to control and dictate what your child should or should not eat. Dictating just leads to resistance.

Slow Introduction

If you want your child to try out new food, you must not rush. Children have a natural tendency to resist new food. Their taste buds may, however, take some time to adjust before they start to like a particular dish. Nevertheless, always consult your nutritionist or doctor if you feel your child isn’t getting enough healthy foods. 


It is always wise for you to improvise on the food that you serve to your kids. If they dislike eating any food directly, pour in their favorite sauce or yogurt or other dips and condiments. Meals for kids taste a lot better when it comes mixed and matched. You can serve vegetables too in this manner; maybe make a nice salad dressing. Your child will end up tasting and loving all that you prepare.

Good Breakfast

Prepare a rich, healthy, and full of fiber breakfast for your family every day. Families do tend to miss out on essential fibers while dining. Cereals with high fiber composition are an automatic favorite other than that, go for whole-grain bread or pancake, and more.


If your child has grown up and is old enough, involve them while you prepare the meals. Cutting up and washing the vegetables, mixing a salad are few activities they can participate in. The involvement leads to knowing more about fruits and vegetables, their tastes, and the obtainable nutrition from them.


Emphasize eating healthy food at home. As a parent be responsible for the food that comes into the house. Cut down on the intake of junk food. Meals for kids should constitute of vegetables, fruits, dairy products, and more whole grains.

Get Creative

Food items are a great way to have fun. The preparation of your meals for kids can include cookies and toasts in the shape of animals or stars and hearts. Children love to enjoy this fun aspect of their foods.

You are the Role Model

As a parent, you are the role model to your child. Things that you love to eat or even dislike are closely monitored by your child. Ensure to make a positive impact. Your smart way of selecting nutritional food recipes at home and occasional eating out can mean a lot to your child’s overall health and well-being.


Taking all the above suggestions into consideration you must, however, stay in touch with your child’s nutritionist. Suitability of food items may vary from child to child. It becomes necessary, to get a clear idea of the suitability of all the food items your child consumes. All this will largely give you an idea of the ideal preparation of meals for kids.


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