Good And Bad Effects Of Television On Children

Effects Of Television On Children

Nowadays, Media and Technology have done more fun in learning for kids, but some disadvantages are there with it by misusing it. So, it has good and bad effects of television on children. How much time did kids want to watch TV daily? And what type of television programs for kids to watch out?

In this article, We explain the effects of television on children and shows to watch by them.

Positive Effects Of Television On Kids

Negative Effects Of Television On Children

Positive Effects Of Television On Kids:

Tv is not such a bad thing. When we watch the correct programs or shows in it, and your kid may learn many useful things from it. Some studies say the television watching makes impact positively on the kids. It will changes the attitude and behavior in them in a positive way. Some of the methods to get influence positively on children are mention below. Look out here:

1. Content For Education

Some Tv channels are mainly focusing on making informative and educational content for their audience to watch, mainly for kids. 

There are some tv channels which telecast the only content related to education by covering subjects such as maths, history, English, Science, geography, and art and craft. Also, television is a good thing to get the kids to know many languages in this world.

Make your kids watch the news channels, with your small guidance on it, can make them get an update on the popular person’s names and also current affairs present around the world.

2. Get Inspire From Tv

Television programs mostly target young ones and teenagers, not for educational purposes, and also inspire them. These television programs encourage your young ones to make things new. For example, Some programs will make fun of inspiring kids to make new things with paper, paint, or clay to show creativity in them. In the same manner, some documentary shows on popular artists, scientists, and other public personalities will inspire your little ones to achieve or know good things in their life.

3. Scope to Know Many Cultures

These are the best effects of television on children. It will give knowledge to your kid about the many countries in the world and different cultures about them present around the world. By watching correct shows, kids will learn more things about famous people in the world and their culture, lifestyles, and traditions.

4. Sports

Encouraging your children to see different types of sports such as soccer, basketball, cricket, baseball, and tennis by watching with your kids. Tell your children about the gameplay, rules, and regulation of it, and more details about the game or sport. In case your children may get interesting in that sport or game, you push them to play it.

5. Entertainment

The colorful and sound images on the Tv screen appeals to the kids and gets the attention also on it. From some cartoon shows to movies, many programs are there to engage your kids on it. 

But, Choose the necessary content by depending on the age and understanding level of your kids to get the positive effects of television on children.

Negative Effects Of Television On Children:

Effects of television on children in a negative way also. Some of the things that make a negative impact by watching it on your kids are mention below.

1. Social Development Impacts

Children watching Tv for more time won’t have time for socializing or playing with other kids in their surroundings.

No interaction or less with others will affect the development in a social manner. Television wastes your time without getting a circle with your other kids and interaction too. And affect your interaction with other kids socially, behavior, and knowledge also.

2. Physical Activity Curbs

More Addiction to Television programs can reduce physical activities in your kids. In some cases, they sit in front of the Tv and don’t do anything throughout the day. Some negative effects of television on children are mention below

  • Reduction in physical activity takes place
  • Watching Tv for more time makes some eye issues in them.
  • Some studies say chances of getting obesity in children.

3. Get Distort view

Tv may get to the “mean world syndrome” in teenagers and children.

  • Some movies and also television programs will be exaggerating reality and create more violent scenes not good for children to watch.
  • Some cartoon programs and animate shows may disturb the kid’s view on the real view of the world.
  • By watching guns and violence in tv programs give a bad impression to kids that the world is not safe to live.

4. Affects Behavior and Brain Development

Television programs are an educational one. But according to some research watching for more time will affect the development of the brain in them. The first some years are important for the development of the brain in children’s life.

  • Watching television for more time makes cognitive ability low such as language development, early reading, math skills, and short-term memory.
  • Some research says behavioral issues take place who watches for two hours and more.

5. Consumerism

The effects of television on children is consumerism. More number of ads comes on Tv and kids see it. Immediately children ask to get it and want to eat it.

  • It makes kids eat unhealthy drinks and food items.
  • Kids trust that food is good for health. some food is carbonate drinks, ice creams, and fast food.

Finally, Parents should suggest their children what to watch on Tv and protect your kids from the negative effects of television on children.


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