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Top funny movies of Charlie Chaplin to watch till your stomach ache

Today we are going to talk about the funny movies of the most famous silent comedian Charlie Chaplin. Since the cinema started at that time only comedy takes place. The famous comedian of the old era the Charlie Chaplin. The actor had won the heart of the people by going to silent comedy in his film.

There is Uncountable film. He born on 6 April 1889 and died on 25 December 1977. The character Tramp is considered the best comic role played in the film industry till now.

Here, today we are going to discuss the most top 10 popular funny movies of Charlie Chaplin.

Charlie Chaplin Funny movies:

  • A King in New York (1957)
Funny movies
“A King in New York (1957)”

It is a British comedy film. The film shows the communist era and certain aspects of United States politics and society. The film released on September 12 1957 in the UK and on 8 March 1957 in the US.

Directer: Charlie Chaplin

Cast: Charlie Chaplin, Dawn Addams, Maxine Audley, Jerry Desmonde, Oliver Johnston, Michael Chaplin

  • A Woman of Paris (1923)
Funny movies
“A Woman of Paris (1923)”

It is a feature-length American Silent debut film in the year 1923. The film is also known as A Women of Paris: A Drama of Fate. The film released on September 26, 1923.

It hit the box office grossing $634,000 in the US and Canada. The film received a positive response from the critics and from the audience as well.

Director: Charlie Chaplin

Cast: Edna Purviance, Clarence Geldart, Carl Miller, Lydia Knott, Charles K. French, Adolphe Menjou

  • The Great Dictator (1940)

It is an American political satire comedy-drama film. It is the first true sound film of Charlie Chaplin. The film released on October 15, 1940(New York) and on October 31, 1940(United States). The film becomes the most commercially successful film among the other film of Charlie Chaplin.

It grossed over $3.5 million against the budget of $2 million. The critics praised it for its historically significant film. The film nominated for 5 awards.

  • The Gold Rush (1925)
funny movies
“The Gold Rush (1925)”

It is an American comedy film.

The story of deprivation and horror-comedy. The film released on June 26, 1925. It is a silent film. The work of Charlie Chaplin most celebrate in these movies and he himself tells serval times that it was the film that he will be most remember.

The box office collection of the film is $2.5 million in the US/Canada and $4 million in total gross worldwide.

Director: Charlie Chaplin

Cast: Charline Chaplin, Georgia Hale, Mack Swain, Tom Murray, Malcolm Waite

  • The Kid (1921)

It is an American silent comedy-drama film.

It first full-length film of Charlie Chaplin as a director. The film premiered on January 21, 1921, and released on February 6, 1921. The box office collection of the film $5,450,000 against the budget of $250,000.

Director: Charlie Chaplin

Cast: Charlie Chaplin, Jackie Coogan, Edna Purviance

  • The Circus (1928)
funny movies
“The Circus (1928)”

It is a Silent film. The film considered has the most challenging film in the career of Charlie Chaplin. The film released on January 6, 1928(New York), and on January 27, 1928(Los Angeles).

It is the seventh highest-grossing silent film in the cinema industry with a gross amount of $3.8 million in the year 1928. Critics praised the film in a positive way.

Director: Charline Chaplin

Cast: Charline Chaplin, Al Ernest Garcia, Merna Kennedy, Henry Bergman

  • City Lights (1931)

It is an American Silent romantic comedy film. The story of the film follows that charlie Chaplin falls in love with a blind girl and makes friends with an alcoholic millionaire.

It released on January 28, 1931. The film made up to mark performance at the box office with the positive review from the critics. The film called the greatest film all the time by Charlie Chaplin in his career. The gross amount $4.25 million worldwide.

Director: Charlie Chaplin

Cast: Charline Chaplin, Virginia Cherrill, Florence Lee, Harry Myers, Al Ernest Garica

  • Modern Times (1936)

It is an American Silent comedy film.

The plot of the story revolves around the desperate employment and the financial struggle of many people during the depression.

The film released on February 5, Four years later the film screen at the 2003 Cannes Film Festival. The box office collected $1.8 million against the budget of1.5 million.

Director: Charlie Chaplin

Cast: Charline Chapline, Paulette Goddard, Henry Bergman, Tiny Sandford, Chester Conkin

  • Monsieur Verdoux (1947)

It is a black comedy film. The film released on April 11, 1947. It is the first filming in which the character of Charlie Chaplin’s “Tramp” has not resembled.

The film becomes the most popular film in France. It received poor, negative reviews from the critics but then too nominated for the for Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay.

Director: Charlie Chaplin

Cast: Charlie Chaplin, Martha Raye, William Frawley, Marilyn Nash, Isobel Elsom

  • Limelight (1952)

It is a Comedy-drama film. The film based on the novella by Charlie Chaplin “Footlights”. The film released on October 23, 1952. The box office collection of the film $1,000,000(domestic) and $7,000,000(outside USA). The film re-released in the year 1972 of which the first screening is done in Los Angeles.

Director: Charlie Chaplin

Cast: Charlie Chaplin, Claire Bloom, Nigel Bruce, Buster Keaton, Sydney Earl Chaplin, Wheeler Dryden, Norman Lloyd

Do you watch Charlie Chaplin funny movies?

No, then here are some best funny movies about Charlie Chaplin. These following top 10 best funny movies of Charlie Chaplin. All times best movies of it here we are with. The best comedian in the era and will be remembered in the cinema industry till the end.

The film is a silent comedy based movie all films mentioned below directed by Charlie Chaplin himself and acting also done by himself. All the films mentioned in the list hit the box office and earn millions.

So, you haven’t watched the following movies then there you go the film and let us know How was it? What you feel telling about the movie in our comment section.

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