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website for kids

Today we are going to talk about free educational website for kids. There are many free educational websites for kids, which strengthen skills and help in their curriculum. There are many  fantastic educational websites for kids that help kids in math grammar  and science.

In  2020 it was   tough  time  for kids, as all school was closed due to Covid19. Moreover all  this under list free Educational Websites have helped all.

27 free educational websites are listed here and how they help in learning to kids : math’s :

This  is educational website is free one in which kids learn puzzles , numbers , calculation in fun way.


2.PBS Kid :

 free website for kids
PBS kids

his websites have lot of game based education for kids which help them in their school activity.


3.Times for kids :

Here kids learn critical thinking and leadership  and also current affairs.

4.Scholastic :

website for kids
scholastic parents

On this websites kids learn to read as they get plenty of books free to read. Here kids improve reading skill and writing as well.


5.Fun brain :

website for kids
fun brain

This is totally free educational website for kids . Here kids learn through games and specific type of activity. Most of the games are created by this website

6.Starfall :

WEBSITES for kids

Star fall helps kids to learn , how to read and become better reader  and do interactive exercise through fun way. Additionally kids learn pronunciation  by seeing magic show.


7.National geographic for kids:

This free educational websites is   for kids to learn and explore. Here kids learn a lot about geography of our country.


8.Pora ora :

This is another free educational websites of the best 3D virtual learning fun . Here child builds their own character and ventures  such as video game


9.Read write and think :

Here children are encouraged to think  and design their newspaper, flyers and broacher’s with the help of writing tools and image placement.


10.Dulingo :

One of the best free educational website is duo lingo. Here kids or adult learn different language free of cost.


11.Science bob :

This websites teaches kid how to pick a great  topic, use scientific method to develop a project. Mostly this websites help kids to do fun base experiments


12.Brain pop :

This educational website is also free. Here kids learn through animation and brings  them in life concept. Mostly , kids learn  historical events, science and about stock market.


13.Rhymes :

This websites helps all preschoolers to learn rhymes at home without any help of parents of teachers. Additionally kids learn rhymes with action with full fun.

14.Google experiment:

This platform helps kids to play and do experiment by themselves. Children get help for their project work.



15.Make me genius :

This websites provide kids multiple exercises. Here kids learn more advance materials of science and traffic rules.

16.Math is fun :

This plat form is better for kids to play and learn basic math’s with fun. Here kids explore puzzles numbers and many more.


17.Spatulatta :

This is a free website for kids. Here kids learn to cook with fun


18. Quick math :

This websites is good for kids to learn calculation, tables and develop logically and do reasoning quickly.

19.Dragon box :

This website is very helpful for kids . Here kids learn algebra game and help them for basic concept of algebra of math’s.


20.Sweet search:

This is a  search engine where we get more then 35,000 website, and provide approved information and accurate data which benefits for kids.


21.Learn your tables:

This websites is one of the best for kids. This platform help ids to memories table and tricky equation easy way.


22.Tagxedo :

Tagxedo is another free educational websites which have great resource for helping kids to learn. Mostly writing and design skill, here child create and save word clouds


23.ABC mouse :

This websites is most comprehensive learning for kids of 2 to7 years. Here kiddos  read  and listen to books, music, games and colours. This websites tracks all kids progress.


24.Khan Academy :

Khan Academy websites is famous  for children , parents and teachers. Here children learn through videos.


25.You Tube Kids :

On this platform kids learn a lot . As on this educational websites we can find everything, and kids can learn rhymes, alphabets , crafts .


26.Crossword puzzle :

On this websites kids learn a lot  . mostly children l .earn shapes, name, vegetables, colours, animals. Additionally, kids learn reasoning.


27.Spelling stage :

Usually kids learn spelling as learning spelling is difficult. So this websites have made interesting for kids to learn.


Lastly ,  we would like to suggest all parents  , teachers and students to follow all mentioned free educational websites .More over all this educational websites are very helpful for kids and teachers to teach in classroom with fun and play. As in recent scenario it was boring for kids because school were closed. So Educational Websites, Educational App, and Educational toys have helped all parents to engage their kids at home and be in touch with their education. More over all free Educational websites provide education to  kids but their should be time limit for kids to watch. As a teacher I would like to suggest for kids to learn and play but not whole day.


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