Ensuring Child Safety Will Be Easier If You Follow These Eight Things

Ensuring Child Safety Will Be Easier If You Follow These Eight Things
Ensuring Child Safety Will Be Easier If You Follow These Eight Things

Kidnapping, harming, and teasing against children are increasing every day. Considering how these cases of violence are growing up all around the globe, ensuring child safety has become very important. Sinners these days even do not spare the little faces. You cannot live your entire life out of unknown fear. But you can follow certain things and raise him or her according to them. 

So, here are eight things for you to know to make sure your kid is safe.

Let Him Know That School Is His Second Home

Schools are like sanctuaries for children. They spend a big part of their childhood lives being in school, a safe place for every kid out there. Make your child understand that the school is safe and that he should not leave the place until you come around. If he goes by school bus, then he should not go with anyone else unless the authorized personnel arrive. In this way, you can ensure that he is safe there.

Let Her Know Who A Stranger Is

The word stranger should be very clear to your kid. Let her know that whoever shows care to her is not necessarily her friend. Whoever doesn’t get a green signal from you as a friend or known person, is a stranger. Make her understand that strangers are not always safe and they can have bad intentions as well. Do not force your kid to repel from strangers, but let her know the reasons instead. 

Make Him Remember Home Address And Contact Number

Now, this is a very big step just in case your kid gets lost in the middle of anywhere. Remembering important phone numbers can be helpful if he manages to request someone to call there. Remembering the home address is also important as he can trace his way back home with the help of someone. You can also give him a list of other important contact numbers of trusted people who can help her in need. 

Let Her Know How To Be Aware Of The Surroundings

Being aware of the surroundings helps a lot in times when she is alone or might have got lost. Even if you forget about the extreme cases, you should still teach her to be aware whenever she is alone on the road. Maybe she is walking down the lane to home or going for a short cycle ride. The main motto of this is to make her understand how she can be her guiding angel in the big wide world. 

Give Him A Mobile Phone Or A Whistle

Indeed, you cannot give a mobile phone to a 9-year old but you can whistle. A whistle that can make shrill outcries can be the best substitute at a young age. Make him know that the whistle is his biggest weapon when he is on his own on the road. Whenever he feels someone is approaching him having no reason at all, he can blow that. In that way, the people around there will get an alarm and the kidnapper might leave the sight.

Introduce Her To The World Of Martial Arts

One of the most common ways of ensuring child safety these days is this. Guardians are getting more and more interest in giving their children self-defense or martial arts training. Especially for girls, this is a great thing to learn and master. 

Girls are the worst prey of the bad happenings and therefore giving her this training can be a great step. Martial arts, be it is Karate, Kung Fu or Judo, teach how to fight for yourself when needed.

Do Keep A Track Of His Mobile Usage

This is important since many attackers try getting in reach with children to blackmail and eventually force them into something wrong. However, you do need to remember that you are not just barging into his privacy. In that way, you can never know what will go on beneath the broad daylight. 

Try to be his best friend and let him confide in you. Make him understand that you will not be his first rival if something goes wrong but his best savior. These feelings of being under protection have saved a lot of kids from falling into ill actions.

Connect With Her World To Know Deeper

Organize get-togethers and fun parties for your little daughter’s friends. The more you socialize, the more you get to know about the families of the friends your daughter has. You can also get to share with them or exchange ideas on how to keep your child safe.

Growing up a kid is fun and engages a lot of adventure. The safety issues wash away once you keep certain things in mind and make your kid aware of the world.


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