Effective Tips To Prevent Altitude Sickness In Children


If you worry about going with your kids to any hill stations? Does the kid may feel sick and also uncomfortable going to the places where the altitude of place is high? If you are facing the above situation in your travel, some chances for your kid to suffers from the altitude sickness in children.

Are you going any trip to the hill stations is the best places to beat the heat in the summer season! You can enjoy your summer season

in the hill resorts and don’t delay it. Here are some useful tips in the below article to make the travel safe and prevent altitude sickness in children and enjoy the trip to the hill station for good memories in your life. Read on know details on it are mention below article.

What Is The Altitude Sickness?

Causes Of The Altitude Sickness In Children

What Are The Main Symptoms Of The Altitude Sickness In Your Kids?

Some Tips To Prevent An Altitude Sickness In Your Kids

What Is The Altitude Sickness?

Altitude sickness is the other name for the AMS or acute mountain sickness. Altitude illness, hypobaropathy, or soroche, altitude bends,

are some other terms to it. Altitude sickness will generally take place in the places which are above the height of 2,400 meters or 8,000 feet from the sea level. In critical cases, it may lead to some fatal conditions such as high altitude cerebral edema (HACE) or high altitude pulmonary edema (HAPE).

Causes Of The Altitude Sickness In Children:

In case you are going to the higher altitudes with your kids, then they will get the level of oxygen in the lower level. So it means to

your kid’s body wants to work difficult to get the required amount of oxygen and make the proper functioning. If your kid may reach the hill station and they do any difficult activity immediately on the hills, it may worsen the situation in the kids. This is the main reason for the causes of altitude sickness in your little ones.

What Are The Main Symptoms Of The Altitude Sickness In Your Kids?

Here are the few symptoms that suffer from the altitude sickness in children, Lookout to know the symptoms in the following one, such as:

  • Mood swings
  • Drowsiness
  • Vomiting and nausea¬†
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Dizziness
  • Loss of appetite and the indigestion

Some Tips To Prevent An Altitude Sickness In Your Kids:

Here are some methods that may use to prevent the altitude sickness in children:

Keep A Look Out For The Symptoms:

In many cases, your kids may start showing some symptoms of the altitude sickness before they were reaching the hill station. These

symptoms will start showing in the kids from the altitudes between the 1920 meters (6,300 feet) and 2,960 meters (9,700 feet).

Go Slow On The Bends And Curves:

In many cases, these symptoms of the altitude sickness in children may make worse in them by driving the vehicle with the high speed in the bends and curves on the hill roads. So better to go slow in that bends and curves to reduce this problem.

Take Some Break In The Middle:

Always it is the best idea to make your kid’s body to get adjust to that altitude changes to that place. With that break, your children

will feel some better and feel will after some time. So it is the best way to make some stops in the middle of the way to feel better your children. Take the night halt there, and your kid may get rest, and the next day they will feel more comfortable.

Ask Your Children To Drink The Small Sips Of The Water:

If your kid has more water content in their body, the symptoms of altitude sickness in children will show after some time in them.

Reach And Take Rest:

After reaching the destination place, give some rest to your children for the whole day and not allow them to do any activities immediately reaching the hill area. By these, your kids will get adjust to those conditions, and then you can enjoy the trip in a better way.

Altitude sickness will take place in anyone. It is some more difficult for your little one, and they will not be able to show their discomforts. So better to make a trip by the altitude of that place. Don’t feed your kid more food at the time of traveling to the hill station. And also take some extra clothes for your kids. Consulting the doctor is the best idea to take suggestions and take some medicines for the emergency purpose for them.


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