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Today we are going to talk about educational websites for kids. Teaching for kid seems like a with Kid and hears the means of aggravation. Using an educational website can help to teach because it makes kids fall in love with learning.

There are many educational websites that help kids to play and learn, take exciting quizzes, puzzles to test knowledge. Kids develop brainstorming, reading skill, speaking skill and may more.

There are many educational websites for kids, we will discuss below one by one:

1. Fun Brain:
fun brain

One of the best websites for kids is Fun Brain. This is an educational website mostly for kids fun brain development, The website contains games and different type of activities, particularly for kids created by the Fun Brain.

They have different games like car racing, Grammar gorillas, the feral girls. On this website, kids love to read comic books. Such as to increase reading skill.

2. Scholastic Parents:
scholastic parents

This website is created and run by the scholastic company. They provide help in the world reading but also teaching tips for kids in a real-life setting, For example, using the menu at a hotel to teach kids about maths. Teacher, Parents and kids occasionally need some engagement for themselves. Additionally, they find tips for teaching kids.

3. Room 108:

Educational website Room 108 is mostly created for kids. Here all materials for kids are safe. . On this platform children can learn by themselves without parents help. On this website, there is dance, song, numerical, and writing skill. Apart from all this, lesson and games help children to learn in Room108.

4. Family Education website:

There is also the family education website, online games and activity ideas. This website has different categories for toddlers and school-age children. Here children learn facts and ideas relating to holidays.

5. Louisiana kids:

The focus of this website is teaching kids the history of the nation and facts relating to the series of the governmental idea. Another good resources’ of this website is a fun and educational page. Kids can download free colouring pages and quizzes after completing their lesson.

6. ABC
ABC mouse

Kiddos can read or listen to books, music, games and do colouring through customized, designed by expert teachers. The educational website tracks the child’s progress. ABC is the most comprehensive learning site for kid’s age 2 to7.

7. Curious world:

Tiny tots learn math, reading skills also a social skill. A super cool feature of this preschool website is Flashcards, you can customize your child age. The curious world is designed to prepare kids for the kinder garden.

8. Brain pop:

this website Brain pop animation brings learning concepts to life for an individual or entire class. Here the child learns about historical events, science and even the stock market.

9. Star fall:

Starfall website helps children to acquire knowledge in reading and become better readers through fun, since 2002 and synergic tic exercises. It helps to learn words and pronunciation which improves the vocabulary of kids.

10. National Geographic kid

This website has numbers of fun games, holds the attention of kids through videos, logic and photos that make the world look like a smaller, exciting place. Apart from this kids learn about the world and current affairs.

11. Science Bob

Science bob website helps children with science projects. This website teaches kids to pick the best topic, use a scientific way to develop a project. Additionally, have fun experienced and exercise. One of the unique features is to tackle a science project. Here kids learn to research and think logically.

12. Rhymes:

The website provides many rhymes to learn for nursery kids. This helps the kids to learn new words and the trick phrases.

13. Sweet Search:

There are 35,000 unlimited websites on search engines, every single one has been approved to provide the most informative and accurate data which benefit children’s.

14. Learn Your Tables:

This website is one of the best to learn table ever in playing way.  kids can learn table in a simple and playful way, even the trickiest one.

15. Tagxedo:

Tagxedo is another website for helping kids to learn both writing and design skills, as it allows them to create and save word clouds.

16. Read Write Think:

Here children are learning to design their own newspaper, flyers, or even brochures with the tool to write, and image placing. They learn not simply to write, but design and layout skill.

17. Pora Ora

Pora Ora make learning fun. It is 3D, virtual free resource of educational games for kids. Here child builds their own character and venture, such as video game.

18. Google Lit Trips:

Practical field trips are great ways to seizure the visual and observational minds of our kids. Here kids learn about different characteristics of literature. This website is free for all, so kids can access and learn without any restriction.

19. Make Me Genius

This is a great platform to provide kids with multiple exercises. Kids learn more advance material, learn about science and traffic rules.

20. Spatulatta:

Children should learn to cook in the right manner and feed themselves. Spatulate is the topper in teaching everyone how to cook and do so.

21. Baby

This website is mostly for small kids, where they learn through music, pictures and videos.


Lastly, in this write up we would like to say all parents and teachers to make use of this entire educational website for teaching kids, involving them in different exercise and develop their skills in all aspects.


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