Educational videos for kids : list of educational videos

Educational videos for kids
Educational video for kids

Today we will talk about Educational videos for kids. Educational videos in recent day to day life have became important for kids. In pandemic Educational videos helped a lot to kids for their studies. This videos have made concept clear of all subjects to kids.

List of educational videos for kids

Learn colours with crayons 

videos for kids

This video helps early learner to learn by them self. Hence kids are engaged and have fun learning.

Learn Alphabet with Animals

videos for kids
alphabets with animals

The child learn all alphabets with animal picture. Here kids have fun learning , also grasp the alphabets very easily.

Story time and more


videos for kids
story time and more

This video is very helpful for basic learner. Here kids learn different stories . Hence , kids visualize the story and grasp it very fast

Peekaboo kids

Here kids get  different educational video of all age. This video teaches about science, math’s and phonic.

Its ok to be smart

This channel is good for kids of all age. Here kids can learn science, space and animals.

Home school Pop

This channel have best resources of education of all grade of students. Here kids get variety of resource for their studies.

Free school

This channel is good for learning for kids. Here kids get can learn about science, space, animal and many more. This   channel helps  a lot for all subject to kids.

Crash course

This channel is loved by older kids. Here kids find variety of educational videos that help for long span of subjects.

The Spangler effect

This helps kids in science experiments. Here kids get ideas for different types of experiment

Minute Physics

This video help child in advanced physic experiments. Here kids learn many more about physic in minute.

Mystery Doug

This educational video are loved by kids. Here kids learn how animal eat, How bear hibernate tears, and many more.

Math’s Antics

This is best channel to teach kids about math’s. Here kids learn basic method of mats such as algebra, fraction, counting, division, decimals.

Story Bots

This help kids to learn different story  form story bots. Here kids learn different story with song based.

Music with Nancy

This help kids to learn songs and music. Here kids learn about planet or solar system through music

Wild Krattas

This channel help kids to learn about animals. Here kids can visualize all animals.

Art for kids

This videos help kids to learn art. Here kids learn to draw cartoons step by step.

Shapes and train

This video is for preschooler. Here kids learn about shapes in colours.

play with puzzles, candy and cookies

This videos help child to learn all puzzles of alphabet, numbers, colours and many more

Kids learning songs

This video help kids to learn rhymes and song. Here child is interested in learning songs with action.

learning songs

This video is best for kids at basic level. Here kids learn many  songs unwillingly.

Myself, sense organs

Here kids learn all basic thing about parts of body. This makes kids aware of different parts of body on its uses.

learning healthy eating for kids

This video helps kids to learn practically. Hence kids learn healthy eating habits.

learn solar system

This video is very helpful for kids. More over, learning solar system is not easy to understand for kids. This video have made easy to know about solar system


Why video learning is benefits for kids?

Video makes learning effective and  engage kids

  1. Adds life to learning
  2. provides a simple and practical learning to kids
  3. Maximizes Retention
  4. Its cost effective learning for kids

Using Educational videos as a teaching tool

Videos  can bring all subjects in a completely new way. And help kids comprehend the material they read.

Those teachers can’t take their students to ocean while teaching book line. But they can show kids educational videos to visualize their experience.


How educational Videos is used in Education

The online asynchronous nature of videos allow them to be shared all cross the world and at all hours of the day or night. Educational institution can gain great atononomy by using video to teach a border audience that ever before.

This videos can be used to keep potential, current and former student to engage and involve kids.


Why educational videos are used as teaching course material

This educational video can be used by teacher to deliver course information. This videos extremely help in opening up class time .which  allows for more practice and skill related class activities.

How video learning is better than book

  1. This create attention and grasp knowledge easily
  2. video is like self study for kids
  3. leaves power impact on brain for long span of time
  4. More details and clarity
  5. Understanding becomes easier for kids
  6. Enhance kids personality
  7. All learning as home schooler


Why kids needs educational videos

The child are interested  in playing video game because this engage and fun based. Here kids grasp subject knowledge and remember for long span. The child learning through video understand easily. Hence, video make high level of understanding and enhance .

Lastly in my write up we would like to suggest parents, teachers to use educational videos, educational app, educational websites, educational games for teaching students. Through all this technique help a lot to kids for concept clearance.


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