Educational toys for kids; How this benefits the kids

toys for kids

Today we will talk about the benefits of educational toys. Educational toys have a great role in the field of education. Educational toys are like educator for kids. All kids like to play with toys to avoid bored. These toys teach kids a lot in play and fun way.

How Educational toys are benefits the kids

1.Highten or Raise motor skill development

There are many  Educational toys which help kids in developing sensory skills colours and sound, raise the sense of sight.

2.Increase intelligent and prompt trouble solving skills

Education and development are related to toys and games. All toys have its own vision for preschools and toddlers. Most of the toys help in improving retention, coordination and challenging mind. As per this kid also start learning problem solving from the basic level.

3.Improve concentration

Kids like to play with toys, but not ready to study. `So, toys help kids to focus on a task for a long time. Additional, early level of toys helps to improve concentration.

4.Increase creativity and imagination

There are many toys or games for children that help to increase the ability to show their creativity and imagination skills beautifully.

There are many educational toys for kids as discussed under


1.Laugh and learn smart stages piggy bank

Kids like to play with this toy  because they interact, hear songs tunes and phrases. Here kids practice their fine motor skill. The Child also learns counting.


2.Mega blocks 80piece big building bag

This bag is about 80 pieces building sets block with different shapes and colours. Kids construct as per imagination. This toy helps kids to develop gross motor skills and creativity.


3.Spike the fine motor hedgehog

This  toy is good for developing fine motor coordination. Additionally, kids learn counting and recognition.

4.Leap frog number

This educational toy is help in basic Math skills. Most of child like singing and cooking. So, these  toys help them to train.

5.Cookie jar

Here kids learn recognition of numbers and counting. This toy teaches fine motor skill to kids.

6.Electronic music

Playing music is fun for kids. Here kids get kitted to invent a musical instrument like a guitar.

7.Crayola color

Crayola color is a 18 piece of science experiment sets, Here kids can do experiments with 32 ideas and more experiment on chemistry.

8.Roller coaster

Here kids pick a challenge card and ask kids to build their roller coaster track. And also car rides without disasters. This toys help of logic skills

9.Magic cubes

This toy is a set of magnetic cubes. Here child takes out their frustration and develop sensory skills. Additionally, helps to develop engineering skills and building ideas.


When it comes to education; how to read and learn spelling correctly. Puzzles play great role for motor skill.

11.LCD Writing Tablet and Doodle board

toys for kids
LCD Writing Tablet

This toy is good for toddlers and preschooler. Here kids learn basic writing skill and child of 1st and 2nd standard practices spelling correction and no wastage of paper.

12.Magna Tiles

This is stem based toy. Here kids encouraged creativity and imagination.


This Educational game or toy is one of the best toy or game for all age groups. As it helps in mental exercise, concentration and critical thinking.

14.Mega Fossil Dig kit

This educational toy is a  sets of fossils. It makes geography lesson fun learning and teaches kids about the fossils.

15.Whiskey Wooden learning clock

This educational toys helps kids to learn how the clock moves, time and numbers and also learns about minutes, second and hour.


This is a wooden tray of number, alphabet, parts of body, animals and many more. Here the child learns how to recognize a basic level.

17.Drill creative workshop.

This is a kit of screwdriver. Here kids learn to do activity and create own design in a colourful way.


Shifu is one of the best educational toy for kids or a game which is pair with app and map. Kids develop motor skills help child to learn about world facts.


Leap Reader is a device which helps child to learn vocabulary and pronunciation correctly. This toy is very good for basic learner and makers interesting to learn

why educational toys are important  for kid’s development

The importance of educational toys or games for kids have great role for the development of child in early age. This Educational  toys increase sensory skills and stimulates child sense. As child develops, grows hand and eye coordination, memory retention, problem solving, develops IQ and creativity skill, kids develop motor skills. Educational toys enhance personality of kids. Toys are needful for toddles to engage them to spend boredom and lonely. Most of toys are required for the preschool kids to teaches kids through Montessori method of teaching. In this method of teaching is totally play way of learning.

Lastly, we would like to suggest all parents and teachers to use all this toys mentioned. As the educational toys are very useful for basic learning. Most of my experience is in teaching, through all mentioned toys for my preschool and day care.  It’s not easy to tackle kids, but educational toys, educational app and educational websites have made easy way of teaching. Kids like to play and do fun; so only educational toys, websites and app can help to progress kids development.


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